Tom's Favorite Arcs of the New 52.

The arcs below are my favorite of the New 52 reboot.

The list is in no particular order.

Making this list made me realize that the New 52 has some fantastic books.

Honorable Mentions: JLD (pretty much the whole thing since Lemire became the writer)

The Others (Comic Vine doesn't have a page for it)

The whole Talon series so far (even though it isn't an arc)

I, Vampire (It isn't an arc, but I wanted to mention such a great book. The whole thing is awesome, except for the first few issues)

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Posted by broo1232

Glad to see Wonder Woman on here :) The first book was good until the final two which were just ok. The second volume is just awesome though :)

Posted by Cyclops4President

Batman the dark knight is pretty awesome too, you should check that series out as well.