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I bought this issue reluctantly and am waiting to read it. I love nightcrawler, but i'm just not a fan of Todd Nauck's art. I know it's good, I just don't care for it...

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Here's the thing. I have higher expectations for this series because I am a huge Ultimates fan.

Same here.

But i noticed, anything NOT Bendis in the 1610 Universe is pure mediocricy......

I would disagree. I think Fialkov did an awesome job on Ultimates and his cataclysm tie ins. And Brian Woods' X-Men was awesome, minus that horrific conclusion.

Bendis has also screwed the pooch in the Ult U a few times as well

Is nobody a fan of Hickman's Ultimates?

I loved Hickman's Ultimates run. I feel like anything Bendis does in the UU that isn't an event has been pretty great. The Ultimate Doom trilogy was a terrible let down, Ultimates last stand also felt rushed. In fact, I think that's the biggest problem with the UU is that Marvel decides to change direction and rush it into production while leaving a bunch of plot threads dangling (I still want to know who carried away Dr. Strange's headless body in Ultimatum!!!)

Anyway, I haven't read this issue yet, but I'm disappointed to hear that it got a 2/5. I was feeling optimistic about the UU after USM #200. I was hoping this book could have filled my interest in a teen superhero book after young avengers ended and Teen Titans continues to suck. Major bummer...

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@sandman_: Thank god! I will have to check it out. Since I'm thinking of dropping Justice League that could be the title I pick up.

I just started getting AC and it's great. Aaron Kuder is such a great artist for that book.

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Does this mean Lobdell isn't writing anything at DC?

Also JRJR is amazing. He is in my top 5 spidey artists. I don't know what everyone's problem is. I might actually pick this book up...

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The cover art is ugly lmao.

totally. I think I'm done with X-Force. I haven't enjoyed an x-force book since Remender left.

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I liked this issue as well. I admit, I'm not the biggest Spock fan. I am happy to see him stepping into the hero role more firmly, but I'm still missing the humor element that (for me) made spidey my favorite hero/on-going. What I'm hoping is that, with all the stuff that will go on in issue #9, some how their minds/personalities meld. Having the combination of the two (Ock's genius, tenacity, and confidence [well, for Ock it's probably more narcissism] and Peter's humor, morality, and social skills) would be awesome. THAT would really be a superior spider-man. Not a humorless douche...:), but Spock is growing on me bit by bit. Good issue. Also, I really love Ramos' art.

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Why do Marvel keep doing this,

I know some will disagree, but to me this is just another slap to the face of Peter Parker, who to me will always be the one and only Spider-man.


I am losing all respect for Marvel, because I feel they are ruining Spider-man and they are treating him as if he never represented anything worthwhile.

When I was younger I saw Peter as someone I could relate to, but this Peter/Spider-man I don't recognise at all and it feels all Marvel did was to basically destroy anything I felt for the character.

Preach! I am quickly losing interest in SSM. I don't want to read about how big of a jerk Spock is any longer. I tired it out and have been sticking it out, but I'm really unhappy with the current state of spider-man books. I'm looking to re-evaluate things after issue 9...

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I love spider-man. Love him. He's my favorite character, but I am quickly losing interest in this chapter in the character's development. I'm bored. Bring back Peter.

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So, that Rulk / TM exchange... did Task Master die? I couldn't tell...

yeah, i see some rib cage action going on there. I disagree about the 2/5 rating. I'd give it a 3/5. Not an amazing issue by any means, but certainly not that bad. just my opinion, but I actually like this story so far. Is it perfect? No. Sure, Spidey is clearly peter (which i'm not sure why everyone is complaining...sure it breaks continuity, but I'm frankly getting sick of spock) and some elements aren't hanging together, but i'm entertained. Sorry so many of you are disappointed with the story :(

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I'm really sad to say this, but I'm really bored with spider-man now. And he is my all-time favorite superhero. I'm just sick of spock to be honest. I'm ready for this to be over. Bring back Peter and let's move on to something fun again.Unrelated I know, but I just finished SSM6 and needed to vent.

Glad to hear Cardiac is back, though :)