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Aquaman takes my vote

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@mucklefluga said:

What!!! But he spoke about his massive crossover with the regular Earth and his huge long term plans! DC Editorial sucks balls. Have to say it bluntly

^^^^ This

Its my favorite book, I was excited to hear him talk of all his future plans. Now thats all down the drain. In my head I was hoping Robinson could create more New 52 titles expanding the Earth 2 universe. Sad day!

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@akbogert said:

@ssejllenrad said:

Trinity War vs Infinity... Take your pick!

Trinity War.

That was easy.

^^^ This

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@manwhohaseverything said:

Few complaints. All in all, I think it's better than what they had pre-52. Some of the books are great, some are good, some suck. That's always going to be true for every company, all the time. I don't care about any of the missing characters. There's a reason they're missing. Few people cared about them before. Heck, few people care about them now, the ones that do are simply more vocal, and have mediums like this to express their displeasure (Not knocking it, that's what the Vine is all about.)

I mostly agree ^

Some of the biggest complaints have been the timeline. Honestly, I don't really care for that...that's just over-thinking, isn't it?

As long as I get great stories, e.g. Court of Owls, Death of the Family (Batman), The Rogues (Flash), The Others, Throne of Atlantis (Aquaman), Sinestro, Secret of the Indigo Tribe (GL), then I really can't see any reason to complain.

New 52 has also given rise to lesser known characters like Animal Man and Swamp Thing, whilst introducing a whole new mythos (Talons incl. Calvin Rose).

Agreed, I loved the old continuity, but the New 52 allows for new and fresh stories to be told

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@arnoldoaad: I loved the artwork, probably because of the tone it sets for the story. The story completely caught me off guard when Burden switched to a villain type to being an actual good guy. I loved the new heroes and how they are differently from the regular DC Universe. The movement is not afraid of shaking up the DC universe and thats great, gives a great future to tell different stories.

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Loved this! I will definitely be adding to my pull list, I hope this sticks around for awhile. New comics should always be welcomed especially when its as high of a caliber as this

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@allstarsuperman said:

Dick Grayson would be awesome

Thomas Wayne would be awesome

Damian Wayne would be awesome

Terry would be okay...

But you and I both already know who it is: John Blake

He looks a little to built to be John "Robin" Blake. Though I wouldn't mind the thought if he was

@charetter115 said:

It should be Bill Nye. No one ever considers him to be Batman.

Bill Nye!?!?!?! I never thought of that, you are totally right ha lol

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Looks like a fresh, new take on Cyborg Superman. Looks as though he could take on whole armies, or leagues by himself ha

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Does anyone think that there is a possibility of Batman of Earth 2, being Thomas Wayne? Could help tie elements of Flashpoint into the New 52, and give a use to the Main Earth Batman letter. Not saying it is for sure, but just could be a possibility. What do yall think???