Was I MEan?

So I read something in the fan fic section that was below average, if you wil. And I said so, am I right too msay it or should I just keep my big mouth shut...well after the fact now coz...

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau
@tomdickharry1984: Depends. Constructive criticism is a give in in that situation but I dont see any reason to go overboard. Hopefully you offered some positive reinforcement, you know, threw the kid a bone. Without reading what you actually posted I cant say for sure, but if you have to ask....chances are pretty good you were mean ;P

Well I think the whole point of posting in the FF is to not only get your stuff read, but to receive feedback as well. If you did it in a polite or even neutral way I don't see how that would make you mean or make what you did wrong.

Posted by tomdickharry1984

All I said was it was squishy and didn't make sense at hte end! Go and have a read, it's Marvel Iron Age Hawkeye @Gambler, it'll take 3 minutes and telll me if I'm mean

Posted by JediXMan

Could have been worded a bit more tactfully, but it was somewhat constructive, I suppose.*

*Yes, I went through your posts to find your comment. I was bored.

Posted by tomdickharry1984

Bored at my comment or what he wrote? Anyways thankjs guys @JediXMan @NIGHTCRAWLER @Gambler I get a tad paranoid

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau
@tomdickharry1984: I wouldnt call it "mean." You did put a lil hot sauce on it but nothing anyone should or would get upset about.
Posted by Billy Batson

Oh you done did it now! IT'S ON!

Posted by jeanlucpicard

No way.