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That fight with Cinderblock was pretty amazing... and wow. Tobias Whale looks like a pretty dangerous opponent for the two heroes.

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Lol. Robotman. Good job. It is very nice seeing the origins of the Titans in this format so that it doesn't interrupt the flow of the main series.

Are you writing an Arsenal Origin?

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Pretty good stuff. You're setting up your future storylines nicely. However my only problem with it was how you kinda referenced the Flash. For example, Wally being the Flash and that Professor Zoom reference. If you'd asked me it would have been pretty fine but it's just kinda... annoyed me slightly. It was still a really good issue though and I can't wait for the next.

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Angel. I'm sorry but.... I don't actually like Buffy.

Please don't hurt me.

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Keystone City, 4 Hours Ago.

"Should I join the Legion of Doom?" Jeffrey Franklin Burr leaned back in his chair. "Sign away my life and assets to you for protection that I already have?" He paused for a moment as though he was actually considering his answer. "20% of my Cult's earnings for something pointless? I'm going to say... no." He took a sip from a glass of blood red wine before tossing it over his shoulder carelessly. "You see Roulette. My Cult is more then your pathetic 'super villain' organization. We're a Religion. A way of life. And not something you can recruit." Burr stood up and approached his sky scraper window. His cape trailing behind him as he looked out across the bright city below him. "So... for the moment... it's a NO from me. To be honest I would rather drown in venom then join your pathetic little 'Legion' at this point." He turned towards his guest with a small cocky grin across his face. "I hope you understand where I'm coming from." He said quickly in an attempt to regain his composure.

Roulette pushed her glasses up her nose before standing up from her own chair. She too had a small smile across her face.

"Yes, Mister Burr." She said calmly. "I do indeed."


The Hall of Doom.

"With all due respect, Roulette." Malcolm Merlyn said in a harsh tone. He stood by his seat with a strong look across his face as though his mind was racing at a thousand miles per hour, and there was a strong gravity to his words. "But if you have a wild mutt... and the bitch gets pregnant, you don't drown the pups at birth... you train the wild animals into something you can use. It doesn't matter how you do it. You just make them as loyal as possible. Treat them with kindness. Beat them. Anything until you're certain they won't stab you in the back."

"You're saying we allow this... Cult to insult us?" Doctor Polaris' voice echoed from his helmet. "Without punishment? There's a term for that Merlyn that you may not have heard of." Merlyn frowned slightly. "It's called 'digging your own grave'. We need to show the Villain community that we mean business, and letting Kobra freely insult us and escape justice is the exact opposite of that."

"Now, I never said THAT." Merlyn chuckled slightly. "I'm just saying it seems a waste of a potential resource."

"Then what ARE you suggesting Merlyn?" IQ asked with a flicker of interest on his face. He was busy fidgeting with a small Game Pad, tapping at the controls at an incredibly fast speed. "What ARE we going to do?"

"It wazzz under my imprezzzzzion that you were merely the hired gun in thizzz game, Malcolm." Queen Bee hummed from her seat at the end of the table. "Not our advizzzer."

"When you hire me, you get my full effort." Merlyn commented. "We're going to neuter this dog.. and make them loyal. If you understand what I mean."

"I do." Roulette said with a small smile. "And I know how to make it work." Queen Bee frowned slightly. "We're going to attack Kobra where they live and put a dagger to their throats. We're going to show EVERYONE that if you deny the Legion... you risk death."

"I zzzhall assemble a strike te-"

"No!" IQ interrupted quickly. He placed the Gameboy to the side. "No. We're doing this alone. We're going to show them... that the Inner Circle... there's a reason why we're the leaders."


Keystone City

"Is everyone in position?" IQ asked through his headset. He was sat on the edge of an apartment's building, his game pad in his hands as he over looked the city below. "We're gonna need to be quick here. There's a reason this guy's called 'the Fastest Man Alive'." He paused for a second. "...y'know that's why we need to be quick."

"Roger that, IQ. We're all in position." Roulette replied. "Everyone. Commence your attack."

"Awesome." IQ muttered before pressing the power button on his game pad. He dropped it to the ground as the metal device began to wrap around itself and form the basis of a metal body. The metal pieces atop the rooftop began to fold towards it and build robotic limbs for the creature until it had formed a powerful being with a rusty coat of paint.

"Distraction is underway!" IQ yelled as the metal monster leaped into the street, its limbs morphed into rifles and began unloading bullets at the nearby pedestrians. A bolt of lightning streaked nearby. The Flash had arrived. "I'm bugging out until you get the guy!" A flash of yellow light enveloped the young teenager and he disappeared into the night.


"Roger that IQ." Doctor Polaris replied as he started to manipulate the metal in his suit to raise his body into the air. He glanced at the alien warrior beside him and for a moment wondered what the hell he was doing there with her. When he was younger he'd never believed such creatures could exist. "Are you ready, Zazzala?" He asked.

"Oh yezzz Emerzzzon." Queen Bee's wings began to flap slowly. "I have been looking forward to thizzz." The two villains levitated towards the streets below. Polaris began to raise the nearby cars into the car and started to toss them around with the upmost ease. Queen Bee unleashed blasts of bright yellow energy as well as summoning thousands of bees to swarm the streets below.

"Roulette!" Polaris yelled into his microphone. "Have the Zeta Beams ready to teleport us out of here as soon as the Flash shows up!" He snapped. "...Oh and phase 2 of the distraction is underway."


"Phase 2 is underway, Merlyn." Roulette muttered over her mic. Malcolm Merlyn nodded to himself before pulling a zip line arrow from his quiver.

"Acknowledged." He muttered before firing the arrow towards the skyscraper window below him. "Going radio silent from now." The arrow smashed into one of the window frames. There was no point in shooting one into the window. They would have been made out of bullet proof glass. Strong enough to stop an arrow from smashing all the way through, not strong enough to stop a 47 year old man from smashing through at an incredibly fast speed.


Merlyn zipped through the night air, the line attached to his back keeping him suspended with the buildings. It took him 9 seconds to get across. Merlyn braced his body into a ball and crashed through the window. He rolled to the floor and pulled his bow from his back. No doubt there were patrols already on their way. It was only then that Merlyn noticed the piece of glass sticking in his side. He plucked it out and tossed it to the side. He could have medical attention later.

"FR-" A voice started to yell. Merlyn turned quickly and fired an arrow in the direction of the shooter. The razor tip of the arrow penetrated the security guard's neck sending blood shooting from his neck and splashing onto the window pane. Several more guards turned the corner. Merlyn pulled another arrow from his back and fired it towards the crowd. He paused for a second before allowing it to fly, the arrow's canister smashed into the chest of one of the guard's before bursting open sending sulfuric acid bursting everywhere and splashing onto the other guard's that had been crowding around him. Merlyn ignored their screams as he entered the building's elevator shaft and began a quick climb to the skyscraper's top floor.

"Sensors are reading 4 hostiles in Burr's office." Roulette commented over the headset. "Burr's with them. He's the only one we need alive."

"I know." Merlyn muttered under his breath before pulling the metal door's open and stepping into the hall. The wooden doors leading to Jeffrey Burr's office were lying before him.


Merlyn's foot smashed the door's open and immediately the guard's opened fire at the doorway. Merlyn rolled forward beneath their bullets and pulled a smoke bomb from his quiver. He shot it towards the ground where it exploded sending a horde of smoke throughout the entire room. One of the guards began firing randomly in a mixture of panic and surprise catching one of his friends in the gut. Another one of his bullets struck where Merlyn had been standing... so Malcolm took care of him first. Merlyn seemed to almost step over the bullets as they struck by his feet, he pulled one of the knives he carried from his belt and threw it with an almost surgical precision at the guard. It smashed through the poor man's throat and smashed the two of them into one of the bullet proof window's. The knife having penetrated halfway through the glass. The two other guards proved very little trouble. Merlyn activated his night vision goggles and fired two arrows, both striking into their hearts.

"PLEASE!" Burr screamed as Merlyn effortlessly tossed his desk aside. He had been attempting to cower behind it with the vain hope of it keeping him safe. "PLEASE DON'T!" He yelled in horror as Merlyn gripped him by the scruff of the neck and smashed him against the wall behind him. "I'LL.... I'LL DO WHATEVER Y-" He started to say only for Merlyn to cut him off.

"You KNOW what I want." He said in a calm, collected voice. "Don't you?" He asked. Burr started to whimper slightly. "DON'T YOU?!" Merlyn smashed Burr's head against the window leaving a crack in the glass.

"Y... y... yes." The pathetic individual known as Kobra whimpered. "I... I do."

"Good." Merlyn placed his second knife at Kobra's throat. "Jeffrey Franklin Burr. Will you JOIN the Legion of Doom?"

Burr gulped, sweat and blood dripped from his head.



Merlyn's blade slashed across Kobra's throat catching him by surprise. Blood burst from his throat and after only a few seconds Jeffrey Franklin Burr collapsed to the ground.

"We didn't need you anyway."

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Very nice continuation from my own series. I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with this. Just be aware however that Malcolm Merlyn is currently being uses in the Legion of Doom series.

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Good issue. Looking forward to seeing the Legion deal with Kobra.

It's Kobra with a K by the way. No idea why they spell it like that in the comics but whatever.

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Ninjak's Reaction says it all....

"Oh my god."

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If they are changed into Inhumans it shows that Marvel just doesn't care about their fans anymore.