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@oldnightcrawler: I'm hoping/predicting the original X-Men will go back but the future X-Men will be stuck for another few story arcs. Fingers crossed. Otherwise this'll just turn into another X-Men title, but they have to keep it "all-new" somehow.

Maybe this could lead to another X-title in the All New Marvel NOW! Line?

With X23 and a ton of New X-Men (Academy X) students lying around, with a bunch of Gen X-ers not being touched for a long time, I'm sure Marvel might try to pull a "Geoff Johns Teen Titans" and reintroduce all these characters in one book, with old and new members together?

Hey! Maybe it would be called All-New New X-Men (Academy X) :D

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Call me slow, but I was rereading X-Men #1 by Brian Wood and Oliver Coipel. Yes, yes, I know it's a great book and all according to reviews, but there is ONEthing I didn't realise until I reread it. I mean, this should have been super-obvious and all but...

Since when could Rogue fly? I mean, I thought she lost her Ms Marvel powers (super strength, endurance and flight) after Mike Carey and Bachelo did the strain-somethingsomething issues in the Supernovas TPB (or #188 - #199 for the single issue readers like myself). I read somewhere alone that she probably got her powers from Northstar and all, but it is not explicitly mentioned in the book, right?

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Most of Whedon's run is hilarious. I can't even begin to name a few.

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I know exactly what you mean. he *literally* disappeared from all the books except Astonishing. He should be integrated back into the Marvel books now that his own title is getting cancelled (for like, the 5th time i think). Never liked it, dropped it after #3, except for the first issue, which I thought was absolutely brilliant.

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What I don't understand I why fans keep on wanting to bring Jean Grey back. I mean sure, she's a fan favourite, but even if she DOES come back, that doesn't necessarily mean the series would get better. We just need better, more innovative writers, making us fall in love with the characters all over again, right? That is my opinion at least.

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I applaud you, DC. Another one bites the dust.

And this is why I'm a Marvel fan-boy.

Writers DC has lost:

Greg Rucka, James Robinson, Grant Morrison, Andy Diggle, Joshua Hale Fialkov, George Perez, Judd Winick, Nick Spencer, Rob Liefeld, Brian Wood.

Gail Simone almost joins that list. Lucky her.

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  1. Cable
  2. Cable
  3. Cable
  4. Cable
  5. Cable!

And this is what happens when comic books play with time travel. ONE POINT TWENTY ONE GIGAWATTS.

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Iron Man. RDJr's contract is up anyway. I mean, we could bring in a new Iron Man? or a new character to take up his slot.

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Invincible STOMPS but I'm on issue 31 of walking dead and I like it

LYING. Saga for the win. :D