Top 10 Lord of the Rings Characters

No I haven't read the books. Even though I am currently reading the Hobbit! So far the only thing I've seen of LOTR are the Peter Jackson movies! And... I loved them!

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Posted by MaccyD

Great list! I was preparing to give out about the lack of Sauron until the end.

I thought I was the only one to prefer Boromir over Aragorn, maybe because of his heroic death, maybe because of Sean Bean, I dunno. I'll probably be the only one that'll put the Mouth of Sauron on a list though :P

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@maccyd: I have to admit... I've never seen the Extended Edition. However from what I've heard he sounds AWESOME!

Posted by MaccyD

@tommythehitman: They should make a sequel where it's just the Mouth of Sauron insulting Gandalf's robes, but noooooo they had to kill him. Missed box office destroyer right there...

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@maccyd: "Guess that concludes negotiations!"