Death of Joker???

Batman: Death in the Family

Teen Titans #15

- The Joker is forever changed with his face now off, the tone of his character will always be different. He can never go back to the Dangerous Prankster, that he was before.

- Could it be that the Death in the Family, actually be the Joker himself? He is part of the Batman family, even if he is a psychotic villain.

- He is as much as Batman's history, more than any other person, maybe even more than his parents.

- It would be a strange twist if his last joke, was Joker himself, its something that could shake even Batman to his very core.

Do you think its possible???

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Posted by Squalleon

It would be a nice twist but it would be stupid when they bring him back to life!SO if they gonna kill him just to revive him no let him stay alive and have a plastic surgery or something!

Posted by TitanTempest

@Squalleon: DC promised that they were not going to bring people back to life, after the events of Blackest Night. Since the reboot I dont know if that still stands. But in my head he would just stay dead. Leaving room for a new villian to be made. Because as long as Joker is alive, Batman will never have a more equal adversary

Posted by TitanTempest

Plus Joker, could have been training somebody over the year he has been gone. Joker 2.0 or Jr. Joker!!! lol

Posted by chocobojam

I don't think that DC would even dare kill joker.......well, they can but only for temporary at least.

Posted by TitanTempest

@chocobojam: lol it would be a very bold thing to do

Posted by PurpleCandy

You can't kill him. He's a symbol. He's a symbol that you don't have to be afraid of vigilantes and superheros. Because he's not a villain, hes a silent killer, a Joker!

Well anyway I think he will kill Wondergirl

Posted by TitanTempest

@PurpleCandy: I hope he doesnt kill Wondergirl. She has too much potential for the love triangle of Superboy and Red Robin

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@TitanTempest: Snyder said that Joker considers himself and Batman to be family 
Posted by TitanTempest

@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@TitanTempest: Snyder said that Joker considers himself and Batman to be family

I agree, thats why I thought it would be Ironic if the Joker happened to be the one who dies. Well, if anybody actually does die in this story arc lol

Posted by TDK_1997

I don't think that Snyder is going to kill Joker.

Posted by TitanTempest

I just dont know what DC is going to do with Joker after this

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As must as I love the Joker and would be devastated but I almost hope he does so they can revive shocking deaths in comics. I am torn if I want it him to or not. Either way am liking the Batman so far so I hope it will be good no matter what.

I think that he is too beloved to be killed off. I am not expecting it.

Also Snyder will be one of the most hated writers for doing that because of Joker's massive fanbase.

Edited by SmashBrawler

I wouldn't like it because it's already been done.

New ideas please, DC. Plus, he would come back anyway.

Posted by BlueLantern1995

Killing Joker would be something I would like.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Who knows dude just wait and see Snyder is cooking up good stuff.

Posted by TitanTempest

If they dont kill him, I think he will wear a Red Hood mask again. But yeah we will just see


Killing Joker would be something I would like.

Im so confused. Your Image would love to kill Joker, but your name should want to hill him with hope hahaha. Your a contradiction, like a starburst, a chinese irishman, and a living zombie lol

Posted by StMichalofWilson

The Joker Dead?

Posted by minigunman123

@StMichalofWilson said:

The Joker Dead?

Best. Movie. Ever.

Anywho, the Joker can never die. Never. He's as immortal as Batman and Superman...

And we know DC won't be killing them off.

Posted by InnerVenom123

If you think Joker could stay dead, you're kidding yourself.

Also, the title is death OF the family...

Posted by knightwing2036


No I don't, but I do say that his face needs to be fixed somehow. That skinned look is just ridiculous.

And if he were to die, it wouldn't be for years from now.. when they're finally ready to pass the cowl from Bruce to Damian, I reckon that will be when the Joker dies.

Posted by YMCMB

Death of the Family will end with another "you think he's really gone for good this time Batman?" scene, and then when Joker returns after a few months his face will miraculously be back to normal. It's just the way comics work.