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Tomorrow (May 4th) seems like the perfect day to post my story.

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Aric does sound slightly different.


That's the only possible complaint I have. X-O Manowar, Archer and Betamax... hell yes. Those Fax Machines are gonna get Faxed!

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The Assault on Beneforce: Part 3

New York City, Beneforce Building, CEO's Office

"Let's talk."

The old man glares at me from across the room, he's seated upon his chair, by his side lies his walking stick, pitch black and constructed of a type of wood. Behind him is my daughter, Daisy, strapped to a chair with a bag covering her face.

"Tell me, Marcus..." The man drones in his creaky, emotionless voice. "....the Cinema... are you a fan?"

The hell is he on about?

Before I can answer he continues on. "Shame." He sighs before adjusting the large, framed glasses across his nose. "But understandable. It's been years since I was interested enough to journey to the Cinema." He pauses for a moment like he's reminiscing over times gone by. "Mostly I prefer to stay at home and watch TV. You see... my father was a very rich man... and upon his death I no longer had any need to work. Nothing concerned me... until a year ago... I was in my room. Watching a movie... the Mark of Zorro." He grins revealing his withered teeth. "When suddenly.... my experience was interrupted." He stares straight at me. "By you."

He points a long, bony finger straight at me. "One year ago... debris rained down from the skies above Indigo City... and I watched it all from the comfort of my living room. I remember watching this source of entertainment... seeing the strange new abilities your people... Carriers... exhibited... and it was at that moment I saw the future." He pauses and drinks from a small, china tin cup.

"The future of WHAT?" I ask, not forgetting the reason I'm actually here. The old man grips his walking stick and slowly rises to his feet.

"Everything." He states. "Whatever was capable of such destruction is completely beyond Humanity in every way imaginable. Not only was Humanity damaged beyond repair in a single strike... but the one chance we have..." His finger points at me again. "The Carriers... their powers were given to the most incompetent beings imaginable."

I open my mouth to speak, however the man raises a finger stopping me in my tracks.

"Incompetent idiots like yourself... and that Quoll person. Psychopaths like Alexander Wolffe and Eissenhardt. Each given the powers of the Gods." He glares at me with such pure hatred that I almost start shaking. I want to run. Whatever I've done to this man... there's nothing at all I can do to escape his wrath. "I remember... Marcus Brooks, witnessing the Great Impact... and deciding... that I can do better." His voice deepens. "I. DECIDED.... that Matthew Scythe can do better then what God intended..." He takes another sip from his tea. "And I have."

He falls silent and nods at me allowing me to speak. I pull off my mask and toss it to the ground by my feet.

"I don't care." I tell him before blasting the old prune aside with a wind blast and walking towards my daughter. "Daisy..." I whisper to myself before pulling the bag from her head. She's completely motionless, so I quickly place my fingers on her neck to check her pulse. After a few seconds of frantic checking I feel it humming beneath her skin and sigh with relief. "Thank god..." I mutter before slowly picking up my unconscious daughter and cradling her in my arms.

"That's what the Assassins were for." I glance over my shoulder to see Scythe still standing. He's clutching his walking stick firmly... his old knuckles wrapped around the top of the hilt... and now he looks completely different from his original appearance. Any weakness has disappeared from his body. Instead he looks like he's capable of anything. Capable of hurting anyone. "Find the most powerful Carriers in existence... and bring them to me."

His eyes turn pitch black and he smiles once more. "And they did, Marcus..." He says. "They foundyou. And upon finding you, discovered your daughter." I hold Daisy's body in my arms... covering her with my body like I'm her shield trying to defend her from all harm. "Were you aware her powers allow her to copy the abilities of the Carrier she feels the strongest emotional attachment to?" He chuckles slightly. "Which explains why she's currently sporting Alex Wolffe's powers."

Before I even know what I'm doing I lunge forward, teleporting Daisy back into her chair and porting my mask back onto my face. It makes me feel better... and it'll cover up any blood that gets on my face.

"DIE!"I scream with such anger that the very building begins to shake. I wrap the wind around my fist and deck the old ba$tard right in the face. Scythe stumbles slightly and coughs before turning his head back towards me. His body looks like a skeleton... and his face seems similar to a black vortex sucking in all life around it. "How-" I start to say.

"All those powers had to go somewhere, Marcus..."He states before hovering into the air causing all the rubble and smashed objects around him to levitate with him. "There is a reason I changed my name to Scythe, boy."He tells me as pitch black energy surrounds his body. "...I am the Hope that mankind needs if it wishes to survive..."He waves his hand towards me almost effortlessly sending the black aura that originally covered his skin around my own body. After less then a second searing pain is sent shooting through my body causing me to collapse to the floor and scream.

There's nothing else I can do... and as I kneel on the ground, Matthew Scythe stares down at me and laughs at the pain he's causing.

"I... am EVERYTHING mankind will ever need, Marcus."He says. "And mankind does NOT need you."

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@impurestcheese: Hell I'm pretty sure Lex Hard is trying to do the exact same thing. Or he believes in it anyway.

These three corporations just need to sit down and hash this thing out.

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@allstarsuperman: It seems like it's just normal Civilian wear for him, since it kinda looks like he was taking his daughter shopping. I doubt he would wear his armoured Mask while purchasing a bunch of Hello Kitty stuff.

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@impurestcheese: Wait... did... did you read it or... or are you commenting on how quickly I posted the next issue?

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Miles Teller looks too young as Mister Fantastic. I mean... way too young. If they wanted to go with a slightly younger MF (similar to the Ultimate Comics) they should've made him a bit older... he looks like he should still be in High School.

As for the Costumes they all just look boring. Nothing really exciting or remotely memorable about them in the slightest.