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I'm about to start reading Claremont's X-Men (1991) and I was wondering if the Infinity Trilogy have any effect over the X-Men titles?

If not, do you still recommend reading them? And are the tie-ins worth reading?

Thanks in advance.

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@avenger85: If memory doesn't fail, during the time they had the Phoenix Force in them, their hearts were in diamond form to contain it.

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All New X-Men #30 - I completely disagree with Bendis' portrayal of X-23. I was squeamish about him having her in one of his books, and now my fear is confirmed.
The way he dealt with the Frost/Grey relationship, I actually have to applaud; simple and elegant.

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Anybody wondering why Xavier is sitting on a wheelchair during the holo-video?

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no, there is definitely two Xavier Jr's running around.....the one that appeared in BotA was crippled by future colossus. This one was able to walk. Crippled Xavier along with that Raze, Molly Hays, and that Ice hulk are still around. Now it seems another Raze and the Xavier that can walk are in SHEILD custody

This Xavier Jr is always in a yellow wheel chair. The only times he is standing up, is in the astral plane.

The BotA conflict is inevitable, of that I'm certain. I believe that no matter what happens, when the Brotherhood attacks the NXS, the ANXM team always wins. There's a time-loop:
The first note said how to beat them, but then Jean developed this new power during the Trial, which Young Xavier didn't know about, so they lose.
Now that they have a second note explaining this new power set, the future Brotherhood is going to come back (for a "third" time) and create an alternative time line in which things don't go according to plan and they are beaten again. So they write their future selves a new note and so on...

That's the only way I see it possible for them to keep coming back, always thinking they have a strategy that guarantees their victory and getting their posteriors kicked.

I have to admit, there are a few holes in my theory: mainly the fact that we "see" Old-Beast and Future-Deadpool die during BotA.

There is also a strong possibility that the events of BotA DID in fact alter that particular future timeline. Note that while in BotA beast and the other members of the brotherhood were rather talkative. beast in particular was very passionate about his position. But in the recent attack on the Xavier school they were all much more subdued and quite, even Deadpool only had 1 line I believe. Also there was the fact that Xorn was in fact Jean Grey, but now is just a puppet of psychic energy. Their origin was also presented differently. In the first case it seemed they were allied with the X-men, until that timelines president Dazzler was killed and they went rouge. In the next version it seems Xavier was evil from the beginning.

This might be because now they don't have to pretend to be the X-Men. Plus, some part of Xavier Jr's power are focused on the faux Xorna and probably in his psychic energy wheelchair.

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I wouldn't trust any current x-writer to do it right. Because if this is done, it has to be done right. So, for the time being, no.

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I'm a fan of Anka's art and his redesigns have been great, but I have to be honest and say I'm not liking this one (from the neck down). I really do like the hair and the one eye make up. But, the costume looks ugly and impractical. They could have just change the color of her SHIELD uniform.

He did a previous redesign that could have been updated a little bit:

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Never in my life I would have expected Magneto to say: "WHOA, WHOA, WHOA... LET'S COOL IT WITH THE GUNS!"

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@koays: And that's why I hate time travel, or to be more specific, the abuse of time travel in comics.

Following the logic of new timelines being created when events are changed, there are two Xavier Jr in Earth-616?!