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@impurestcheese: Yes... why?

I've already got a few people in mind. Plus Mark is a Superhero...

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Well... that was pretty bloody.

Good job!

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@johnjo719 Thanks! I was originally going to call him Spider-Man instead of Arachnid. However I was like, "That feels out of place". So I changed it. Even though I mentioned Batman in an earlier issue... ah well. The guy's Batman.

@batkevin74 Yeah, it just dawned on me the other day that Mark has been really busy recently and probably hasn't had time to learn about Quoll's death. Or how he died. Carrier Hatred hits close to Mark.

@cbishop Oh we're definitely going to see Axe-Man again. Not in this series... but something else entirely. And he is going to meet Mark again. It's important to get these villains around long enough to form a Rogues Gallery.

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Ah ha the City Council is back! Nice! Also good work with Lex as well as the characters of the Macedonians they seemed pretty cool.

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Indigo City

The sounds of screaming fills my ears from almost every direction, the deafening explosions following shortly after. From my vantage point on the CBTF Headquarters' Rooftop I can see the entirety of Indigo City just as the rays of bright orange sunlight begin to appear over the skyscraper. The cell phone in my pocket begins to vibrate and immediately switches to hands free mode.

I don't even have a freaking choice anymore.

"We've got trouble." Pfeifer's voice growls from my phone's speakers. "5th Avenue."

"I'm on it." I tell him before summoning the winds around me to levitate me in into the sky, I whip my fingers quickly into a pointing position and shoot effortlessly across the skyline. I'm trying to get the whole superhero vibe going, flying is going reasonable well, however flying at incredibly fast speeds tends to damage my super hearing. As I zoom in down towards the explosions on the streets I see the people running for their lives from what seems to be a giant, hulking figure standing amongst a pile of destroyed cars. The guy is huge, with giant muscles that make Alex Wolffe look like a little preteen girl in comparison.

He's wearing a bright red skull mask that covers his whole face as well as what seems to be one of the skirts that Roman Gladiators used to wear. He's not wearing a shirt though... guess the guy's abs just tore right through that stuff. While falling towards him I redirect the winds levitating me and change them into slowing my descent. "HEY!" I yell. "John Cena!" Slowly the guy turns towards me.. and that's when I notice the giant axe he's holding in his paw. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" I'm not sure if that question's for him... or me. In the corner of my eye I notice several CBTF trucks pulling up behind me.

"Death..." The guy growls before raising the axe over his head and lobbing it towards me at an incredibly fast speed, part of me wants to jump out of its way, the other part wants to just teleport it out of the way, however Pfeifer and the rest of the CBTF want me to be stylish while in public... so that's exactly what I'm going to give them. A quick upwards burst of wind flips the axe's blade away from me and slows the thing's speed JUST enough for me to catch it by the handle. I'm betting I look pretty dangerous... but if I'm being honest it's taking all my strength to even hold it in the air.

"Carrier!" One of the CBTF Soldiers yells from behind me. The click of the man's assault rifle fills the air. "Drop the weapon!"

"Relax." Another solider (probably the guy's commander) says. "He's one of ours."

I smile slightly beneath my mask and drop the axe to the ground. My full attention goes back to the Axe-Man.

"You defile my sacred blade." Axe-Guy rumbles. "YOU DEFILE MY ANCESTORS!"

"So... what?" I ask. "You're Scottish?" Before I can say anything remotely witty the guy charges straight towards me, his gigantic fist aimed straight towards my skull. Just as he's looming over me and prepared to turn me into paste I summon a gust of wind sending me leaping into the air directly over this guy's head and send yet another gust of wind smashing straight down. At my best guess it's powerful enough to knock a truck on its side. The wind smashes him directly in the back of his neck just as he's bent over and punching the ground. His head flies down and he thwacks it on the concrete ground. I land on his back just as his body collapses to the floor, unconscious.

"...I guess.... I should have AXED him a few questions."

My attempt at a joke. Pfeifer says I should do it more often. Get a whole Arachnid-Man vibe going. If I'm being honest I didn't even know Arachnid-Man told jokes... but whatever.

"Nice work, Mark." Pfeifer says from my phone. "Really good job." He pauses for a moment. "But you really need to start reading some joke books."

"Shut up."

Pfeifer chuckles slightly. "Now just step back and let the Soldiers take the tub of abs in while you pose for the cam-"

"Wind Duster!" I turn in surprise to see the reporter, Deborah Dane dashing towards me with a pen and pad in her hands. Dane was the first reporter to interview me in public... and she's kinda hot I guess as well.

"'AHEM!'" I cough in an attempt to make my voice sound deeper and more heroic. "Ms Dane? It's been.... awhile."

"Can... can I ask you some questions?" She pants, breathing heavily. She's not really the most athletic person I've ever known. "Before the other stations get here?"

"Of course." I answer. She smiles before pulling up her pad. In the background the CBTF troops drive off with their new prisoner in tow.

"Is there any truth to the rumors that you've allied with the CBTF?" She asks. My mind goes blank for a second. Didn't people already know about this? Hmm. Weird.

"Uh.... yes. Technically I'm now a full fledged employee of the Carrier Blight Task Force." I answer. Giving the organization it's full name just makes me seem more official then just simply calling it the CBTF. Hopefully it'll put me in the guy's good books more then I already am. Maybe I'll even get a pay rise.

"And what was their reaction to the Internet Videos showing you alongside the known terrorist Alexander Wolffe?"

"I.. I have no idea who that is."

God how I wish that was true. A few minutes of Deborah asking me questions to subjects I know nothing about continue to pass by. It's around the point when I'm planning to cut the interview short when Dane finally gets to the last question.

"Alright..." She says after finishing jotting down my last sentence. "Finally, seeing as you two have been seen working together, do you have any comment on the recent death of the Quoll?"

My brain stops thinking.

"...what?" I ask.

Deborah Dane stares at me in surprise.

"The Quoll." She says slowly. "He's dead."

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Good story. Hal's funeral scene was really cool and sad as well as the action scene that followed afterwards.

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Merlyn would destroy half of them with his arrows.

Then when he runs out he'll pull a sword from their cold dead corpses and merrily carry on.

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They're so Violent....

But I can't help but root for their slightly creepy romance!

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Nice stuff. A bit surprised to see two of the members already down for the count (by that I mean unconscious). You seem to be focusing upon Lobo, Deathstroke, Manchester Black and Baby Doll, which is good since they are mostly my favorite characters in your team.

I'm very much looking forward to the Squad going up against the Jihad Superhumans in the next issue.