Top 5 Overrated Comic Book Movies

Okay so these are the 5 movies I think are pretty overrated. Please leave a comment in whether you despise me or not!

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Posted by batkevin74

I agree with Iron Man 3, it was just terrible

As for your choice of including Dark Knight on this list...well I have to unfollow you now

Posted by dngn4774

Scott Pilgrim was underrated by the critics and slightly overrated by the fans, but that's mainly just cause and effect. The reason fans hype it so much is because the critics shredded it, which is bullsh!t considering it was really original and pretty funny. This movie falls into that sort of limbo but it should have made the top 5.

Edited by TommytheHitman

@batkevin74: It's not that I hated these movies. Except for Iron Man 3 it's just that I think they were kind of overdone... a lot.

@dngn4774 Again I didn't hate the film it's just that I didn't laugh at all again... except for when he jumps through the window. That makes me lol...

Posted by joshmightbe

I half agree on X2, it is kind of over rated but at the same time it still is the best X-men movie so far, I don't count the solo Wolverine movie as an X-men movie, and I say thee because Origins didn't happen, it was a mass hallucination that we should all treat as an urban legend, any argument to this will be met with me plugging my ears and running away screaming "LALALALALALA."

Posted by TommytheHitman

@joshmightbe: I have no idea what you're talking about. "wink"

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Agree with alot of them

Posted by TommytheHitman
Posted by jatoe48er

@tommythehitman: ow tommy. Im3 is the only one I agree. Avengers in my own opinion is everything a movie should be.MOS is the most overrated turd ever. Why is this not on your list?

Posted by TommytheHitman

@jatoe48er: You clearly haven't seen my OTHER list.

Posted by jatoe48er
Posted by lykopis


lol -- nah, just kidding. I never saw the The Dark Knight Rises so I will agree on that one.


Posted by gumflabica

I agree with most here, and I know I'm going to have my face torn off my skull for this, but..... I never really liked the Nolanverse Batman movies. I know they were trying to look at the characters from a different perspective, but you f*ck with the joker...... Mark Hamill's the only non-comic Joker for me. And My unreasonably immense and unexplainable dislike for superman kept me from enjoying man of steel. I always hated his boyscout attitude, and the whole 'I've got every power ever' thing.... Oh, and one more thing, Tobey Maguire did a better job with spiderman than that new guy. First and second were great, the disaster of a third movie threw him off the fanchise.

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