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I own Identity Crisis, Watchmen, Batman Year One and Killing Joke. I've read comic for a while but never read that many graphic novels. What are some other ones I should read? I'd prefer if they were only one volume

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I know of a high school student who used to love comics. But after Secret Invasion, he completely gave up on comics. But because of pirating, he was able to catch up on what he missed and is now spending like 20 bucks a week on comics. I think pirating should only be used when people can't afford to catch up. That's my view.  Like he also got into Green Lantern and Walking Dead thanks to it. So pirating isn't all bad but still pirating is not a good thing

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He's pretty much just a warrior. So any one stronger than him can defeat him, in any category. Though he is called a god, in the Marvel Universe, that just means an immortal warrior

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So I've been trying to save the comic book industry by getting a lot of people at my school to start reading. Most of them are guys, so I'm just telling them to read Hulk, and Green Lantern and stuff, but two of my friends are girls and I'm having trouble picking stuff. Can you guys tell me some nice starter comics for them to get? They don't need to be girly, they just need to be good and easy to pick up. I'm already gonna give them Walking Dead and Watchmen

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Zapp Comics 
574 Valley Road
(in A&P Center)
Wayne, NJ 07470

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My friends and I also saw that Shaw was also called Schmidt. Is he anyway related to the Red Skull, you know Johann Schmidt 

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Also I did not like the kid who played Magneto. IDK why but I just don't

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So I just saw X-Men First Class and at the end of the movie I realized that there is no way that this movie is in the same universe as the first 3 X-Men movies.One reason is that Magneto and Xavier met Jean Grey together as friends, when Jean Grey was a child. This was shown in a flashback, in X-Men 3. But, in X-Men First Class, Xavier and Magneto part ways before this event. Do you guys agree? Or disagree? Post some more reasons

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Good thing I don't have a day job. Boom

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Thanks guys. BTW Follow me. I'm gonna be making more poems like this in the future so yeah