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Metamorpho!!!! Powergirl is powerful, but I dont see how she can beat Rex

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@cellardweller: Thank you very much Dweller, for putting the the time and effort! Yeah if they did use them in the New 52, they would need a major reboot, but that would be the fun in it. Very interesting scans, so again thank ya, thank ya

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I wish this would happen. Since Snyder is on Superman Unchained, and Gary Frank was on the Shazam back up, then I would like two different writers on a Majestic (the other for an Icon series). The reason why I say this is because I like how the Superman arch-type is handled and how minor changes in personality, change the characters stories in drastic ways. So maybe Geoff Johns on a Majestic series because he is create at expanding mythos for a character and maybe Charles Soule for an Icon series, because in just two issues of Red Lanterns I think he has captured the feel of that Corps, and Guy Gardner. Superman, Shazam, Majestic and Icon deserve respect and I would love to see the interaction between them. Throw in some Martian Manhunter and Apollo, and I would be as giddy as a school girl.

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@jointron33: Yeah I figured, but I wouldn't being doing my part if I didn't try :( ..... People never give anything a solid try. My favorite part of comics is seeing the small ideas come to fruition in the long run. but when something is canceled before that happens, then we get five more Batbooks. Just sad. I know that DC stands for Detective Comics, but dang it will be the BATuniverse before too long

@sifighter: agreed!!!

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Totally agree, I loved this and the last issue. Moving Gardner to the Reds was the best idea for the lantern group. This gives each Lantern Book a primary human to follow, and allows for the best characterization of the original Four Lanterns.

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I totally agree that Signalman needs a costume change. It was my biggest problem with this book. Every time I saw him I wanted to slap somebody in the face, its that bad. The delivery of the interaction between Savage and Pandora could have different, but overall still a good book. Loved the cover!

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I like this book, it has a unique art style and a cast of heroes that feel different than other parts of the DCU. I hope this book continues and grows into more. While i love the Justice League, Batman, Superman, (ect) books, Im glad to books that are not strictly focused on the "primary heroes". People claim DC lacks diversity. If you truly believe that, then purchase this book to show DC that diversity is what you want, and truly what you demand! Give it a chance, please and thank you. (end rant...lol)

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Put it like this for me

When Dc does something bad, I'm like NO!! or You Can DO BETTER!!

When Marvel does something bad, I'm like...''well it's Marvel''

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When I was growing up only a few of Marvel's heroes made an impression on me and my friends (Wolverine, Deadpool, Spiderman). More often though we fought over who was going to be Superman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern. DC characters serve as icons, and most even embody their very own emblem of who they are, and what they stand for. DC has individuals, while Marvel has teams. DC will always be the one who has my respect.

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The art was godlike.

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Amanda Waller was put in her place.

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Man, I have to say I'm really enjoying Trinity War so far. The characters are actually acting intelligently, the mystery of what's going on with the villians is pretty fascinating and even the art has been solid from all three titles!

All these!!! The books have been amazing, but this issue's art blew me away. This is my favorite issue of the trinity war out of the three and the tie-ins so far.

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@falconer: Wow. Fact number one, it wasn't Gail Simone's choice to downgrade Oracle back to Batgirl, so you cannot fault her for that. Two, I have read both the first two trades, which were pretty awesome in my opinion, and considering she had fans screaming to bring her back onto the comic many others agree. I wont fault you for disliking it, because its your opinion, and if you don't like it, then you don't like it. But instead of wishing she gets trolled, you could just pray that she writes more to your tastes. Better to be civil than to degrade anybody, very few deserve to be torn down