Brightest Day/Blackest Night

Continuity of The New 52

What do y'all believe still stands as far as the New 52 and Green Lantern continuity?

- What still happened, or do you want that still happened in Brightest Day and Blackest Night, as we know it in the comics?

-Did Hal ever become Parralax and die?

-If Brightest Day still happened, as we know it, then who were the 12 risen, and their twelve labors?

-If Blackest Night still happened, as we know it, who was risen from the grave if heroes were not dead?

-Did Kyle still become Ion, if so where is Ion now?

Just a few examples, what do you guys think

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Posted by evilvegeta74

Great questions?

Posted by TheCrowbar

Yes. GL continuity wasn't touched because it was very popular.

Posted by TitanTempest

@TheCrowbar: Yeah I know it wasn't touched, but because of the other parts of the DCU that was not everything can still happen the way it did

Such as: Jade doesn't exist, therefore she couldn't rise in Brightest day

Hawkgirl is on Earth 2

So far that we know, Osiris hasn't existed

In Blackest Night, heroes that had been resurrected by Necron, lost control under his influence, and other heroes got reborn.... But its only been five years so how many heroes could have died in that short amount of time to be Black Lanterns

I was just wanting ya'lls thought on how in The New 52 it could have went down lol

Posted by Jorgevy

eh, we just have to wait until they finally answer all those questions like they are *trying* to do with the Batman side

Posted by RazzaTazz

I would think that Kyle was still Ion, I am mostly not sure about the Brightest Day stuff as it covers other heroes.  I would say that how J'onn is kind of antagonistic to other heroes in the DCnU that it wouldn't make as much sense.  

Posted by Strafe Prower

I doubt Brightest Day happened, solely for the fact that Hawkgirl isn't in the DCnU and Hawkman has changed completely. Add that to the lack of Osiris and Jade.....It just doesn't look like it is possible.

If Brightest Day didn't happen, then we know Blackest Night didn't happen.

The other questions I can't answer.

Posted by TitanTempest

@Jorgevy: @RazzaTazz: @Strafe Prower: Yeah, Im hoping they will answer these questions. There doing it for Batman, I wouldnt mind them retelling the story arcs, if they could really bring something to the table.... I dont mind them restarting the DCU but since they kept Batman and Green Lantern Continuity, I think they should start unveiling some of their stories

Posted by SmashBrawler

@Strafe Prower: But Blackest Night could have happened (and I'm pretty sure it did happen). Brightest Day has never been essential to Blackest Night, so I don't see how BN couldn't have happened without Brightest Day.

Posted by Strafe Prower

@SmashBrawler: You could be right, It would just leave several plot holes.

Posted by SmashBrawler

@Strafe Prower: Hey, it's the New 52 :P

Posted by Strafe Prower

@SmashBrawler: True that.

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@SmashBrawler: @Strafe Prower: Yeah and so far I love the New 52, Just wondering what everybody else thought of the holes in Green Lantern, Thanks guys

I loved the Brightest day, Blackest Night arcs. So I hope in some way or form they are relevant

Posted by TitanTempest


Posted by dondave

@TheCrowbar: if nit wasnt touched did martian manhunter still die