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Ultimate X is over and Nightcrawler is still dead. Invincible 80 was crazy, but Eve "didnt" have the baby. Black Panther is just a series of rehashes and Cage is written like a black stereotype again... Red Robin is being changed to terrible and DCU is about to be anal raped. Now is a good time to finally leave comics. peace out.

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Back-Door Retcon Mentality

Gylan, i like the way your mind works, but rather than much up the forums, i figured i'd blog this response for you. i consider what we're having a discussion and not really an argument, we agree on so much at this point. the stuff we don't agree on is details, really.
 @Gylan Thomas said:

" @Timm: 
I'm not sure it's fair to point at Marvel as having a "back-door retcon mentality". There have really only been a few stories that stand out as showing that. DC's far more notorious with so many "crisis" event's. They can't seem to grow a back bone and stick with the creative choices they make. More often than not Marvel will ignore the silier bit's rather than flat out write them out.  

Everything you said i agree with except that one thing there. "a few stories" is relative to how many stories they have put out as a whole i think. Marvel is the king of the retcon: 

- Spider Man is rocking at least one retcon at least every other storyline. Harry Osborn himself is a walking retcon. Spider Clones. Marriage. Aunt May. Sins of the past. 
- The X-Men are retconning characters and character abilities on a regular basis in order to further their various stories. Wolverine is everywhere at once in 3 costumes. They cut off Laura's hand (X-23), Marvel would say: "but we didn't like that so we put it back. It's a robotic hand, until people forget that we cut it off... then we'll say it healed. Like Xavier's legs before we put him back in the wheelchair... twice.". Jean Grey's not the phoenix, the phoenix used a clone of Jean. She's not dead either btw... Madelynn Prior was a pilot for the X-men, who was actually a clone, that fathered Cable... or Stryfe... Anyway, Jean was being a stripper under the mind controls at the hellfire club! Okay, no she wasnt. Wolfbane has been turned into a monster monster that wants to kill Angel, Angel is a psychopath again, majority of the teleporters have died for a story no one cares about... and Doug Ramsey is back again. so is warlock. Shatterstar is gay... or is he? Longshot is back... or is he? Dazzler is.. still alive? Scarlett Witch has forgotten who she is... or has she? but why? Wiccan and Speed are Wanda's imaginary children... but are they not mutants? no... i mean yes... i mean.. 
- Lets face the truth about Cap, Bucky was dead. then he was winter soldier and now he's Captain America. Captain America quit, but now is another character. Sharon killed captain America under mind control and then her own baby? her own baby!? Captain America's baby. 
- Ghost Rider... all of it.
- The Black Panther gave up his powers, but not his job, which is impossible. When everyone thought that was garbage, they gave him his powers back... of course (extra strength formula). but they kept the other one around just in case... cause its his sister. who didn't exist before. also, he married storm. he never mentioned her before, they never talked, but ironically Kenyan royalty and Wakanda royalty are close.
- Thor. period.
- Daredevil! exclamation point.
- The Red Skull is dead.... like so many times. and he keeps coming back in newer and more interesting ways.
- Remember Mojo 2? I guess Marvel doesnt either. 
- Remember Omega Red?  
- The Legacy Virus doesnt kill Squat!
im not saying anything about DC, they have their retcons as well, but Marvel likes to sweep their under the rug most of the time. DC likes to openly retcon. Go right back in and rip the heart out of some historically important event... but Marvel. they sneak off with history. They steal it from you.
i hate them for it.

I hate everything for some reason

I have no idea what the future holds for me in terms of comic books. I went to go pick up my pull list at the comic store and i felt an overwhelming sense of "bleh". i mean, i was suddenly looking at this as a waste of money. I'm down to 8 titles still coming in on my pull list and of the 8 i only purchased 6 and put the rest back on the shelf. this is not a good sign.
Now when i say, i love comics, you have to understand that's a life-long love. 
Is it dwindling? yes. is it agonizing? absolutely.
i grew up in a time when comics were braver, bolder and better written than some non-graphic novels and movies. but now, all of the movies are comics and all of the comics are rewritten stories that existed before. They invent characters who are new versions of old characters set to do the new and unthinkable, only to throw them to the wayside and ressurect that same old failed archetype that was honestly, better off dead.
i don't mean to be a hater, but I'm getting tired of opening comics only to ask myself "what the hell do they think they're doing?" only to be disappointed by the reality that they don't really know themselves.



Why the hell are women still so in love with charmed? its been like years since the show ended and i dont know one woman that doesnt sit down and watch it while its on.


Mutant Story Fail

What happened to Marvel Comics?
Now that i no longer read them and hate them with a passion, its clear to me now that they are inexcusably broken. 
i spent some of this weekend cleaning out my mom's old duplex and i ran across a bunch of my old comics stashed around my old bedroom. I read a bunch of them when the work was done and i analyzed some of the stuff i was reading before my solitary boycott of Marvel. Really, it all went south when they changed Psylock from an English model to a Japanese ninja. Then Storm into a kid. Rogue into a big haired... living daffodil white-trash anime heroine. and then there was Gambit. Yea, the Jim Lee era destroyed comics. Granted, some of the greatest story lines happened around that time, but in between the story lines he was stripping away the quality of the characters. The personalities were dying on these characters. Rob Leifeld was revamping some of the most interesting characters in the Marvel-U to be some of the most trite and redundant characters in the marvel-U.
 Now, the original Chris Claremont and Louise Simonson vision was clearly one immitating life - they had a long term plan to seed the whole of marvel with an infinite number of easy-made superhero stories as Mutants slowly began to become a part of society that humans couldnt ignore.  Characters like Psylocke and Dazzler who had jobs in the media were able to spread a peaceful and positive message in defense of mutants while Magneto and his extremist faction tried to rebel against the status-quo (the current state of affairs) in which mutants were a racial minority typically shunned. this came to its greatest fruition in the book District X where we examined the lives of mutants in the slums where that have gathered and began to live in mutant communities. Bishop, sent here to save the future from some evil mutant mastermind becomes partnered with a police detective to investigate mutant crimes and other disturbances in the district. 
i remember seeing this advetisement in books:

such a good plot device. you have the pointed ear kid next to Franklin Richards (in his power pack uniform) and Franklin who looks so young and innocent has the word Mutie scrawled across his face. that screams hate. it sets you up for the story and the attitude of the antagonists. you hate the villains back in these days. everything was easier because they established it to be. 
Could Marvel keep up the momentum? No. They didnt know a good thing until they destroyed it. So like all good things in Marvel comics (especially excalibur), they dropped the ball and defecated on its shattered remnants. 
Now, Marvel, in its infinite and vast lack of wisdom, decided to go back to the good old days when comics were less story and more meaningless combat and deaths that were quickly rescinded for the next story arc. this is pre-Jim Lee era and even before Chris. why? the answer is simple... they have no f#cking idea what they are doing.
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Pearly White Comics

when i read the article Comic Vine put up about a Donald Glover being spider man i was immediately set hard against it, and while my reasons had nothing to do with his race, i will state for the record i just don't think he's young enough for a reboot featuring a teenager spiderman and his build is wrong for the part. but regardless of my reasons, i was pretty shocked at the community's reaction. Most of it was very disappointing and some of it was flat out hurtful. some of the most ridiculous and close minded of ideas were the ones where they believed that black characters should stay black and white ones should be white. historically speaking in comics, those boundaries have never held. Iron man has been black, so has captain marvel, and Mr Terrific is now a black man where it used to be a white one. Maya lopez was the original Ronin who was later Clint Barton and there has been a black Captain America and a black Bucky. There shouldn't be a racial boundary for heroic fantasy.
All these arguments were really just a pinch to remember that unfortunately every acceptable comic book has a white man on the cover of the team shot. even if you cant see his face.

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