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The secret of immortality dies with me

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I'm talking about Emma Frost. 2013 is a Jean Grey year. We got teen Jean Grey and we had future Jean Grey. Kitty, Magik and Jubilee have been written quit well. While Emma had her moments this year. Do you think next year will be her year. The last 6 years, she has been written terribly.

We'll have to wait (keyword there) and see. Bendis' pace makes the story go like, nowhere. And now we've got three issues of All-New going into space to deal with Bendis' other playground, GotG.

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God the X-Men really love to stand around and talk don't they? What a bunch of drama queens.

It's Bendis plotting. Bendis is to action as Jeph Loeb is to character development. They both can't do it.

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@arturocalakayvee: John Cassaday. He was the only artist on the title throughout the run, but he is known for delaying books. I believe he did the same with Uncanny Avengers earlier this year. They replaced him after a few issue run. Why did they put up with it? I guess it was the sales as each issue sold quite well. I guess it's the price you pay for having him on the book. Everything is going to look amazing, but he does take his time.

This... but it's enlightening to know that Marvel cares about quality... or maybe all they saw was dollar signs. Patience is everything!

Maybe a bit of both? They know they treat their fans to (some) quality, it pays off in the long run. TBH, I thought Uncanny Avenger's art wasn't Cassaday's finest :\

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Banshee disappeared for a long, long time post-Gen X / Joe Casey's run. And then he pops up in Deadly Genesis and dies. Brilliant.

Most characters who joined X-Corps were pretty irrelevant now that I think about it, Chamber and Jubilee did jack from the early 2000s till M-Day.

Legion disappeared for an ungodly amount of time, but I guess he was dead. Does dead count?

Most of the X-Terminators are also pretty much missing since Inferno. Artie and Leech got shipped off the FF (more recently), Firefist was Necrosha'd, Skids was put into SHIELD and never heard of again, Wiz Kid more or less went off the radar, apparently in Avengers Academy.

Then there's Caliban...

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I don't think this is the last we'll see of the title. I bet it gets re-launched with a new creative team and a title like "Storm and the X-Men", who, let's be honest here, makes infinitely more sense to run a school. I've also heard rumours of a title called "The Utopians" floating around so that's also a possibility.

I'm also hearing things about "The Utopians". I'm surprised. An X-Book with the letter X in it?

Wouldnt mind seeing the kids of this book in their own title, mentored by the younger X-Men (we have like, 3 generations of them in comicbooklimbo, New Mutants, Gen X and New X-Men). It's like as if we don't have enough Wolverine, Storm and Beast around. *shrug*

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Nothing can ruin my day. MARVEL. DONT. SCREW. THIS. UP.

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@avenging_x_bolt: Is there a scan or could you tell me what issue in ASM (I presume) that happens?

it was in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#11 i believe.


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@avenging_x_bolt: Is there a scan or could you tell me what issue in ASM (I presume) that happens?

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Pre-Brand New Day, Post-Civil War, was there ever a scene where Flash Thompson confronts Peter after he revealed his secret identity? I mean, it would make sense right? Flash Thompson, the guy who used to bully Peter realising that the kid he pushed around was his hero? We see Flash become more heroic thanks to his hero worship of Spidey (joining the army, going to war, losing her legs etc), but is there ever a scene where they just talk it out?

It's so weird rereading Remender's Venom to see Flash and Peter sitting next to each other. This is honestly making me anticipate for Slott's Darkest Hour arc coming in Superior Spider-Man!