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Now that you know who is champ, what are they going to do about a fighting champion because he only comes around every once in a great while. SS ending pretty lame if you ask me. Also, I just started watching WWE again after a long Hornswoggle induced hiatus and am enjoying what I've seen, for the most part, thus far.

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The blond hair threw me off. I like her in About a Boy. Pretty funny show and she's plays a convincing hot doctor. Hope she's still on there.

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I loved em both and couldn't pick one over the other although I got Enemy of the State in Hardcover. Great stuff. I read Old Man Logan online in a widescreen format and it was awesome. Just like watching a movie. Make Logan go through a portal or something and he comes out old and the Old Man Logan movie is made! Both great stories.

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I absolutely LOVE Deborah Ann! I kept telling myself if they killed her off in True Blood I'd stop watching. Now with the last season I don't have to and I was worried about getting my fix of her. With this announcement, I don't have to! This is so much win!

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I'm surprised to see the way this one is going. I really loved both movies. They were both awesome but I still recall the nerdgasm I got from the trailers to watching The Avengers twice in one day. It was wonderful. Like Christmas when I was a child. Winter Soldier was super cool and like I said, I love both, but I didn't get the same feel even though it is probably the best movie I've seen this year, hands down. I had to pick Avengers. I loved it just a smidge more than Winter Soldier. Only a smidge.

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Sailor Moon needs anatomically wrong longer legs. And GORE! GORE! GORE! Colored Ottley Flash would be awesome!

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Guys sometimes it's the story with the "death" in the middle. We already know that Wolverine won't be dead for long. That's not the point. Read the story for what it is. This has never happened before with Wolverine. Read it first and then make judgements on it. Just like how Colossus was brought back and Captain America was brought back. The stories were awesome and we wanted those guys back. The way both were written was excellent. Lets see how it unfolds before we get pissy because "he won't stay dead." Sheesh. It's comic books for crying out loud. Not real life.

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"Hello Mr. Bronski." Me and my nephew would mimic that voice all the time. That's when my nephew was a kid and looked up to me. Haha. I like both movies but Red Hood is a bit more adult I guess while I will always have a place in my heart for Mask of.

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Not sure why there wasn't an everything about it spot. I just adore this movie and it came at a pivotal time in my life. I was 16 and mom shipped me off to hang with a buddy of mine in Tucson AZ for a month. We were fighting too much. So, on my Greyhound bus ride I read the novel of the movie. Then when it came out me and my buddy and a friend of his watched Beetlejuice and then Batman at a drive in. It was surreal and so much of what I'd hoped for. I also bought the Prince soundtrack to the movie and then the Danny Elfman score and have been a fan of Elfman ever since. I still watch the movie from time to time and listen to the music. Best summer of my life and half of that is due to this movie.

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Takara's Spider-Man was nice but did he have a cast on his arm under his costume? He has no wrist on his left arm. And I love Deodato's art the past few years. His early career was decent but man, I gotta get everything he draws now-a-days.