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If this show is in anyway linked to the ultimate Spider-Man/ agents of smash/ avengers assemble universe then I'm not going anywhere near this. Also if Jeph Loeb has anything to do with the show I'm also done, I'm so sick of the guy destroying cartoons and then arguing that older comic readers shouldn't be watching them because there meant for kids...

See Earth's Mightiest Heroes had a Guardians team that could have been pretty cool for a TV Show. We didn't learn much about them and there was a sense of mystery to them.

With this team I feel like they're not going to do anything interesting, new or relevant with the characters. For all I know Gamora and Drax will be fighting over who gets the Oatmeal cookie... and you just know they're going to use Galactus again... like the other three series have already.

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Oh god... this TV show is going to be just like Avengers Assemble where it pretty much takes place in the Movie Universe... has terrible jokes... and it's going to keep referencing the movie every five minutes...

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Looks like Guardians of the Galaxy is supposed to be pretty badass...

So Marvel have announced it's getting a sequel...

and an Animated Series set in the same universe as those other shows they've got at the moment.... because those are great.

What do you guys think?

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Looks like Marvel's found their cash cow.

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Hell yeah!

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Underworld Unleashed: Green Arrow #1

Ivy City

"Green Arrow. You... are pathetic."

Oliver Queen gritted his teeth as he tried to stand up. It would have been hard enough if he had both arms... ah well. Tough luck.

"Still trying to stand up?" Doctor Polaris asked. He hovered the train carriage directly over Oliver's head, mere inches away. He could crush him at any moment. "That's laughable." His voice was magnified by his helmet. Probably for dramatic effect. "And... admirable."

"Shut up!" Oliver growled. Slowly he got to his knees. The pain in his right arm was almost astronomical. "I'm not going to let y-"

"Neron wants me to make an example of you." Polaris muttered. He tossed the train to the side causing it to crash into the concrete wall. "I'm going to do what he wants." Large strips of metal tore themselves from the train carriage almost as if by magic. They flew towards him like twin bolts of lightnings and wrapped around Oliver from head to toe. "Come Green Arrow." Polaris said as he raised Oliver into the air. "It's time to meet your destiny." With a flick of his wrist Polaris flung the Train Station's doors open as Oliver tried to wriggle his way out. It was too much. The bonds were too tight. He heard a groan behind him and stared at a badly injured police officer from the massacre earlier. He stared at Oliver for a moment before passing out from his wounds.

"I'm sorry..." Green Arrow whispered to him. He felt a cold breeze run down his neck as he entered the outside world and saw hundreds of people staring up at him. They must have heard about the action on the news.... they all looked scared. Oliver was flung forward onto his broken arm and struck the ground hard. He moaned in pain as Polaris stepped by his side, clearly relishing the moment.

"Citizens of Ivy City!" Doctor Polaris echoed. "Your heroes... are pathetic! First... the Atom is murdered! Now..." He stared down at Oliver with clear amusement. "Green Arrow has taken a similar path! He's failed! And for this act of treason... I say he should be punished." Silence echoed from the crowd as Oliver grunted loudly. He tried desperately to find some way to break free. However there was no way out. Doctor Polaris levitated Oliver into the air before forcing him to kneel at the edge of the steps. Then he began to feel the mask covering his face begin to twitch... then it was completely pulled off and hovered in the air above him. Polaris grabbed the back of his head before yanking his hood back revealing his full face to the crowd. "Green Arrow..." Polaris said in a low and menacing tone. "You have FAILED THIS CITY!" Polaris caused the metal railings to raise up slowly around Oliver's body... before slowly wrapping around his neck like a noose. "Oliver Queen?" Polaris muttered as he got a good look at his face. "Interesting." He shrugged it off as the makeshift noose slowly began to rise into the air taking Oliver with it. After several seconds Oliver was spluttering for breath as his life began to ebb from his body. The crowd watched in horror. "This... this is what happens when you put on a cape and run around fighting bank robbers!" Polaris yelled. "Farewell... Green Arrow..." Oliver began to go limp.


All of a sudden Oliver fell to the ground as he began to gasp for breath. The metal strips fell around him... and he had no idea why. He glanced to the side and saw a bloodied brick lying on the ground... and Doctor Polaris looking shocked with his helmet half caved in. An old woman was stood at the bottom of the steps with a look of determination across her face.

"Let him go you f#ck." She said. Polaris seemed shocked.

"How... how dare you." Polaris gasped in an almost scared voice. His eyes grew more determined and he began to fill with rage. "HOW DARE YOU!" Polaris screamed. Oliver saw the necklace around the old woman's neck begin to ripple and knew what he had to do. Oliver almost screeched as he bolted up and charged towards Polaris tackling into his legs and sending them both to the floor. "HOW DARE YOU!!" Polaris screamed as a ripple of energy fired from his body sending Oliver flying backwards. "HOW DARE YOU!!!!!" He screeched as he levitated into the air. A rain of debris began to fly own from the crowd almost filling the sky. He tore the remains of his helmet off and gave a look of pure hatred at the people before him. "How dare you..." He almost whispered. Oliver was the first to notice it. A tension rippled through Polaris' body as he straightened himself up... then everything metal in the area began to shake...

"No..." Oliver groaned. All the cars in the area began to rise into the air... as did all the watches that people were wearing... their necklaces, the pipes in the sewer... electronic devices... all of them began to rise into the air. "DON'T!" Oliver screamed. Polaris glanced at him, blood dripping from a nasty gash in the side of his face.

"Die." He said as everything came crashing downwards.

To be concluded.

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Here's Marvel's logic in this scenario:

Marvel Headquarters. Agents of SHIELD's first episode has just aired.

"Well Loeb how is it?"

"Well sir... the ratings have come in for the first episode... and people have found it to be boring, uninteresting and they generally couldn't care less."

"PERFECT! Now release 5 more TV Shows!"

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Nice! I'm looking forward to watching it.

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Wow... I'm surprised this hasn't happened before! This is going to be great!