Powerful Items from the Comics Multiverse

This list contains an overall look at Powerful Items in no particular order other than I try to group them by "type" and what they are made of. An example would be Thor's Hammer and Uru Metal. Well, they are close together. They ARE NOT ranked by Power. I have also broken this list into Marvel, DC and Other. Check those lists out for more specific by "Universe" and feel free to make recommendations, but please do so in those specific lists. Have a nice day and enjoy.

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Genius. If you are looking for more weapons check out my weapons list.
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Thank you.  Let me know anything I'm missing.  There's plenty I'm sure I didn't think of.  

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hmm i think the golden lasso should be little bit higher it is more powerful then you think ;)
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Very good point.  Actually, I'm arranging them more by grouping of who or what type of item they are, Batman with Batman, Golden Lasso with Lightning Lasso, Swords with swords.   
Grouping them by most powerful...the thought makes my head hurt.  Sometimes I do that, but not this time around. This one is "Associatin by type".  I'll edit it so it says that. 
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@arrowfan237: I checked your list and it was very helpful.  Thank you.   
I guess you don't think about how many hero/villains use items until you start looking.  
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Thanks you gave me some ideas to add to my list too.
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Great List  :))

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humm i wonder if Brainiac is a weapon

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@MarkPar: You know, that is a very good question.  I'm about to reorganize this list into DC, Marvel and Other.  Maybe I'll do an Artificial Intelligence list.  This is getting too big to enjoy.   
I'll have to think about that. 
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GL ring should be way higher. 
I thought that adamantium was not as durable as vibranium?
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@batman_is_god:   Well, I did put in the description "  I am not classifying the items by most to least powerful but loosely by type.".   
 This is a general list by type, not by power level.  I'm not even interested in trying to pull that off.  Too relative.   
Besides, the way Batman uses a Batarang, that is the most powerful thing in comics.  He's stopped everything from Superman to Darkseid with one of  those.  Nah, I'm not even going to try to classify by power level.  EVER!
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@batman_is_god: I apologize to you.  My comments seem a little preachy and condescending and it was unintentional.  I was tired and being more blunt and direct that replying in a considerate manner.  Unbecoming of a Viner.  I hope you understood the gist of what I was saying though.  Your thoughts and comments are appreciated and I have now broken my list into three parts.   
Again, apologies.  Please accept the spirit of the response and not the tone.  
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Dude, I was not offended at all. I just misunderstood the list. No probs at all!
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@batman_is_god: Cool. 
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I don't know when you made this list, but it is extremely well done.

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@RoninTheFury: I've kind of been working on it all along.  It started basic and then grew obviously.  I have three more lists just like it but broken out as Marvel, DC and Other.  You could check them out as well since they are more specific.   
I also had plenty of help from others who recommended items so if you see anything missing, let me know.  Thanks for the comment and the recommend.
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Wow. Impressive list.

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@PowerHerc: Thanks!  I also have 3 lists where these are broken down into Marvel, DC and other if you want a smaller list to deal with.  
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Very good list, my only criticism is that I don't think the Symbiotes should be in here

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@luke_kerridge: I do not disagree about the symbiotes, but I didn't have a list for them so I stuck them here. Maybe I should start a list of "Powerful Suits" or something. Iron Man, War Machine, Symbiotes, and so on? Hmmm...

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this is an amazing list, Bravo

(nice to see someone else who read Lady Death)

but why no Ultimate Nullifier?

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@betatesthighlander1: I'll add the Ultimate Nullifier now. I didn't add it because I didn't think of it and no one told me...until now. :D

Thanks! I like to have lists worth looking at.

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here's a few more for you:

SCUD (you could put him in right before the Terminators)

Kevin Matchstick's Bat, which should go in your list right after Excalibur.

Also, the Grendel Fork and Daredevil's Billy Club deserve a place on your list (probably right after Batman's gear)

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Hey, dear. I think that you should add Doctor Fate's helmet :D

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It is a bit suprising to put on the same list common Spider-Tracer and items of unlimited power, like Infinity Gauntlet. :D

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Could the Sun-Eater be considered for this list? You'd struggle to find a more powerful item than a nigh-invulnerable cloud that devours suns and can only be killed with the death of a major character.