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@leo-343: well in the TDKR Catwoman actually can handle her own against thugs. She might be more intelligent than Toad in thinking of her next move. Toad is more of a brawler.

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@jedixman: understood. I believe that Toad just has a slight edge over Catwoman. To be honest their abilities physically are strong and quick. For instance like a whip for Catwoman and Toad's tongue can both strike far distances. I do see that Toad's slime attack could make a difference.

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I had a discussion/debate with a friend of mine saying that Toad would most likely defeat the Catwoman in just a simple one on one battle if the two were to come into a conflict. I am asking my fellow users for feedback on this topic on who they believe would be the winner of the fight? I understand one is human with agile and cat like reflexes while the other is a mutant who is also agile and slimy. Let me know what you think?

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From reading this article. I am wondering was Famke claustrophobic when filming the Toad vs Jean Grey scene in X1, I mean that is the ultimate for claustrophobia there, having your face smothered in slime. I assume she was claustrophobic back then too. Wondering how you handle that situation when acting a scene of being panicked (suffocation), did someone have to step in for her in that scene? I'm not claustrophobic so I don't know how to react to that, but I do know someone else who hates tight spaces and passes out.

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Can anyone be up to the challenge or this topic interests them?

Let me know. I can send you the full details.

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Just looking for fan fic between a villain...Max Zorin (Christopher Walken) and Bond Girl...Solitaire (Jane Seymour)

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To know the series well and connect two characters from two different films into one fan fic?

I am looking for a writer to possibly do that.

Involving a villain and Bond Girl.

Before 007 interrupts and kills the bad guy. every other film.

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The storyline I basically have is taking a younger version of Toad (movie verse) around the age of 18 when he is recruited by Magneto and the Brotherhood Members. Which obviously become his family that he never had at a younger age due to his parents dumping him off at age four in an orphanage in England. Moving from orphan home to home until he was fifteen, deciding to go out on his own. Young Mortimer had wandered around until a year later at 16 that he realized mutants like himself had the same issue about fitting in. Two years later he goes to the States and joins the Brotherhood but Erik wants young Mortimer to prove his worth to the team and has him sent on solo missions to fix up new weapons and small missions. Until one night he is sent out to an isolated location where he is told to use his mechanical skills to build up a new toy for his leader. Yet he had never encountered the X-Men until this point. My intention is to have Toad face off with either one of the two following characters: Jean Grey from (X1) or Kitty Pryde (X3) versions. Seeing a possible diplomatic solution could be said, Toad doesn't take the route of peace but instead he decides to fight. Which ends up one of the two (Toad or Jean/Kitty) will not survive the night.

I have more to this storyline but I am searching for a creative writer and open mind to do a story like this. I cannot write due to lack of motivation to come up with a large story. If this interests you, please feel free to message me.


Happy Holidays.

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I am looking for a writer who can manipulate two verses into a story. Just not sticking to any specific verse but involving another character totally different into a "unique and different" scenario.

It involves peril so if you don't mind I would like to discuss more if you know about my favorite character "Toad"

Message me. We'll discuss.