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As you know, this May is the time for Heroic Age. And we have a small (pff) addition to the line of Marvel's ongoing series. Ladies and gentlemen, I beg to love and to bestow Atlas #1

As usual writing-stuff is on Jeff Parker, artwork - Gabriel Hardman, cover's by Terry Dodson.
The first arc will be twisted around 3D-Man (Delroy Garrett, that dude from the Mighty Avengers/Secret Invasion story) & his relationship with Atlas Foundation. Yet promised the original dimensional superhero - Chuck Chandler. I am increasingly beginning to like the new status quo...
Posted by Meteorite

I really should pick up Agents of Atlas. I like the idea that characters from the '50s haven't died out completely, and that they're still being used. However, I can't buy every comic I want to.

Posted by xerox_kitty

Wait, I'm confused... Agents of Atlas was cancelled because of low sales, but not they're launching Atlas??

Posted by Nova`Prime`

Ya they pretty much ended Agents of Atlas's monthly, but yet you still see them popping up in Thunderbolts, XMen, Avengers. And now a new comic all together, most not have been for low sales, either that or they really believe in these characters. I like them and happy to see them back.

Posted by AtPhantom

Don't we already have a thread about this?

Posted by timrothsays
@AtPhantom: your right. my bad