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The following are a list of DC Comics movies that I would like see made. So these are the list of characters I think should be next on DC's list

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@the_fallen11: well put. I Dnt see how people can love outrageous movies like The Expendables and Michael Bay's transformers and then see a actually good movie with a awesome Oscar winning ensemble cast and still go, "Not Impressed". What would impress them if batman transformed in a megazoid and Bane turned out to be the this giant human version of King Kong and they duke it out over the city and Gordon got blown to bits by Catwoman's lazier eye vision. Oh no wait that still wouldn't impress them because "that's not possible". Jesus if you don't like this film then why comment and say i'm not impress don't ruin everybody else hype with you negative input and like you said. If you like the first two films you will diffidently love this one.... if you didn't like the first two films then what are you even doing here (watching this trailer). Just my opinion apologies to anyone in advance that I offended. Sorry

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Disclaimer: Everything that follows are my own personal thoughts and should in know way be regarded as the truth, the right of freedom of speech and my comic fandom are the reasons for the points i am raising that is all.

Since the marketers have been beating us down with a stick by reminding us that this Spiderman is darker and gritter, my first intuition for the next villain is...


And my reasoning is this, because this film series will be most mirror to the tone a pacing of Nolan's Batman (or at-least that's the feeling i'm getting) they should follow the pattern. Starting with the Lizard presents a great opportunity to dig deep into some of Peter's personal troubles. The first time when the Lizard was introduce peter didn't really want to fight him because of the man that was inside and they did a great job with that in Spectacular Spider-man television show (which they should of gotten back on the air instead of Ultimate Spider man). Now for a sequel you could do the outer exposure of Spider-mans impact on the world much like The Dark Knight and then you could also go the Iron Man 2 route with the fact that there are more and more people trying to get their hands on his kind of technology. They could introduce Brock as Peter's best friend from their childhood who returns after a significant and suspicious absence.

The Film's Premises could be: 2 years after the events of the first film (and year after the game, if they count that in the mythos). Oscorp has been working on a secret project based on some of the recently found documents of Richard Parker and Curt Connors documents for something that will make Spider-man seem obsolete. Meanwhile Peter's childhood best friend returns from a suspicious 24 12 year absence. Returning with an unknown agenda and getting a job as a intern at Oscorp Eddie becomes attach and hellbent on finding out the secret project being done at Oscorp while simultaneous slowly deteriorating they already strained relationship between Gwen and Peter as a new love enters his life Liz Allen. Peter must face the ultimate outcome that occurs when Brock gets his curious hands on the mysterious project.

The other Logical choice is none other than...

Now at first glance he seems to much of a colorful and campy villain, but giving the right motive Mysterio could be a formidable and potential mind blowing adversary. One of the Great things about Mysterio in the Ultimate Spider-man was he was clever enough to get away. He could be the villain that makes Spider-man question the motives of regular villains. Mysterio could play the joker angel of a villain that doesn't have a clear motive, thus it being difficult for Spider-man to catch him and therefore having him doubt if he can ever bring himself to become a true hero, exposing Spider-man to the fact that not all evil is black and white.

Premises: In the events following the first film new villains have risen to take down Spider-man but no have proven themselves but given Spider-man nothing more than a headache, making him seen invincible and becoming a true hero, but with the rise of his ego comes the terrifying threat of the bugle who taint Spider-man's image as a little boy in costume with no clear idea as to what he is doing. Taking advantage of the rising doubt in Spider-man is the villainous Mysterio and villain unlike anything Spider-man has faced, a villain that has no clear motives. Digger deeper into his past Spider-man has to face the deadly link between Mysterio Oscorp and his family legacy... wondering if he is a hero the world needs.

and the only other villains I can think of are Electro and Vulture. But giving the brief preview of the person talking to Curt Connors in the prison cell i can safely assume that they are going with the Vulture.

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@noj: Agreed, Nolan even said that if his batman were to be involved with the Justice league film. "he would have became batman for a totally different reason". Which is why they are rebooting Batman to fit in the Justice League. I don't see how Black Widow and Hawkeye can fit in team up and Batman can't, if anything i thinks it the total opposite. Batman (IMO) brings more to the table than a renegade Archer and a Russia Spy (who can't make up her mind on which side she is on). Batman has a completely different theme than just humanity. He is the person that keeps the team grounded by reminding them what they are fighting for and who they are fighting for. Its because he is human that the audience is able to identify i mean sure he looks silly in his costume but they all do so you can say that he doesn't fit because Joss Whedon agreed to that statement about the avengers he said " these guys shouldn't be in the same room together let alone the same team, and that is my idea of family"... again just saying.

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Can someone please explain to me how Captain America beats Batman. Please i am dying to here this.

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@justknowit: I understand where you are coming from, but you got to understand, Hulk one biggest power is his near limitless strength, so in essence he is kind of a one trick pony. Superman on the other hand has a lot of variety of powers that he can use. you even if Hulk was stronger (which he isn't) superman can slow him down with ice breath and toy with him using his heat vision. Also Superman has fought against doomsday which i doubt serious that hulk could even touch in a brawl. He also in one of the Grant Morrison take on the Justice League towed the moon on a chain. Also when Bruce banner changes into full savage hulk his intelligence is gone and hulk is only in primal state, superman on the other had is almost as smart as Batman. So he could easily outsmart hulk into trapped. (Just my opinion of course). anyone of you can correct me if i'm wrong about my statement.

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@Eyz: true words have never been spoken so brilliantly.

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I think that if done Right, the right actor, story and director The Flash could dominate the big silver screen. (IMO). I will say this though if Greg Berlanti is involved with the Flash you can bet its going to be as bad as Green Lantern.

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i hope that ice the from snow scene doesn't sink

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I could be wrong but i'm almost possible that in my DC encyclopedia it says that wally can go faster than the speed of light and he enters demonsinal travel that being said i think that tips wally a little bit further into the race but since he is still human and silver surfer doesn't need to eat or drink wally would still lose. but it would be close if the demosnal travel thing is true).

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