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List has Death of the Family. List invalid.

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@thanosismad: I don't mind real-world people making appearances. I do mind them being on the cover of an issue and I'd rather them have an alias. To me, this looks like advertising.

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@reaverlation: you have not done much to prove that he is stronger and as fast. Wesker could easily do all those things you mentioned as strength feats for him.

He could one shot Wesker, but I sincerely doubt Wesker won't be able to dodge any number of swipes at his neck. He could also just let DS stab him, then take the sword away, as he was shown to be able to block a knife stab with his forearm and shrug it off completely. Besides that, bringing up one shot capability is a moot point, as Wesker could one-shot him too, via leaping neck snap.

Also, speaking of RPGs, I don't think DS has done anything as impressive as catching a rocket propelled grenade and holding it.

@dewin50: they never really hold their own against him when he can think straight. In their first encounter, Wesker only toys with them for 7 minutes. Then he leaves the fight to Jill to take care of other business. Before he gets injected, when he confronts them in front of the jet, he lolstomps them. The only way they inject him is by immobilizing him with the RPG. Then they can tag him on the plane as he isn't thinking straight because of the injection. Otherwise, in cutscene, Wesker has never been tagged by them.

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@timelordscience: I doubt Wesker would get the chance to even snap Slade's neck when Wesker has to get by Slade's sword and Slade's,at the very least,comparable physicals.

LOL Slade doesn't have comparable physicals. At least not in the strength department. When has Slade punched through someone? Or effortlessly dented metal for the luls?

And have you seen how fast Wesker moves? Wesker bullet times absolutely effortlessly and moves like a blur. In this encounter between Chris and Jill, who are skilled military professionals in their own right, Wesker doesn't even get touched until he gets tackled by Jill, only because he's blinded by his bloodlust for Chris. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80oCCKfhx7M

Slade has better armor and is more skilled (though Wesker is no slouch in this department). Wesker is faster and stronger. It is not a clear stomp in Deathstroke's favor, and it's very clear that you aren't familiar with Wesker at all. Most people in this thread probably aren't, for that matter.

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@reaverlation: He is capable of damaging Slade: (here's that better video I was talking about)


Go to 3:35.

If you still don't believe the impale will work, even though Wesker does it very easily and even though Chris is wearing Kevlar, he can still snap Deathstroke's neck. Go to 5:16. Wesker leaps in the air and snaps Chris's neck effortlessly during a flip.

Also, keep in mind that this entire scene Wesker is weakened by an injection Chris gave him.

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@reaverlation: It is carrying a lot of blunt force yeah, but that isn't relevant. If a ton of bricks falls on you, it won't stab you. It could crush you, but that's a different matter. Once again, there's a difference between Superman crushing Batman and impaling him. Yet me with a knife can stab you with less force. 1 ton imparted by the bricks > the force of my arm moving forward with the knife. So yes, the submarine being thrown has a greater amount of force than Wesker's arm. But the amount of force is not the only thing to take into account. As I said, a submarine wall has no chance of piercing anything of that size, it is completely blunt. Wesker's fingertips are not completely blunt.

Sheva doesn't have to be shown as being as durable as Slade, and she certainly isn't. The point was that Wesker can do it to a normal human without any effort at all. Also, another user posted him denting metal walls. As for skill and abilities, the second video I posted should cover that.

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Wesker is being undersold in this thread:


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@reaverlation: A submarine wall has no hope of going through anyone's chest.

And it's not a fist, the hand is flat when it's done, finger tips thrust first.

If Superman shoves his pointed hand through Batman, he is piercing him. And that is piercing damage. Not blunt force. If Superman punches Batman in the head and his skull caves in, or his head gets knocked off, that is blunt force.

You're using "real world" logic that you need a weapon or claws to pierce things, when beings in fiction are strong enough to do piercing damage without them.

If I find a better video, I'll post it. Clearly this person was trying to get killed by Wesker when they were playing, but that part doesn't matter. It shows Wesker effortlessly do what I'm talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRsYE0XoOVk

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@reaverlation: by your logic, if Deathstroke plunges a sword through Wesker, it's piercing, but if Wesker plunges his arm through him, it's blunt force? Why the double standard?