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This is a Comic Book Battle Movie, Please watch the Film and then give me your thoughts and opinions on the film, the battles and how things should play out.

Lets Have Some Fun with this one ok... Really need Feedback here... Thank You to all on ComicVine, Enjoy the Show :)

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Please watch the Film and Leave your comments below, Thank You.

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@pooty: Hey Pooty? Pooty Tang is that you??? its been a long time my brotha
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Darkseid Wins Flawless Victory... FATALITY!

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Excuse My Language But...
Superman would literally beat the living Shit out of Apocalypse so F*ckin bad that Apocalypse would beg to die!

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Pre Crisis Hal Jordan & Silver Age Superman

Hulk ( Uni Power ) & Rune King Thor
Battle Location: War World
Prize: Comic Vine World Tag Team Championship Belts
Who Wins???
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1. LOL, wow man really? you think i don't know about Juggs? haha, I know everything about Juggs and then some buddy boy.
2. I know about Juggs having the Power of Cyttorak, and where does it state that Cyttorak is a Multiversal Abstract being? the Anti Monitor is above Cyttorak and the Anti Monitor is a true on panel Multiversal being.
3. Based on feats alone SA Superman beats Trion Juggs plain and simple.
4. Trion Juggs cannot be stopped yes, however Trion Juggs has never faced a being who's Physical Strength is Infinite and Limitless, SA Superman has the Strength to actually hurt Trion Juggs. Now im not saying SA Supes would kill him, but i know for a fact that SA Supes can KO him or trap him or even BFR him. 
5. SA Superman has more ways of winning a fight then just Strength lol. 
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1. Yes the Kryptonite and Red Solar Radiation has been stated on Panel, just read Countdown to Final Crisis and also read COIE and Legion of 3 Worlds, it takes so long man but if you wanna know in detail then read those Comics i mentioned and you'll see.
2. I agree the 2nd part is debatable, so 50/50 on that lol. Anything could happen in a Multiversal battle lol.
3. Wow Thor can't warp reality, well then i guess its not gonna be too hard for Man Prime to take him out after all lol. Mxy on Panel feats is beyond RKT and Man Prime owns Mxy.
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@Killemall: Silver Age Superman Stomps Trion Juggs, watch my video i posted of SA Feats. 
Uh SA Superman beat Mongul many times, and Silver Age Mongul was no Joke, so if you think he was weak you need to read more SA Comics lol.
SA Superman's only true opponents in the Silver Age was "PC Darkseid" "PC Hal Jordan" "Mxyzptlk" "Gods Vengeance Spectre" "The Presence" all of them would stomp trion juggs one on one.
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@Killemall said:

@ToasterComics said:

@Killemall: 1. Well its easy to say that RKT is Omniscient or close to being Omniscient, that really has not been determined yet, i have not even seen a scan that specifically states the words that RKT is Omniscient, if you can show me a scan of that being stated then i will take that into consideration. On the other hand Omniscient beings can be defeated depending on the circumstances. 2. Im not saying a God blast would not hurt Prime, of course it would but Prime could survive a blast and still keep fighting, Prime was able to survive a Universal Buster so Galaxy level Busting won't be much trouble for Prime. 3. Prime can hurt RKT, its really not that hard for Prime, Prime has the ability to cause Reality shattering damage combined with his Physical power making his strength extremely deadly to many beings in combat. Prime also was said to possess Silver Age like abilities similar to that of his Silver Age counterpart Silver Age Superman, another thing this is not Superboy Prime vs RKT, this is Superman Prime vs RKT, there is a difference, "Superman Prime" is Far more powerful then Superboy Prime... Superman Prime is the adult form of Superboy Prime, after Superboy Prime cracked open the Guardians head, Prime absorbed the Guardians pure life Oa energy which transported Prime to the Multiverse and then transformed Prime into a much more powerful being, in this form Prime basically Rag Dolls Mxyzptlk, Annataz, some Monitors and kills several members of the JLA yet again lol. 4. Prime is not effected by Magic, Reality Warping powers of any kind, and he is Immortal Anomaly that can never be destroyed or erased, Read COIE and Legion of 3 Worlds to find that out, lol it tells a lot.

1. Thor Omniscience (that is what his omniscience is deducted from)

2. A multiple-galaxy busting (because Thor himself is very powerful + Odin who is a galaxy buster + power of souls from a whole universe) should be able to KO prime if they are targeted specifically to Prime.

3. I never said Superman Prime = Super boy Prime, all I said was any weakness he should as Super boy Prime unless they have been stated to be overcome it should be safe to assume that he still has those weaknesses such as red sun radiation and green kryptonite

4. If you read my post again carefully I did not say Prime would be affected by magic or reality warping. I meant power like transmutation can be used against him. Of course it would be hard to trans-mutate prime himself but the environment around him can be trans-mutated, the land around him can be trans-mutated into kryptonite.

5. Is prime physically more powerful than RKT? Perhaps, but still RKT has powers like stopping time, time manipulation can stop Prime on his track before he could even physically hit RKT.

1. Prime is not effected by Kryptonite or Red Solar Radiation when he becomes Man Prime , and Prime is not effected by Transmutation, no Manipulation abilities or capabilities can effect him, Read COIE and Legion of 3 Worlds. Transmutating the Environment wont help because Prime already can shatter through Dimensions at will, Prime breaks through various Realities with ease.
2. As for a Multi Galaxy busting blast  KO Prime? the most it would do is stun Prime but not KO him, and Prime is not gonna be standing there waiting to take the whole blast lol, he is gonna be in RKT face. 
3. Prime beat a true Universal warper in Mxy with ease, RKT won't be too much of a threat to Man Prime.
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The Living Tribunal  Wins ... Flawless Victory... FATALITY!


And for the Record, This guy also Stomps The Squirrel Girl. This Guy is like the DC equivalent on Power Scale to the Living Tribunal. 
Superman wearing the Divine Thought Robot Armor