Interesting Places of the Comics Multiverse

This is a List of all the Places to hang out in Comics. All the cool people go here...or not!

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Posted by arrowfan237

Very nice.
Posted by Mr.Q
Are any of these places renting?
Posted by Tintallin

Yeah, I wish.  I wouldn't mind a tour of them. 

Posted by KRYPTON

I would like to go visit Avengers TOwer

Posted by Tintallin
@KRYPTON :  Wayne Manor would be pretty cool to explore too.  Or Stark Industries.  Think of all the interesting toys to find there!
Posted by sgoodwi

great list!....

Posted by Tintallin
@sgoodwi: Thanks!
Posted by Wolverhino

Dude, you're missing the Rock of Eternity.. Home of Capt Marvel

Posted by Tintallin
@Wolverhino: Oh crap!  You're totally right!!!  I'll take care of it.
Posted by Gambit1024

Awesome list
Posted by Tintallin
@Gambit1024: Thanks!
Posted by xxxddd

@arrowfan237 said:

Very nice.
Posted by Tintallin

@xxxddd: Thanks!

Posted by xxxddd

@Tintallin: Your welcome!

Posted by Eldest808

Good List