Super Potential

Super Potential

The Boy Who Could Be Better Than the Man

After reading some post on what should have been a positive forum, I feel I should express my thoughts. Stephens2177 created a forum to help explain how Superboy's tactile telekinesis, leaves him just as potentially powerful as a Kryptonian, and I agree. But Stephens did not receive a debate on this, but was attacked because others felt the New 52 Superboy comic didn't live up to their expectations. First of all he should not have been bullied because of something he had no control of. Second, I think the Superboy and Teen Titans comics are great, both are apart of my top picks in the New 52 comics, and Im sure others would agree.

I think Scott Lobdell set up Superboy quite nicely. He gave Superboy a great cast to interact with, and a backstory that leaves Superboy's future undecided. Great stories can come out of what Lobdell created, within Superboy's identity and personality. He went into great detail of what Superboy's tactile telekinesis, relating the telekinesis to Kryptonian powers but also giving Superboy's own diverse strengths and weaknesses. People also complained that Superboy's powers where useless compared to Captain Comet's abilities. Yet, I argue that this leaves a better potential for Superboy's adventures. Because a great superhero is not made by how great powers his powers are but how he can overcome his weaknesses. Considering Superboy must always concentrate in order for his powers to work, I say that is a considerable weakness. I do love Captain Comet, but Kon El is related to Superman the first real superhero, so cut him some slack.

Superboy is a great character, and his diversity from Superman should not be looked down upon. Who wants an exact "clone" of Superman, haha. One day Superboy could even pass Superman and give readers the character they have been waiting for. People comlain that Superman is too Boyscout. Well thats one thing that The New 52 Superboy is not, he is a character all his own. Even though Lobdell is leaving Superboy, I hope DeFalco continues the story without diverting to far from what I think has been a great story so far. I hope yall agree and just comment down below with yall's thoughts.

P.s. Superboy now has three genetic founders. One from Superman, One from Lex, and a mysterious third. Could the third be the other Superman of Kansas, Captain Comet. It could explain why Superboy has Tactile Telekinesis. It could also explain why DC brought a less popular character, into the well known Action Comics so early into DC's beginning. It's just a thought


Heroes at War!!

WHO is ready for INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US!!!!! I know I am!!!!

Using Flash to take down Batman will be a good time lol. What characters are you ready to play with?? Who do you want to be on the finished game?? Will you like Gadget, or Power Characters??


Cyborg and Nightwing:

15 min Demo:


P.S. Other Games I'm ready to play is Dishonored and Bioshock Infinite


Heroes & Zeroes

September Zero Month

This September is the month with the most potential in the DC universe. Last year when the New 52 began, we were thrown into a world of action and familiarity. Yes, some of the origin stories began from issue one, but others left you wondering how did we get here. With much of DC's past destroyed, this month will hopefully give us the answers we have been looking for. This month will help solidify the history of the DCnU, and give the basis for the (Year 2) and years to come.

If you have a favorite series of the New 52, this would be a great time to support the series. For those of you that have not started reading the New 52, this would be a great starting point, as I said before this will set up the story lines for their next story arcs. If you don't support the series that you love, there's always a chance that it could be canceled. You control what comics are made and kept with the money you use and I'm sure DC is probably looking at these zero issue sales to find what to do with their next waves.

I have a couple series that I will support. My Top Ten:

Earth 2

DC Universe Presents


Dial H

Blue Beetle


Teen Titans


Birds of Prey

GL: New Guardians

I dont have any of the popular titles on here because I know they will be supported no matter what I do: Justice League, Aquaman, Batman, Batman & Robin, Green Lantern, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, I Vampire, Justice League Dark, Birds of Prey, Red Hood & The Outlaws

What are your Top Ten titles, that you want to support?




THEY DIDN'T INCLUDE THE WONDER TWINS!!!!!! lol Its tragic I know, the New 52 would have been a perfect time to reintroduce The Wonder Twins. For those of you who don't know the Wonder Twins were brother and sister Zan and Jayna. Well, I can't forget to mention their alien monkey Gleek. Their journey began on the 70's show The Super Friends.

They were alien-shapeshifters, from the planet Exxor. Special even among their own people, Zan had the power to shift into forms of water, while Jayna had the ability to transform into various animals. After being abused for their powers they came to Earth to be heroes. They became the youths that the children could relate too.

After the beginning debut they appeared sporadically in various comic issues and tv shows. Comics such as Young Justice and television such as Justice League Unlimited and Smallville. So I think the New 52 would be a perfect time to re-intergrate them back into the DC world. They could once again give children someone to related too again and bring in new and old readers. They could even be brought in after the Rot World event, happening in the Animal Man and Swamp Thing comics, because it is likely Jayna's abilities are related to the Red.

You may not agree, or you may. Comment below on your thoughts of who you want to be brought back into the mainstream universe in DC, Marvel or Independant Comics.

One last thing, "WONDER TWINS POWERS ACTIVATE!!!!! In the form of ___________ &, shape of ______________!!!!" Gleek and the magical bucket.

I just had to say it :D


Expanding the DCnU

Justice Leagues paving the Way

Marvel or DC? That has been a great debate between comic books fans for ages. I believe that before the New 52, I would have said that Marvel was slightly leading the way in who was winning the battle. Why do I say this? Well I say this because Marvel put a lot of focus into their major team comics and the interactions between these team’s members. These teams affected the entire Marvel Universe. Look at teams such as the Fantastic Four, the X-Men and the Avengers. They have played a integral part in large past events such as the Civil War and large current events such as AVX (Avengers vs. X-Men). What was DC’s response to this? To expand their amount of teams, to work with. Look at all these current and upcoming DC teams:

Justice League

Justice League Dark

Justice League of America

Justice League International

The Others (Aquaman)

Birds of Prey

The Outlaws (Red Hood)

The Seven Lantern Corps (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet)

New Guardians

Teen Titans

Legion Lost


Suicide Squad


S.H.A.D.E. (Frankenstein)

Batman Incorporated

Team 7


Diff. Times/Places: Justice Society of America, Demon Knights, Legion of Superheroes

Some of you may say that many of these teams existed Pre-New 52. But while they may have, the main focus of teams was directed toward the Green Lantern Corps, the JLA, and the JSA. Other team stories felt awkward, and rather than put more time on the teams they focused their skills individual heroes like Batman, Green Lantern, Flash and many others. And the JLA and the JSA hardly interacted unless they were saving the world together. While this was great to see them work together, it also left unfulfilled questions about who was stronger in the DC universe. Who would come on top if they fought? In Marvel’s Civil War and AVX, Marvel fans got to see fulfillment of this question. Hopefully in the upcoming event “The Trinity War”, DC fans can have the same experience. Whether you believe that the war will be between Justice League, Justice League Dark, and Justice League of America, or you believe that the heroes will take sides among the Trinity of Sin, it is sure to be an amazing ride. The effects of the Trinity War will be felt for a long time, and it looks like the Justice Leagues' are paving the way.

The New 52 has only been around for a year, and we must be patient for them to create a new world with a new history. Before I asked “Marvel or DC?”, well I can’t answer that question, but what I can say is its a good time to be a DC fan. We must our faith in Geoff Johns & the DC writers and trust them. I think that they have a plan, and I believe that they will create a better DC universe. I hope you will enjoy the ride with me. Leave any questions, debates, or your thoughts on the comments below. I look forward to talking with y’all!!

Justice League #6

Potential Crossover? Green Lantern/ Shazam

Potential Crossover?

The Emotional Spectrum/The Seven Deadly Sins

Green Lantern and Shazam(Captain Marvel) are two of DC's biggest characters, both filled with rich histories and a strong following in the old DCU. Within their histories, lie a common factor between the both of them. In Shazam he is tasked with guarding the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man, making sure that they never reek havoc upon the world. While in Green Lantern, the Green Lantern Corps and the other six Lantern Corps are guarded with protecting all seven of the Entities of emotion. Here lies a possibility for a character of technology/sci-fi origin (Green Lantern) and a character of a magic origin (Shazam) to mix. There are many similarities between the emotions and the sins. The sins are like evil counter-parts to the emotions.

Pride - Ion (Will-Green)

Sloth - Adara (Hope-Blue)

Gluttony - Proselyte (Compassion-Indigo)

Anger - The Butcher (Rage-Red)

Envy - Parallax (Fear-Yellow)

Greed - Ophidian (Avarice-Orange)

Lust - Predator (Love-Violet)

The Sins are know to often take control of both humans and Heroes, so could it be possible for them to control the embodiments? It may also possible that some entities may not have to be controlled, entities such as The Butcher, Parallax, and Ophidian may rejoice in instilling those sins. Another idea could be that the sins funneled and controlled into a Darker Lantern Corps? Hear me out, if the Embodiments and their energies can fuel for the Seven Corps then why could the forces of the Sins be used.

I'm not saying that this will ever happen, but I just noticed a common factor between the idea and wanted to share it. It probably won't ever happen considering the New 52 wiped away all of Shazam's history. I tried my best to match the Entities and the Sins up together as best as I could. So what do you guys think, did I match them up well? Would you like to see a crossover between the Sins and the Embodiments? Could lead to a Shazam and the Green Lanterns, getting to know each other better.

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