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The worst Batman issue so far 0

Who is Harper Row? and who cares? New 52 without a Robin, with 3 "graduated" Robins, with no real rich background as we used to have in the old DCU, and then DC go an kill the only interesting character of the Bat-family? Kubert is great as always, but this title has gone reeeeeaaallly down in my pull list......

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We don't need more Wolverine 0

Although I love Alan Davis art, this title seems a little redundant given that Wolverine is already with two regular titles (Savage and ...and the X-Men) wich are both fun and with great quality. Story is too short, like 3 minutes total reading time and also the colors are week, wich make Davis' art look like its 1988. I will keep reading it to see if it gets any better....

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At last, one writer captures what an homicidal maniac should be in a comic book. The best written Joker of all! as creepy as the first appearance! DC, you now HAVE TO kill one member of the Bat-Family for this story to matter.. are there too many Robins nowadays?...

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At last one interesting X-Men Title 0

I personally think that the X-Men haven't been this exiting since Claremont and Byrne. We have two different "fractions", the Avengers aligned Wolverine and the now more revolutionary Cyclops "Uncanny". Add to that having the original five X-Men, the Marvel Comic's Characters that have suffered the more changes throughout their story (one is now almos a villain to the eyes of the world, one is dead, one is totally erased and two have gone through very interesting mutation changes, most of all th...

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