Hitman Absolution: Game Review

Continuing the franchise, Hitman Absolution came out on November 20, 2012. The storyline is very well displayed. Agent 47 must protect Victoria, a girl destined to be a future assassin. Along the game, Hitman will be getting many enemies, who you will need to execute.


Much like Dishonored, in Hitman Absolution there are several ways to complete a mission. You can either be stealthy or cause chaos. There are many different ways of killing your target, from pushing him off a cliff to beating him to death with a hula statue.

The game itself can prove to quite a challenge. When playing on the purist mode, staying unnoticed is highly advised, although it requires patience and will take your time. Even getting past three mere guards may be challenging on the hardest mode. On the other hand, if you opt to play in the easy mode, you wouldn't have to worry about being spotted, as Hitman can take quite a large amount of damage. For a first playthrough, I'd say it's best to play on the normal mode for a correct amount of fun, unless you are an expert or a rookie.

The disguises system can be very fun, although even when wearing one, it is advised to keep your distance from enemies. It sure is enjoyable to see 47 dressing as a Samurai or a Plumber, but even when wearing a disguise, enemies can detect you if you keep too close. And always helping the Hitman, there is the Instinct Mode, which will help you locate enemies, objectives and important objects. Honestly, I don't know what I would've done without it. And as weird as it may sound, if you don't kill anyone but your target, you'll get a better "rating" at the end of the mission, so keeping your head down is advised.


Hitman Absolution has amazing graphics. Every single detail is displayed with perfection, from the plants to the sun's reflection on 47's bald head.

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We are presented with a vast amount of weapons. For melee weapons, Hitman can use katanas, bottles, tomahawks, metal pipes, and many others. As for the guns, we get multiple kinds of machine guns, pistols, shotguns, etc. Although there are many of both kinds of weapons, I always prefer the Silverballers for guns and as for melee, I always accept choking, although a mere knock out also works.


Honestly, cutscenes always managed to bore me. I would skip them, or as for games like Gears of War, in which you don't have a choice but to watch them, I would make myself a sandwich or get some coca-cola. Hell, Hitman Absolution was the only game EVER where I actually had fun watching the cutscenes. The dialogue between the villains is amazing, and, in them, there's always something to keep you intrigued.


Hitman Absolution has 20 levels, but some are split into minor stages. The many different scenarios are what made them so good. Some of them are actually pretty scary, and won't let you sit down, as all the excitement is going to, for sure, make you stand up at all times. Although the missions were very fun and some quite challenging, the main objective may be a little repetitive. I mean, most of the times, you arrive at the location, get past the many obstacles and kill your target.


There are many different villains in this game. Most are, in fact, pretty scary. Most of all the Saints. They are women who dress like nuns, but are extremely deadly. To be honest, when I first saw them, I was scared and intrigued at the same time to confront the mad ladies. Throughout the game, 47 will be gaining more villains, who will want to kill the legend and take Victoria and sell her. Trust me, killing those man may take your time depending on the difficulty, but it certainly rewards you with tons of fun.


In the end, Hitman Absolution certainly is an amazing game for the franchise. It has an intriguing storyline and exceptional graphics, although it may deliver some minor flaws. And be ready for a sequel, as shown in the game's epilogue! Overall, it gets a 9.4/10.