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PRA and Death - the pot boils. 1

THE GOODSuch excitement fills my body when a new issue of East of West is queued up for release. Year Two of the apocalypse is shaping up to be a wild ride. More players of the game are touched on in this issue. I didn't care for John Freeman when he was first introduced. This issue really won me over. I love the pages he appears, they are so fun to read. Hickman's writing is a great as ever. More scoops of tantalizing ingredients are added to the pot and Hickman stirs and stirs. Getting caught...

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The Simmering Pot is set to Boil 0

THE GOODIt feels like Invincible 115 came out a long time ago... Either way I love seeing a new issue out. From the massive action packed issue that was 115, 116 comes as a nice palette cleanser. There is a lot of new information getting thrown at us. Kirkman quickly introduces the state the world is in after recent events and it is really intriguing. Mark is having a difficult time adjusting and we really see is struggles. There is great dialogue between him and his father, Eve, and another in...

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Drifter is a great starting place for a unique adventure. 1

THE GOODI love new Image #1's. I also give them a shot. I picked up Drifter without any idea of what to expect. The first few pages alone are fantastically crafted. Beautiful art work meets engaging narrative to offer new readers a wonderful hors d'oeuvre for the main course. Protagonist Abram Pollux wakes on a foreign, lawless world, much like the world of Borderlands with hints of Fallout. Fragmented memories, a gun, and feisty attitude Abram draws readers into his quest to find out what happ...

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Apocalypse: Year Two starts off with multiple bangs! 1

THE GOODWhat is there not to like about East of West. This book has been entertaining right form the beginning. Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta fashion a world that is unique and intriguing. I will admit the politics of the whole thing took me a while to figure out and once they are understood the ride is a lot more enjoyable. This issue opens on the horsemen after the short story in the one-shot. More carnage and chaos is beginning to arise during this year. We get some amazing shots from D...

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Battle Beast Meet Thragg 0

The GoodInvincible has sucked me in from the beginning. Kirkman's ability to layer plots and subplots all over the place is my one of the greatest things about this book. I still crack up thinking about the Burger Mart bag of trash or Mark's graduation hat. This issue takes a break from what is happening on Earth and takes us up to a story line Kirkman started quite a few issues back. Battle Beast finds Thragg and as you can only imagine, visual bloody carnage goodness ensues. The whole issue i...

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Table politics are explosive. 0

The GoodEvery month this title comes out I am as happy as a squirrel with nuts. This book is so great. Last issue we met all the players of the nations. It was interesting because we saw the chosen scattered around amongst all of the leaders. This issue we pick up with a little scene with Doma Lux before getting straight back to the table. This whole issue is the conversation around the table with all the Nations. It is fantastic. Very interesting scenes as Xaolin and Madame President interact....

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Brothers In Arms 0

The GoodI have no idea what is going on in this book, and that is perfectly okay. The way the plot goes is so intriguing. This issue, more than the last presents the story in a really interesting way. We get more back ground on Cornelius, the little boy from issue one. We learn more of his family dynamic, which isn't the happiest of places. The kid is really intrigued by holograms which leads me to believe he may be the Navigator. But nothing has been revealed yet. The great piece of story here...

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The ball starts rolling. 1

The GoodI love when heroes move to a new area. Scarlet Spider in Houston, Moon Knight in L.A., and now Daredevil in San Francisco. This move allows for the reader to see a new area of the world and not always experience the same streets and alley ways. This is what Daredevil is dealing with. He is slowly learning his way around San Fran. This issue is really where the main arc starts off. We learn a little about the crimes in San Fran, from a new character Charlotte Hastert. I wonder if she wil...

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Horses and WTF? 4

The GoodI am always open to a new series. I like to support these new projects. I had no idea what the crap Translucid was about. I just thought, hey Boom, why not? So I jumped in only knowing a small piece of this would involve a horse. Boy, did I ever receive a treat! Holy snap. What a piece of work. I have my opinions and ideas of what is going on here and it is genius.The story involves a small child who spends a lot of time by himself. He is a fan of sci-fi and superheroes. This is, to me,...

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Rogue Logan - Explained. 0

The GoodI fell in love with Wolverine during Remender's Uncanny X-Force. His character - the rage and berserk - as well as the fatherly attitude towards other mutants - totally drew me in and I enjoy reading stories involving Wolverine. I did not read any previous solo series however. All my experience with Wolverine comes from team books. So picking up Cornell's Wolverine was a change. I suppose yes he is working with a team, but not really.Because I did not read any of his past solo series and...

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An inferior conclusion to a Superior title. 0

The GoodI have loved so much of what Dan Slott has done during his run on Spider-Man, both Amazing and Superior. When this idea of having Doc Ock take over first came to my attention I was fully on board. I love the way Dan writes Peter and all the supporting cast. I love the quips and the one liners and the humour that everyone has during these escapades. The stories that he hints at and then comes back to are great. During his Superior run, there were some really great moments. FOR CRYING OUT...

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Politics Anyone? 0

The GoodHickman is back! After the action packed issue that was #10, this issue is a nice change of pace. We settle down and see what the Chosen are up to. It is a nice view into the troubles and turmoils that each member has.First off we see Xiaolian, Death's wife. She is ticked and ready to blow. Her scenes are particularly inspirational. I really enjoy the way she is drawn. Dragotta's art is my favourite! I love the way he does character's faces.We check off the other member's of the chosen. ...

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Shutter is new, unique, and beautiful! 0

The GoodSo, I had no idea what I was getting into when I picked up this book besides the story of Leila Del Luca's story of being accepted to image. I have never read any of Keatinge's work previous.I was super impressed with this. This issue does a great job as an issue one. It establishes who Kate is as a character. We get enough of her past to understand where she is now, emotionally, and enough of the present to kind of understand what the crap is going on - but there is a lot to be filled ...

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Black Science! OMF(stands for fantastic-ing)G 0

The GoodI follow Remender anywhere. The only place that I cannot go with him to is Deadly Class. But Black Science connected with me immediately. The science fiction that comes out of Remender's mind is amazing! Fear Agent totally won me over, as well as his X-Force run.What really pulls me to this book is the absolute freshness of the idea. Each issue showcases a unique and distinct world and dimension that the group is trapped on. This issue continues the story and more revelations come to li...

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Gotham has a new creative team. And it's glorious! 0

The GoodWell, firstly can I give some love to my canadian brother Francis Manapul! Goodness! What glorious artwork! I loved so much the panel layouts in the Flash and now that passes on to a great Batman book. I love the panels as Batman swings through Gotham.The story is great. I feel like it is a perfect story for Detective Comics. I like that it picks up the ties from the Zero Year Flash issue. It ties in nicely and I totally could get behind a thing like this happening in Gotham.The colors a...

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The GoodSo, I read the first and second issues back to back. This was a great leap into the story that is Starlight. I had a great experience. The story is very unique and a fresh idea for a comic. There was a slight feel of the Incredibles. The world seems a lot more real than the 616 universe or other things in comics. Therefore, it was really to relate to Duke and his struggle. He is a great character who is dealing with a lot.I really enjoy the art. It is really simplistic and I love the fa...

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Ellis is getting it done! 0

The GoodI absolutely love Moon Knight. I wasn't so sold on the first issue, but after reading Sniper, I am so totally sold. The way Ellis tells the story here, with the different people, their panel's staying in the same layout even though certain people die, I love it. It was such a fun and new way to be told a story. Declan's art in this issue was a lot better than issue two. Maybe because the scale of the people he was drawing was a lot smaller, but I felt as though it was a lot neater. He t...

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Superior Spider-Man #26 0

The GoodFirst off Dan Slott is the man. He has written so much good Spider-Man stuff over the years. He really knows how to write the character. I feel like he gets the supporting cast too and enjoys the work he does. This story of Goblin Nation has been building for a long time and now its finally starting to take off. I am so excited for this arc!The art actually really interests me. They split the art up between three people and for me it works. Ramos handles the art involving the Goblin fig...

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East of West #9 2

The GoodFirst thing on the list is that we have a new issue of East of West to enjoy. What more could we want? How about issue 10. Man I love Hickman's work in this. His dialogue is so amazing!We get a look inside the The Kingdom and the life of John Freeman, the Crown Prince of The Kingdom. We learn a little about the political situation of The Kingdom and also what else is going on outside of it.Also Death makes his deal with Oracle. I loved that scene. The flashback page of the Horsemen with ...

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The Saviors is a fun little comic. 1

The GoodI remember when James Robinson announced his creator owned piece from Image. I was excited. His Earth 2 work was awesome! And when he mentioned aliens I was sold. And Mr. Robinson didn't disappoint. Tomas is a fun character who is going to get in WAY over his head in this story. I loved the part of him getting high with a gecko in the gas station, funny little scene. That is what i love about Mr. Robinson's writing. His characters feel alive and real. Especially in this where Tomas is hi...

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Rogue Planet is off to a good start. 0

I love everything that Hickman has done at Marvel. The scope and scale of the stories and the world building he does always makes me excited for the ride I am in for.After ending Infinity and setting up for another story this issue feels like a nice break but with still enough action and suspense to make the read worth it. I was neither bored nor overly nervous about what was going on.I am familiar with the cast and had no issue identifying who everyone was. I don't understand why people would ...

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