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About me ... hmmm ... I never know quite what to put in these "about me" things. I suppose since this is a Comic site (and my favorite comic site) we'll talk about that part of me. I would describe myself as a 3rd time Reformed Collector. Cryptic? Perhaps, but that's me. If you want to know more about my History with comics and why I call myself a 3rd time Reformed Collector then check out my Blog. ;)

Right now I'm just collecting DC Comics, but I've collected Marvel and some of the small House titles too. I love everything about Comics and always have. The Story and the Art. The art is a big thing for me. So much so that I've been known to picked Variant covers. yes, I know that I'm being suckered. I know the story inside is the same, and I'm just feeding the publisher's bad behavior for printing variant covers but buying them. But I can't help myself. While I'm admitting that I should just go ahead and admit to be suckered by crossovers and tie-ins too. yep I know.

When I'm not (sorting, organizing, and) reading my Comics, I love to surf online and playing games on my computer. I also love reading Science Fiction books. Yes, real books. I just haven't been able to get into ebooks. I like holding the book, turning pages, and the having the book itself. But I do occasionally get outside. I enjoy Hiking and Camping (and just generally wander through the woods, lol). I also enjoy Skiing (Snow, but I do water ski). I have both a Dog and Cat. Yes, typically the dog gets dragged out into the woods with me too. The Cat however gets a pass. Besides Hiking and walking (and playing) with my dog. I run too. Though to be fair I wouldn't say always I enjoy it. I do enjoy the occasional race though, and I've completed a Half Marathon (not I full one yet though ... so I haven't drank that Kool-aid yet).

What else? ... Not Much really. Need more check out my Blog. Not sure how up to date it will be, but it's a start.