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1998, New York City.

14 Years after the Shredder's Rise to Power.

"Are the Turtles ready?"

Bitter. Broken. Oroku Saki was many things... but patient wasn't one of them. This experiment had been the most expensive project he'd ever had to deal with in his tenure as the Leader of the Foot Clan.... in his tenure as the Shredder. The overall project's cost was in the millions, however if the project was successful it would make more then just its money back... and if it didn't make its money back, the scientists that had worked on the project knew what would happen to them.

"Is the MUTAGEN ready?!"Shredder yelled angrily. Being ignored wasn't something he cherished either. Nervously one of the frail scientists looked up from his notepad and slowly started to walk towards his master. A small twitch had started in his hands.

"Ye... yes sir!" He stammered as the Shredder stared down at him mercilessly. "The procedure should start in a few minutes!" Shredder smiled beneath his helmet.

"Be sure that it does Mister Stockman."Shredder said before stepping past him. "I do not like delays."

In all his years as a member of the Foot Clan, Oroku Saki had never seen anything like the scene before him. The cage in front of him didn't look like much. Simply just 5 baby turtles staring up at him in confusion, it was similar to something one might find in a Pet Shop or a Zoo. However they were not the only animals in cages. Laid out across the room were dozens of cages containing dozens of animals of different species. Spiders, Rhinos, Warthogs, Rats, Hawks... and each had volunteers who desired their strength. Every cage came with several tanks strapped to the side, at this present moment the tanks were empty... however if all went to plan they would be filled soon. Overall Shredder was astonished that it had taken 7 years of research for the Display before him to be prepared... then he reminded himself it wasn't the cages that were important... or the Turtles. It was the Mutagen.

A strange liquid that had been discovered during an incident Shredder had encountered shortly before he gained control of the Foot. It had taken the Scientists responsible for its creation many years to recreate it... none of its materials had originated on Earth. At first he had been reluctant to recreate the formula. The events after its discovery had left to much pain and suffering throughout the Clan... but eventually Shredder had been convinced it was the wisest course to take.

"STOCKMAN!"Shredder barked causing one of the Scientists to jump in surprise. "Where are you?!"Stockman waddled over to him on his fat behind. Wearing his lab coat, glasses and strange haircut it would be hard for Shredder to imagine this man being one of the Smartest people on the Planet... but Shredder had been surprised dozens of times in recent memory. "Start the Procedure!"Shredder ordered before Stockman could even open his mouth. "Too much time has been wasted!"

"Of course sir." Baxter Stockman said before nodding at the two Foot Clan guards standing by the door. They both marched smartly into the hallway and returned carrying a large canister of the Mutagen. "Place it by the cage." Baxter instructed. They hesitated before doing so... they knew who their real master was. "I can't say how much you've helped me here sir." Baxter said with a grin. "The amount of research required for improving this... this elixir! I couldn't have done it on my own! But with your resources... your help... I was able t-"

"Mister Stockman."Shredder interrupted. "Do I look like a man interested in Science? I am exactly aware of how much I have assisted you... but do not think for a moment that we are Allies. We are not. You are merely a Pawn I have used to move further in the game."

Baxter frowned before pushing his glasses back up his nose. "Game? And... who are you playing this game against sir?" Lightning cracked across the Night sky and for a moment Baxter thought he saw a silhouette lying against the window. Shredder saw it too.

"Yoshi..."Shredder growled as the two Foot Soldiers stood by the cage fell to the ground. Small darts of adhesive poison lodged in the sides of their necks. Baxter's fellow scientists were next... and before Baxter could even react he saw another small dart heading directly towards him! He closed his eyes for a brief second and when he opened them the dart had disappeared. It was in the Shredder's hand. He had plucked it from the air as easily as if it were standing still. "Mister Stockman."Shredder growled as he threw the dart to the ground.

"Ye... yes sir?" Baxter whimpered as he noticed the thin, tall figure appear across the room.

"Leave this place."Shredder instructed. Baxter didn't need to be told twice. He ran towards the hallway, slamming the door shut behind him. Lightning cracked again and the figure reappeared next to the cage. Mere inches away from the Shredder. The figure pulled his hood back revealing familiar features that the Shredder had not seen for what felt like eons. Hamato Yoshi. "I see you have decided to make a reappearance my old friend."Shredder said before releasing his arm blades from their sheaths.

"Oroku Saki." Lightning cracked again allowing Shredder to clearly see the man's features. Old, worn... and scarred. The years had not been kind. "I was never your friend."

"My mistake."

"Your mistake was betraying your sense of honor." Yoshi's voice began to get louder and Shredder noticed him grip his fists in anger. "Your.. 'MISTAKE' was betraying ME!"

"I see... tell me Sensei. Does it pain you knowing that your wife loved me, more then she ever loved you?"

The straw broke the Camel's back. Yoshi screamed in anger and dashed forward on the tips of his feet, all while pulling the wooden staff from his back. Shredder met the staff with his own weapon, catching it between the blades of his left arm. With a quick twist Oroku Saki tore the staff from Yoshi's grasp. It fell to the ground with a clatter and rolled to the side. This disarmament was met by Yoshi landing a painful jab through one of the fleshy parts of the Shredder's armour. Saki yelled in pain as he slashed forward with his blades scratching across Yoshi's chest, tearing across his robes and dancing across his chest leaving a bloody mark. While Yoshi was caught by surprise Shredder followed it with a heavy kick to his waist sending Yoshi tumbling backwards against one of the containment cages. A cage filled with dozens of rats. Shredder had always despised these creatures.

"You're getting weak, old man."Saki growled as Yoshi regained his balance. "Slow."He spat.

"I'm still fast enough to kill you." Yoshi replied. Shredder simply smiled beneath his face guard.

"Perhaps..."He noticed the Mutagen canister lying by his feet. "But I'm not going to give you the chance."With super humanly fast movement Shredder kicked the canister with expert aim towards his former friend's chest. Of course Yoshi caught it with ease, he wasn't so that his skills would start to falter... but he was surprised by the move... and before he could counterattack Shredder sent a Shuriken his way. Yoshi didn't know what was inside the canister... at the end of the day it didn't matter. The Shuriken penetrated the canister and caused it to burst open violently, sending the green liquid directly onto Yoshi's face. In surprise and pain he stumbled backwards in an attempt to reconstitute his weight and maneuvering... but it was too late. Shredder dashed towards him and landed a second kick into his chest knocking him through the glass cage and sending him into the horde of rats. The green ooze started to glow as it seeped into Yoshi's skin... and Yoshi started to scream in agony. His skin started to be replaced by fur... and his eyes turned bright yellow.

"Enjoy your new life..."Shredder remarked as the tail started to grow.

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@impurestcheese: To be fair though Mark was a bit disorientated from the Rescue last issue. Unless... perhaps BRONCO caused the fire?! BWAHAHAHA!

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@impurestcheese: At this period in time I am going to say "maybe". It started off as Bronco... then I kinda went crazy with it... so it might be.

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Indigo City...

From the flashing lights above me I'm going to assume my debut as a Superhero didn't go so well. Panicked voices, shouting... groans. I'm pretty sure the last part is coming from me. What do I remember? A few minutes (I assume its been that long anyway) a building somehow set on fire... I saved a couple of kids from burning to death and showed off in front of the News Crews. So that's good I guess. Thing is, I can't remember how I got knocked out.... that's when my eyes open and I realize I'm on a hospital stretcher inside an Ambulance. Two... Nurses? I'm going to call them Nurses even though they're male are looking down at me.

"Uh... hi." I mutter before coughing my lungs up for a few seconds. "What happened?" One of the Nurses stares at me with a strange look on his face.

"You passed out." He says. "Smoke inhalation." I notice the Oxygen mask strapped to my mouth. Although my mask is still on. The Nurse seems to read my thoughts. "Don't worry. We didn't take it off. Couple of the CBTF guys wanted to though."

"CBTF?" That's when I hear the sirens behind me. "Who called them?" The other Nurse rears his head up.

"Nobody surprisingly." He comments. "They were responding to the Live feed from the news network. They tried to arrest you, but technically the only law you had broken was not having a Costume Permit for your... Gimp Costume."

I should be offended by that, but to be honest he's right. Without the trench coat I look like one of the many Undesirables that come out to play when the sun goes down.

"So what's happening?" I ask. "Are you guys taking me to the hospital?" The question sounded better in my head. Duh. Where else would they be taking me? That's when I notice the Syringe in the Second Nurse's hand. "Whoa! What the hell are you doing with that?!" I yell in surprise. The Nurse steps back nervously.

"You've inhaled too much smoke!" He replies anxiously. "You shouldn't be awake right now!" He's probably right. But I'm not in the mood to have the CBTF looking over me while I try to keep my mask on.

"Well I feel fine." I lie. I'm a bit drowsy and feel a bit sick. "I'm a Carrier." Well that's true I guess. "We heal faster then normal people." Also true! The Nurse shakes his head.

"Well we've been at this for a few years now." He points out. "Even during the Blight War... and we're used to dealing with normal people, like you said. We're USED to that procedure, so for NOW we're going to do what we're used to! Got it?"

Well. Looks like I'm gonna have to be a d!ck and teleport out. However just before I can do that my Super Hearing clicks on. Something attracts my attention... and by this point I swear my Super Hearing has become my own version of the Spider Sense.

"Yes Ma'am. Initiating the retrieval now."

What the hell does that mean? I don't have time to ponder it as a gun shot rings through the air. It's clearly nearby since both the Nurses react to it. Half a second later a loud banging is heard and the Ambulance lurches forward through the air. Since I'm already stood up I fall backwards in the air towards the side of the Ambulance and in an attempt to prevent myself from being harmed I teleport outside. Bad mistake. The moment I teleport outside (a few inches above the ground I might add) I almost smash into the window of a car that had happened to be driving alongside. Luckily I manage to somehow miss it. Unluckily my left leg smashes against the side sending me tumbling to the ground. Surprisingly the only reaction I get from the Driver of the car is him pulling up next to the toppled over Ambulance and stepping out.

"Retrieval is imminent." The Driver mutters before pulling a Pistol from his jacket. Clearly he's the one behind the Ambulance toppling over. He's tall but thin and appears to be trying to cover up every part of his flesh. Hat to cover his hear, one of those hockey masks around his face, trench coat, jacket, gloves etc. He starts to walk towards me like the Serial Killer out of Halloween aiming his pistol at my skull in case I try to move. I'm betting his reactions are faster then my Teleporting.

"FREEZE!" One of the CBTF Trucks nearby yells at the Driver via loudspeaker. One of their Soldiers is leaning out the side with some kind of rifle pointed at the Driver's chest. "DROP YOUR WEAPON!" The Psychopath shakes his head and uses a small device he's been carrying in his left hand.

It's a Grenade Detonator.

Instantly the side of the CBTF truck explodes sending bright flames flickering across the night sky. The other Trucks follow shortly. Each time one of them is destroyed the explosion sends heated bits of metal flying through the night sky and the entire time the Driver watches the flames as though he's fixated.

"Now..." The Driver says calmly. He turns towards me as if he'd forgotten all about me. "Where were we?"

"I think I was just about to kick your teeth in!" I shout (well to be honest its more like a gasp of pain) just before teleporting towards him. Since my leg's injured I practically stumble into him sending us both tumbling to the ground. The Driver falls to the ground in surprise before quickly pulling himself up and pulling a knife from his boot. I'm still trying to find where my leg is...

"Unimpressed." He states. Just that one word. Whoever this guy is... he's prepared. Skilled. He doesn't even have any Carrier Powers for f#ck's sake! Slowly I get up off the ground, my Wind powers aren't going to do a goddamn thing against him. I can tell that already. If I even THINK about using my more useful powers against him he'll parry against it with something else. That's when he hits me with the kicker. "Wind Duster." He sounds like he's about to laugh. Like I'm a small kid playing dress up."Are you sure that I'm working alone?" He's trying to irritate you. Get in your head. Whatever you do, don't let him win.

"Who the hell are you?!" I reply. The Driver shakes his head at me again.

"There's more then one of me Wind." He says calmly. I can hear the Police Sirens nearby. The groans inside the Ambulance are growing louder. Somebody is alive in there. "You're the first. But by no means the last." He pulls his mask from his head revealing abnormally regular features. Brown hair, blue eyes, white skin... he looks like someone I could walk past on the street. "Tell me... Wind." He grins slightly. "Do you know if your family's safe?"

Daisy. He knows about her. Sirens pull up behind me, the Cops will help the wounded. The second before I teleport away I see the smug grin across the Driver's face.

He knows.

Without a moment's hesitation I teleport as far away as possible. That happens to be several blocks away and as quickly as I can I follow it up with yet another teleport. This time I reappear inside my Living room.

"Daisy?!" I shout. She's nowhere to be seen. "DAISY?!" I shout again getting all the more frantic. I run towards her bedroom ignoring the pain in my leg. It's locked. I unlock it by smashing through it with my foot. "DAISY?!" I yell as I enter the room.

"Dad?!" The young girl lying on top of her bed yells in horror. She stares at me... the music from her headphones blaring loudly. "What the hell are you doing?!" She shouts. I run over to her and grip her firmly by the shoulders, pulling my mask off.

"Are you okay?!" I ask quickly looking her over. No bruises in the slightest. She seems perfectly fine. "Has anyone hurt y-"

"Dad what the hell is going on?!" She interrupts. I realize I'd started shaking her.

"You're... you're fine?" I ask her, taking a step back in surprise. I'd expected the worst. But somehow she hadn't been hurt in the slightest. "Nobody..." She opens her mouth to speak... but that's when I notice the blinking light on the back of my mask. I look closer and realize what it is. "Oh god..." Daisy sees him first. She points outside the window and I follow her gaze. The Driver smiles at me through the balcony. Without an ounce of remorse I unleash a pure force of wind towards him smashing the window to pieces and knocking him over the side. "Dad?! What did you ju-" Daisy starts to ask.

"Stay here!" I shout at her before limping painfully towards the balcony. Not even thinking about the fact I may have just killed a man. His body will be down on the street... I peer over the balcony and almost vomit.

"Dad?!" Daisy yells. "What's-" I drown the rest of Daisy's sentence out of my head.

There is no body... and now this monster knows who I am.

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....but... she's not Thor though... she's someone that has Thor's power.. but Thor's not her name... this series should be called The Mighty Jane (or whatever her real name is). Just because I put someone's shoes on doesn't make me that person.

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....can I use Bronco?

Also there's a space between Wind and Duster.

Anyway really good stuff. A bit short but I do like seeing stuff to do with the CBTF and you seem to have that niche in the hole handled nicely.