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@straightedgejoe: Thats my answer for the characters DC refuses to bring to mainstream.... COME ON MR. MAJESTIC!!!!!! (and many others!!!!)

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: Exactly, I wouldn't want them to be how they were in the past. Im thinking more along the lines of how Justice League Unlimited portrayed them. They were more serious and their powers were a lot cooler. But I would still like to have a lil' bit of the ole time fun and humor. If Geoff Johns can revive Vibe, he could bring them back also. There is hope for everybody, if you dont believe me ask Saint Walker, ha.

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Black shirt, I would be mad if I ever stained a Comic-Vine shirt ha

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Wish I could go to a Comic Con :(

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I Love that Clark and Lois got married in Pre-New 52. But this is a new world, Lois and Clark had their time. I don't mind seeing Superman with Wonder Woman, I wouldn't even mind seeing him with Lana Lang, I wouldn't mind seeing him with anybody. I just don't want the new DCnU to feel predictable. I want to guess what will happen, I don't want to know that Superman and Lois Lane will be back together. Even if they do, I want it to feel natural, not just because the fans want it, thats how the best comics work.

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@Funrush said:

@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

I hope so. I'm sure gonna miss some of the teams and characters that got the shaft for this "better DC Universe"

Rest in Peace, New Teen Titans. :'(

Yeah, I did like the Pre-New 52 versions of the Teen Titans. I liked how Solstice was depicted before the reboot. Not saying I don't like here new version of the character. I hope to see easter eggs of the old world in the new 52. Like Solstice looks human for one issue, or Superboy wearing his black shirt and shield for one issue of a comic. Maybe even Beastboy turning green for a issue, just something that references the past. My post doesn't mean I don't miss the old DCU, its just a better way to look at it. I still have my trades of the old DCU, so I know they happened, but I enjoy a new look at my fav. characters.

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haha, Nah you can keep yours.... Ive been looking for a new one anyways.... But you have some good tastes

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The way I look at it is, yes we lost the old world we loved, but it was in trouble. DC was begin to fail, and if that happened then those characters would have been lost anyway. I would rather them restart the universe and bring in new readers to keep DC going than to lose them forever. If they fixed up the long complicated continuity, then thats fine too. Now I don't have to think about of all the people in the world, why did Jason Todd come back from a super punch or other crazy attention getters. Johns is trying to create a more believable and realist world. So yes, I believe one day it may be a better DC Universe, one that will work, if people learn to embrace this great opportunity

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Considering all of the Lantern Corps are going to be in danger in the upcoming "Third Army" Event, which Lantern Corp's (aside from the Green) would y'all want to keep safe and why?

Also in the New 52, why do you think characters on par with Superman, such as Mr. Majestic, and Icon have been missing (and for that fact, all Milestone characters, aside from Static & Hardware)? Do you think they will ever bring them back in the mainstream DC universe or possibly even Earth-2 (Last part for James Robinson ha)?

Thanks for Y'alls time!!!!

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I look forward to this art every week!!!! Its so cool to see different forms of an Artist's work