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This book is great everything I look for in a lantern book. Space cops out in Space doing space things. I find the internal politics of Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps to be rather weary.

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Batman: Eternal - I am not reading any of the Bat Family books and I want to see Stephine Brown.

Justice League: United - Supergirl on a Justice League shut up take my money already. And its Jeff Lemire writing it need I say more?

Secrete Origin: - I am curios to see what they add to Kara's origin as the first two trades were her origin in the New 52.

Really excited for The Red Daughter of Krypton to begin next month are you seeing a pattern yet?

Really looking forward to the end of Forever: Evil has been such a great event over all. DC has trimmed pretty much all of the fat they just need to fire Ann Noctienti and Scott Lobdell and I will be happy.

For those wondering these are all The New 52 books that have not been canceled and have been announced. There is 40 New 52 books all up we have 12 Slots open May should be an exciting month.

Justice League Family

  • Aquaman

  • Aquaman and the Others

  • The Flash

  • Green Arrow

  • Wonder Woman

  • Earth 2

  • Worlds' Finest

  • Secret Origins

  • Justice League

  • Justice League United

  • Justice League 3000

Bat Family

  • Batman

  • Batman/Superman

  • Batman: Dective Comics

  • Batman and...

  • Batgirl

  • Batwing

  • Batwoman

  • Birds of Prey

  • Catwoman

  • Red Hood and the Outlaws

  • Harley Quinn

Super Family

  • Superman

  • Superman: Action Comics

  • Superman/Wonder Woman

  • Superboy

  • Supergirl

Lantern Family

  • Green Lantern

  • Green Lantern Corps

  • Green Lantern: New Guardians

  • Red Lanterns

  • Larfleeze

  • Sinestro

The Edge

  • All-Star Western

  • The Movement

Magic/Dark Side

  • Justice League Dark

  • Constantine

  • Swamp Thing

  • Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger

  • Trinity of Sin: Pandora

Other Not New 52 but in the same universe

  • Batman: Eternal
  • The Futures End

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@ashr: Snyder and Lee will probably take over the main Superman book we can hope any ways.

Supergirl as a Red Lantern looks to be 7 issues over 3 books can't wait for it to start.

How is Batwing still alive month in month out it's always in the 10K range.

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The three I read are

Action Comics : Great once Gegg Pak took over issue 26

Supergirl : Always loved Kara plus Muhammad Asrar did a fantastic job on the art as has Yildiray Cinar who took over on Issue 26

Superman / Wonder Woman : Charles freaking Soule enough said

I will pick up the trade for Superman: Unchained as the constant delays are annoying. And a rule of thumb I follow is avoid Scott Lobdell when he writes for Superman you will have a bad time.

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New 52 Superboy

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Loving it Rouges Rebellion has cemented the Rouges as my favourite villains team and I hope they get there own ongoing after Forever: Evil.

JLA has also been great I'm glad Stargirl is getting some more screen time my only problem is Batman was brought back far to quickly

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My teams mission statement would be to protect the peace and represent Earths interest at galactic level they would also closely monitor this sector thanks to the green lanterns now being unable to.

Dick Grayson (Leader)

Martian Man Hunter (Tactician Second in Command)

Supergirl (Power House)

Guy Gardner (Red Lantern Space Flight)

Green Arrow (Street Level Team Conscience)

Blue Beetle (Ted Kord Tech Expert)

The Flash (Wally West) Speedster

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Green Lantern: New Garduians #27 - This book is great I can not decide weather this or Red Lanterns is my favourite. I hope they keep Kyle of at the edge of the universe for a long time.

Justice Leauge #27 - A Forever: Evil Tie in. This event continues to be amazing my only gripe is they bought Batman back far to quickly.

Supergirl #27 - Thees last two issues have felt very much like filler this looks to be more of the same. However the art by Yildary Cinar is fantastic and I want to see the Red Lantern story line.

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #7 - Forever: Evil Blight continues. This cross over continues to be great I plan to keep all these books on my pull list after this is over.

Wonder Woman #27 - Month in month out this book never fails to entertain me. My only gripe is Wonder Woman needs more screen time.

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considering Batman is the only book to constantly break 100 000 sales wise they would be stupid to lose them. The only times the other books come close is when they launch a new series of etheir Superman or Batman.

When Teen Titans re launches I expect that to hit 100 000

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@testla1: The next theme month will see all of DCs books jumping forward five years for one issue only so we can get a glimpse of what the DCU will look like in the future. The event is called 5 years later and is happening September 2014.