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I enjoy this event. The negative for me is the constant switching of artists. I think overall it's been the same type of story Remender has been telling in all of his intertwined runs (Uncanny X-Force, Secret Avengers, and Uncanny Avengers), I think most people just love to hate it because it's an event.

Normally I'd agree, but I dunno about this one...I feel like I have a really high tolerance for event fatigue and I really enjoy Remender (Uncanny Avengers and Uncanncy X-Force are some of my favorites) but I have been really underwhelmed with his dialogue and characterization in this event. I've been really surprised at how this stuff holds up relative to some of his other ensemble cast stuff. Just my $.02.

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I'm asking seriously: is Sam Humphries really a fan favorite writer? Because from what I've read, I can't stand him. When he took over the Ultimates from Hickman he seemed like more of an alchemist than a writer (by turning gold into a turd).

I could be wrong, but I'm been really disappointed by his work.

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these polls are skewed. you should have us rank them rather than just vote for one. that's how jean-paul valley had more votes than tim.

I think the reason Jean Paul-Valley scored higher than Tim is because Tim's fan base is almost non-existent thanks to the New 52.

also, this....sadly

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The collectible that means the most to me is my three TMNT movie box set. I can put those DVDs in and be taking back to being a little kid again. The best part is seeing how well the first one holds up. It's really a killer movie!

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What a huge disappointment. I haven't dropped an Ultimate Comics book every and it took me two issues to drop this. There is such HUGE potential with this team and it is being wasted on a crap story with terrible art. I don't know what Marvel is thinking with the Ultimate line. You have Ultimate spider-man with both stellar art and writing, FF with great writing and awful art, and the New Ultimates with terrible art and writing. They need to get some better talent on this book STAT. and Give Fialkov a better penciler for crying out loud!

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I bought this issue reluctantly and am waiting to read it. I love nightcrawler, but i'm just not a fan of Todd Nauck's art. I know it's good, I just don't care for it...

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Here's the thing. I have higher expectations for this series because I am a huge Ultimates fan.

Same here.

But i noticed, anything NOT Bendis in the 1610 Universe is pure mediocricy......

I would disagree. I think Fialkov did an awesome job on Ultimates and his cataclysm tie ins. And Brian Woods' X-Men was awesome, minus that horrific conclusion.

Bendis has also screwed the pooch in the Ult U a few times as well

Is nobody a fan of Hickman's Ultimates?

I loved Hickman's Ultimates run. I feel like anything Bendis does in the UU that isn't an event has been pretty great. The Ultimate Doom trilogy was a terrible let down, Ultimates last stand also felt rushed. In fact, I think that's the biggest problem with the UU is that Marvel decides to change direction and rush it into production while leaving a bunch of plot threads dangling (I still want to know who carried away Dr. Strange's headless body in Ultimatum!!!)

Anyway, I haven't read this issue yet, but I'm disappointed to hear that it got a 2/5. I was feeling optimistic about the UU after USM #200. I was hoping this book could have filled my interest in a teen superhero book after young avengers ended and Teen Titans continues to suck. Major bummer...

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@sandman_: Thank god! I will have to check it out. Since I'm thinking of dropping Justice League that could be the title I pick up.

I just started getting AC and it's great. Aaron Kuder is such a great artist for that book.

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Does this mean Lobdell isn't writing anything at DC?

Also JRJR is amazing. He is in my top 5 spidey artists. I don't know what everyone's problem is. I might actually pick this book up...

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The cover art is ugly lmao.

totally. I think I'm done with X-Force. I haven't enjoyed an x-force book since Remender left.