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Name: James Rickard

Aliases: Trash.

Height: 4 ft 11.

Eyes: White

Skin Color: Caucasian.

Hair: Black.

Date of Birth: Unknown

Age: 12

Born in: Unknown.

Alignment: Neutral

Powers: Communicate and control over inanimated objects. Able to animate them unless object is broken or damaged enough.

Bio: He does not know his mother or his father. He was left at an orphanage at a very young age, moving from one household to another quickly due to some unfortunate incident (Parents for dead, other siblings disappeared for example) happening to each household right after he gets adopted. Hence, he has spent most of his life in the orphanage. The other kids bully him out of fear, knowing he's a mutant but unaware what his abilities are. (Some kids claim he is telekinetic, some claims he talks to ghosts.) Common nicknames he's been given is Trash, hence his codename (Similar to Daredevil). At the age of ten, he ran away from the orphanage after his powers fully manifested by seriously injuring a few kids who were previously bullying him via causing trash nearby to attack the kids. Previously, he would unconsciously animate objects to reflect his hate and anger towards the world, doing something mischievous or evil (Hence, the incidents with any of his adoptive parents). From his orphanage, he hides along the streets in New York, talking to trash, getting them to rob innocent bypassers to support himself. After the events of AvX and witnessing Cyclops' announcement to the world of rebellion, he decides to set off and try and find this legendary figure, believing that humans have wronged him all his life; his parents, the other kids, society and the government. And so, he roams the streets at night, sending trash out to detect the presence of Cyclops, hoping to join in his revolution.

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New Mutants or Generation X. Not like that rubbish 90s Gen X film.

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Grant Morrison's Special Class has won that from me by appearance alone.

Power-wise? Legion has always held a place, right next to the Shadow King.

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@xwraith said:

Vol. 1 is probably my favorite comic run ever.

Vol. 2 is so bad I dropped it after three issues and will probably never read another Humphries book.

My exact reaction to this title. Even though the first story arc ends after four issues.

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@darthphoenix: You are talking about Rachel Grey, the girl who also turned into a freaking Dinosaur under the great hand of Claremont.

Franky is with the Fantastic Four, in space, doing space stuff, with time travel. (I have not read any F4 issues besides the 1st one in Marvel NOW! But I've seen the cover so...)

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All New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men are the core titles I guess, it makes sense to pick them up because apparently Bendis DOES have a plan with these characters.

X-Men, I feel, is overrated. (Let that hate mail pile up), but its a callback to the 90s, which is why people love it. Its good, but not like, the best book ever or anything.

I personally say do not read Uncanny X-Force by Sam Humphries, especially if you loved Remender's run. It makes Psylocke's characterization seem very off and the whole Fantomex thing feel kinda... incesty.

The early WatX issues are great, I'm not doubting that, but I suggest you read (don't buy) the recent issues in the store. Mainly because the story line seem to have more satire and black humour and less wittiness to them. If you like them, go ahead! Else if, avoid.

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This wouldve been so much easier if Young Justice was still around.

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@hawk2916 said:

@lykopis said:

@tomchu said:

Still waiting for the day Cannonball succeeds Cyclops, Moonstar succeeds Storm.

Dreams of a Claremont New Mutants fan.

So true! Won't happen but yeah, it would have been great to see the two of them move to places of leadership in a fully graduated X team.

Yeah I agree. I guess the only way this could happen would be for Cable to get called back to his reality with the Askani Clan and for him to take Cyclops with him. Or for them to decide to fix the dystopian futures the xmen are faced with by going there and kicking some ass extinction team style. Cable, Domino, Colossus, Forge, Cyclops, Emma, Magneto. Then you could get cannonball and Dani just leading a team focused on being heroes

Or Cyclops and Storm dies *shrug* but that might kill Marvel's X-book line.

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@mcklayn: OH CRAP, that was a bad mistake on my part hahahah

But my point is, he's literally died and came back alive a few times in the past few years, I can't keep track honestly. Second Coming and X-Sanction has confused me so...

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@tomchu said:

@oldnightcrawler: You have to give AoA some credit, it was designed in the 90s, while AoX came 20 years later, where it could have learnt where AoA went wrong and pretty much worked with it.

that's a fair point, I suppose. To be fair, I was a huge fan of Joe Mad's work before this event, and , in retrospect, I can't help but feel that it was a case of too much too soon. It's the tricky thing about critiquing teenage superstars: you can't fairly compare them to their contemporaries, because, chances are, they just haven't had the experience to develop the chops.

It's a sad trend of the hot artists: they get popular enough to get paid based on their surface style, over indulge said style, and stagnate. Rock and roll McDonalds. But, as a young artist in that position, it's hard to say that anyone would do different. Granted, some young talent do: JRJr, the Kubert brothers, but those guys are kind of the exceptions that prove the rule.

As much as I can appreciate Joe Mad's passion that inspired the indulgences of his designs, it doesn't change my opinion that it was indulgent. That is to say, I can appreciate him as an artist, but still see his failings as an illustrator. But, like I say, I can't blame him for that; he worked for it, and it's hardly his fault he got credit for his surface style before he had the chops to back it up. Hell, I lobbied for him; I'm as much to blame as anyone; the fact remains that he wasn't ready. Ultimately, though, he was the perfect product of the times: a zeitgeist of his generation, despite the duty he was charged with.

There was a time in the 90s where Todd MacFarlane had Marvel wrapped around his fingers, making demands and stuff, and then even after Marvel complied, he pretty much left the company and dragged with him a ton of up and coming artists, such as Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, and (sadly) Rob Liefeld. Spoiling artists IMO.

Still, it's amazing looking back at how many big names contributed to AoA. Marvel literally threw everyone at the event, which goes as:

Joe Mad, Tim Townsend, Fab Nicieza, Andy Kubert, Tony Daniel, Warren Ellis, Jeph Loeb, Adam Kubert, Larry Hama, Steve Epting, Al Milgrom, Bryan Hitch, Howard Mackie, Jae Lee, Klaus Janson, Terry Dodson and Mark Waid. All helmed by Scott Lobdell.

IKWYM about surface style. People throw their hands up in the air for Jim Lee's artwork in this day and age. That's pretty much why Batman Hush was so popular, no?