Static repowered

Ever since DC announced the company wide reboot of the DC universe, there have been questions concerning everyone's favorite characters. Now I have a question concerning one of my favorites, Static. The last time we saw Virgil Hawkins, he was de-powered after a major battle fighting with the Teen Titans. Now with everything changing, the fate of the Teen Titans is currently up in the air (as far as I know) Will Static return as a part of the team? Or will DC decide to go with a more "classic" line up? I realize DC won't be able to please every fan but I have no doubt that they will try. Happy fans make for good sales. What should DC do with Static? Should he come back again and if he does, should he just remain one of the protectors of Dakota? Only time will tell. I am remaining hopeful that the execs at DC give Static a chance. He's too good of a character to just sit on the shelf along with so many others.