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I bet somewhere in Marvel Headquarters, someone made a bet on how stupid they can possibly made a character. The guy who designed Cyclops probably won.

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Agree, whats the point of bringing back a person when they have no memories? A shell is still a shell.

Agree or Disagree? (Something Controversial)

Remender's Uncanny X-Force is better than Whedon's Astonishing X-Men.

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Had a strict no killing rule, broke it by killing the Marauder questioning all his beliefs.

Destroyed a perfectly farm good tractor saving his sister in Giant Sized X-Men #1, I mean, his father must have really loved that tractor.

Illyana loses her soul, gets manhandled by a demon at the age of 8 (correct me if I'm wrong).

She loses control of Limbo for like the millionth time.

She gets reverted to a child, and killed, then reborn, and then I'm not sure what happened from there but now she's a demon child again.

Mikhail Rasputin turns out to be alive and a leader of a remote land,

Commits suicide 15 issues after they found him alive.

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They dedicated a whole issue of the two fighting during the Claremont's Age.

This fight will go down in legends, because the premise is simple; two men fighting because they are (somewhat) drunk and angry, which is a great representation of conflict in the modern day.

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Spider-Men, unless AvX pulls something WAYYY over your head that it incredibly brilliant in the span of three books or its tie ins.

Spider-Men is literally fan service.

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Chuck Austen shall forever be a black stain on X-Men history.

Now isn't too far off:

- Cyclops, looking back all the way from 1991's X-Men #1 till now, he's still a prick, now even more so a dictator.

- His Marvel NOW! redesign makes him look even more like a prick.

- Wolverine is still the Marvel poster boy for mutants, HE WAS IN FREAKING SHADOWLAND!! THE BOOK FOR STREET LEVEL HEROES.

- 'OH MAI GAWD GAIS, WE GOTTA SAVE HOPE!', her book was cancelled and she's been shelved for a good two months now.

- AvX's awful characterization and even more god-awful JRJr. Art

- Fraction's Slow, Pixie-centric Writing

- Too many books being rushed onto the market, The First X-Men and Xtreme X-Men, I'm looking at you.

- Too many books written mediocre-bad. Post Regenesis New Mutants, AvX X-Men Legacy and Pre Wood X-Men, I'm looking at you

- Gay Marriage was a great event IMO, overly publicized but great.

- Too many shelved characters, Dust, Surge, Hellion, Rockslide?

- New X-Men: Academy X was great!! What Happened? CANCELLED!! It's okay, if we pull together stuff we can get Young X-Men? UNSALVAGABLE!!

- Schism was stupid, It wouldve made more sense if it was Storm and Cyclops,

- I forced myself to get used to Schism, Regeneis (where I hopped onto the X-train) was a good starting point, but it was weird to see a cold blooded killer who has slept with half of Marvel Universe open a school.

- It only took 10 issues for Wolvie and the X-Men and two story arcs for X-Men Legacy to turn Wolvie and Cyclops' side from none-talking terms to a somewhat diplomatic meeting.

- Vampires

- Gimmicky Aimless Vanilla X-Men, that served a platform for my previous criticism (Now, not too bad)

- If it wasn't for Gillen's writing, I would honestly question Namor's existence.

At least we have Peter David's X-Factor and Remender's UXF, Gillen's UXM is beginning to become enjoyable (and soon to be cancelled), and Wolvie and the X-Men is still a pretty good read.

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@Rickbarry said:

@X35 said:


Oh my god i remember this.

One of my strong random memories of my youth is doing it in a train station one night when i was waiting for a train.

Oddly sexual, but I see what you were saying.

Well said.

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1. Unless It's BRILLIANT (but who am I kidding), All New X-Men by Bendis gets cancelled and they bring back UXM (especially when I'm enjoying of all times)

2. Writing gets better, Legacy has slumped over AvX, New Mutants is getting boring, Astonishing is meh, Wolvie is not AS funny over AvX. The only titles I can really trust is X-Factor and Uncanny X-Force. In Peter David and Remender We Trust.

3. They downsize their books or at least TRY and make their books more interesting.

4. Give time + space (or at least a story arc every now and then) for other characters, which is pretty much more than half the mutant population.


1. Someone screwing up the X-Men after Austen, Fraction, and mid 90s Claremont (I COMPLETELY respect his work from 75 to early 90s, but the stories get really confusing...)

2. They make the Avengers seem like they've won morally won after AvX, because IMO no one has actually won.

3. They dump even more X-Men characters in the Avengers (I already questioned Storm joining)

4. They kill off a lot of my favourite characters, namely: Iceman, Cypher, Chamber, anyone who has been part of the New Mutants.


1. John Romita Jr. doesn't draw do the art for ANY X-Men book.

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@CheeseSticks said:

Magneto IS the best villain of all time


Actually wait no.

Chuck Austen.