Green Lantern - Blackest Night - Reading Order

In the last few months, I've gone back to reading DC Comics in lieu of Marvel Comics for a nice change.  Now, being a fan of both Companies and their heroes, this isn't an unusual change for me.  I like to read story lines instead of the individual issues as they come out so I can get more story at once unlike my old habits where I read everything right when it came out.  For now, Green Lantern after finishing Planet Hulk through the current issues of Post-Fall of the Hulks which I'm currently up to date on.  At any rate, I'm back to Brightest Day now since I've skipped the last 3 or 4 months.  Well, as is my habit, I went looking for a Checklist, an order more or less, in which to read what I've missed.  That created a dilemma because it's hard to find one sometimes.  So, I made one, to the best of my ability, by incorporating release dates and the work of many others who had parts of the list but not the whole thing.  As such, I figured I'd post them here, first the Blackest Night reading list (loosely posted as an "Order") and then in my next blog, Brightest Day.   
At any rate, I hope this helps you if you are a comic book reader and, if not, well, maybe you just enjoy reading lists and want to read mine.  So, to the best of my ability, Blackest Night (incorporating the work of others along with my own sorting and sifting).   

1 [Blackest Night 00] Green Lantern (v4) 043
2 [Blackest Night 01] Blackest Night 00
3 [Blackest Night 02] Blackest Night 01
4 [Blackest Night 03] Tales of the Corps 01
5 [Blackest Night 04] Tales of the Corps 02
6 [Blackest Night 05] Tales of the Corps 03
7 [Blackest Night 06] Green Lantern (v4) 044
8 [Blackest Night 07] Blackest Night 02 
9 [Blackest Night 08] Green Lantern (v4) 045
10 [Blackest Night 09] Green Lantern Corp (v2) 039 
11 [Blackest Night 10] Batman 01 
12 [Blackest Night 11] Superman 01 
13 [Blackest Night 12] Titans 01 
14 [Blackest Night 13] Blackest Night 03 
15 [Blackest Night 14] Green Lantern (v4) 046 
16 [Blackest Night 15] Green Lantern Corps (v2) 040 
17 [Blackest Night 16] Batman 02 
18 [Blackest Night 17] Superman 02 
19 [Blackest Night 18] Titans 02 
20 [Blackest Night 19] Blackest Night 04 
21 [Blackest Night 20] Green Lantern (v4) 047 
22 [Blackest Night 21] Green Lantern Corps (v2) 041
23 [Blackest Night 22] Batman 03 
24 [Blackest Night 23] Superman 03 
25 [Blackest Night 24] Titans 03 
26 [Blackest Night 25] Blackest Night 05 
27 [Blackest Night 26] Green Lantern (v4) 048 
28 [Blackest Night 27] Green Lantern Corps (v2) 042 
29 [Blackest Night 28] Justice League of America 039 
30 [Blackest Night 29] Superman-Batman 066 
31 [Blackest Night 30] Doom Patrol 04 
32 [Blackest Night 31] Booster Gold 026 
33 [Blackest Night 32] REBELS 010 
34 [Blackest Night 33] Teen Titans 077 
35 [Blackest Night 34] Adventure Comics 04 
36 [Blackest Night 35] Outsiders 024 
37 [Blackest Night 36] Blackest Night 06 
38 [Blackest Night 37] 
39 [Blackest Night 38] Green Lantern (v4) 049 
40 [Blackest Night 39] Green Lantern Corps (v2) 043 
41 [Blackest Night 40] Flash 01 
42 [Blackest Night 41] Wonder Woman 01 
43 [Blackest Night 42] JSA 01 
44 [Blackest Night 43] Justice League of America 040
45 [Blackest Night 44] Superman-Batman 067 
46 [Blackest Night 45] Doom Patrol 05 
47 [Blackest Night 46] Booster Gold 047 
48 [Blackest Night 47] REBELS 011 
49 [Blackest Night 48] Teen Titans 078 
50 [Blackest Night 49] Adventure Comics 05 
51 [Blackest Night 50] Outsiders 025 
52 [Blackest Night 51] Green Lantern 050 
53 [Blackest Night 52] Green Lantern Corps (v2) 044 
54 [Blackest Night 53] Flash 02 
55 [Blackest Night 54] Wonder Woman 02 
56 [Blackest Night 55] JSA 02 
57 [Blackest Night 56] The Atom and Hawkman 046 
58 [Blackest Night 57] The Phantom Stranger 042 
59 [Blackest Night 58] Starman 081 
60 [Blackest Night 59] Power of Shazam 048 
61 [Blackest Night 60] The Question 037 
62 [Blackest Night 61] Catwoman 083 
63 [Blackest Night 62] Weird Western Tales 071 
64 [Blackest Night 63] Suicide Squad 067 
65 [Blackest Night 64] Secret Six 017 
66 [Blackest Night 65] Blackest Night 07 
67 [Blackest Night 66] Green Lantern (v4) 051 
68 [Blackest Night 67] Green Lantern Corps (v2) 045 
69 [Blackest Night 68] Flash 03 
70 [Blackest Night 69] Wonder Woman 03 
71 [Blackest Night 70] JSA 03 
72 [Blackest Night 71] Green Arrow 030 
73 [Blackest Night 72] Adventure Comics 07 
74 [Blackest Night 73] Secret Six 018 
75 [Blackest Night 74] Blackest Night 08 
76 [Blackest Night 75] Green Lantern (v4) 052 
77 [Blackest Night 76] Green Lantern Corps (v2) 046 
78 [Blackest Night 77] Directors Cut 01     

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Posted by guuthulhu

I'm having a hard time trying to word this. I don't read a lot of ongoing stuff and know really little about Green Lantern. A friend had told me Blackest Night is really good, but I worry how much I'd understand not having read anything else. Do I need previous knowledge to enjoy this? If so, where would you suggest I start?

Posted by Tintallin
@guuthulhu: Well, I was in the same boat as you.  The short answer is no, you don't need a lot of background.  If you know the main characters, Hal Jordan and such, the rest is just enjoying it.  There were some characters and references I completely didn't know what they were talking about but I just came here, Comic Vine, and looked up whatever it was I was unsure of.   
For the most part, I was able to fill in the blanks when I missed something or didn't know something by reading about it on CV.  And to be honest, I'm not sure I had ever read a Green Lantern comic before reading Blackest Night.  I just love the characters from Justice League and other TV Shows.  I would recommend it to anyone.  It's a good series.  Happy Hunting!
Posted by Tintallin
@guuthulhu: By the way, I have a list that I made called "All Things Lantern" which may save you hunting some things.  It has most of the main characters, places and things on it.  It also helps understand the different rings a little better.  Thought I'd throw that in.  
Posted by guuthulhu

Wow! Thanks a lot. I'll check that list out. Sounds like it would be a nice little primer. 

Posted by Tintallin
@guuthulhu: It helped me.  Hopefully it will do the same for you.  I'll review and make sure I have everything updated. 
Posted by fanbla72

if this list is intended as a reading order in line with the story then it is wrong.

Posted by Tintallin

@fanbla72: There is nothing in your comment of use unless you are trying to prove that you are rude. Since you have not qualified your statement, the only response I will give is that there are no 100% RIGHT reading orders. This reading order was from multiple internet sources along with my personal input which helped me clarify the story. Have a nice day.

Posted by Vortilion

This order helps me getting all the issues I need for reading all blackest night comics concerning Green Lantern. GREAT WORK!

Posted by Tintallin

@Vortilion: Thanks! Glad I could help. This was the best order I could piece together so I hope you enjoy the story. It did jump around a little from time to time. Enjoy your read!

Posted by AdrianVeidt

Why is 38 empty.

Posted by Tintallin

@AdrianVeidt: That is a fantastic question! After a little research, I honestly can't say without going back through the whole list comic by comic. But here's what I think...I have Secret Six later in my order but here on Comic Vine they have it in that area, 37 & 38. I checked my list of comics for Blackest Night and I am missing the comic I have listed at 38 as well. As I may or may not have stated, I did this list "hot" while I was reading and reordered things that didn't make sense to me regardless of the "recommended orders" so that I was flipping back and forth trying to figure out what I missed.

In doing so, I think I skipped, or was unable to acquire, an issue, but I couldn't tell you which one. Also, if you look at Blackest Night here on Comic Vine, our lists are somewhat different even though I used CV as a source for this list:

But CV can be edited by anyone. I also went "off site" for my order. That means that I included books CV might not have because they applied in some small, tiny way. Then again, if you listen to jackholes like fanbla72 above, "This list is wrong..." you notice he didn't post a response on why. I don't listen to human waste like that because they are critical a-holes who put out no effort, only criticism.

SO....having said way too much, I still say...I don't know. I think I simply skipped or was missing a comic, one I still don't have apparently, and will have to revisit this as time permits. As it is, I don't recall having any questions after reading them in the order I have them so I don't think you are going to miss any integral part of the story.

If I find an answer, I'll post a response. If you find an answer, please let me know and I'll fix it. If you disagree while reading in this order, please let me know. I know this order isn't perfect, but it helped me read through and I'm not opposed to changing it. Sorry about the long reply. I ramble when I haven't finished my first cup of coffee.

I don't know at this time but I'll try to find out.