All Things Lantern - A List

This list is in reference to the Lantern Corps. If you see something missing, shoot me a message, would ya? Thanks!

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Posted by xboy79

Fantastic list, you are great  :))

Posted by Tintallin

Posted by zombie flash

i like it too but why the omega men and batman was granted a yello ring not a green ring
Posted by Tintallin

You know, I included that to come back and read later, but I would have to guess that Batman was given a Yellow Ring because he created the persona to generate Fear in his opponents.  That is one explantation that comes to mind.   
As I've read more and more about the Lanterns, I've come to find that the wielders of the Ring can be good or evil regardless of color.  The exceptions would be White and Black.  Fear is a negative emotion but can be used for good.  Scared straight?  That's my logic anyways.  I may be completely wrong. 
Posted by doomsilver

that logic is pretty good to me, this list is awesome
Posted by Tintallin
@doomsilver: If you see anything that needs to be included, please shout out!  That goes for "doesn't belong" as well.  
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Cool list, love a list of everything Lantern. If you want suggestions, maybe Krona and the First Lantern might be worthy additions to your list? Considering their deep history with the Emotional Spectrum. Possible additions maybe can include the Empire of Tears and the Five Inversions?

Posted by Tintallin

I added those things in and a few more for historical reference (Space Sector 666, Massacre of Sector 666, etc). Enjoy!!!