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This week is full of news. Spider-Man movie reboot, Brightest Day, Ultimate X reveal and more, and more, and more... If JSI-abbreviation makes your heart shrink and beats harder, than I have a good intelligence for ya.
Within BD story-line Justice League International will get a chance to become a real stars in DC-universe. Parallel to the main comic (writers - Geoff Johns & Peter Tomasi) we'll get a whole new series - Justice League: Generation Lost. Like Brightest Day it would be bi-weekly, which means 26 issues in total.
In my opinion, deserves attention a very unexpected selection for writers. Alongside Keith Giffen (one of the creators of JLI) will work Judd Winick, whom I had already hated for his Batman legacy. As for participants, DC promises:
1) Captain Atom 
2) Booster Gold 
3) Fire 
4) Ice
5) Blue Beetle 
6) Rocket Red  
Unfortunately, the name of the artist kept secret. Cover above - by Tony Harris.
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Where do you get your information, I mean you posted this before anyone on the vine. So what can I say, good job, no wait scratch that, great job.
BD sounds more and more intresting with each passing day.

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@Michael the Fly: DCU Blog :)
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I bet it's Dave Finch!

Dave Finch
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@Illyana Rasputin: adorable ^^
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@timrothsays said:
" @Illyana Rasputin: adorable ^^
You just almost made me piss myself laughing, dude.
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Is, is that a silhouette of Ted Kord? Because if it is, I think I'm going to cry.
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I for one am thrilled!!!!!  I can not wait to read it.