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@Roxanne Starr: yea the internet going down was like wrestling with alligators this week, Especially with the house phone also being down.

ok I've got a few moments while those big ass scans copy to my machine and I'm gonna try to catch up on here.

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I have to apologize for the long delays in getting things done these past two weeks. I've been involved in a huge coloring project and my time has been consumed by it almost completely. I've still got another few weeks until it's finished and it'll affect my availability on here till I get these done.

I'm going to extend May submissions until this Sunday at midnight and begin there, hopefully I should get some time to catch things up by then. Thanks all for your patience and understanding.

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@echorom: those are seriously cool, great job on the Doomsday :)

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I don't get a lot of chances to use horses in my pictures so I couldn't resist the chance here :)

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That solar mesh idea is very creative

Awesome contest PoachedPig, one of the best so far this year :)

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very slick going with the Watchmen :)

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@Om1kron: sweet work on Kory, great seeing your stuff again. That's one of the most classic looking Starfire renditions I've seen yet.

The look and feel reminds me of the Justice League The New Frontier look. If they ever do something like that with the Titans you got the job man :)

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@IcePrince_X: always love your take on ladies and those creative poses you come up with, nice job Ice :)

oh and slick just coloring the hair, really accents the whole theme with her.

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@Queso6p4: your very welcome, it's worked great for all my silver and golden age material. Anything from the mid 80's or earlier is worth the effort as their values tend to far offset the costs. 70's and 60's stuff these days is like gold :)

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@ZZoMBiE13: hehe, to me it's all good.

damn, now I got an itching to watch old Fact of Life episodes XD

from the way their poses look you could also go with Clove and Nagger, it almost looks like she's bitching at him and he's just throwing his arms up and saying "fine, you win" :)