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Star-Spangled War Stories Featuring G.I. Zombie #1

Wow just wow I was not expecting anything from this story but the art team blew me away and an interesting set of leads have me hook line and sinker on board for the long haul.

Red Lanterns #33/Supergirl #33

The final issues to The Red Daughter of Krypton arc such a great story of loss and redemption for Kara. I loved Guy being a surrogate father figure for her and she actually made a friend in Bleeze who won't try and kill her. I'm glad we are done with the mopy Kara hopefully her book can move forward and not be stuck in loop since the launch of The New 52.

Justice Leauge United 3

After a slow start this series has really started to pick thanks two a large part Supergirl joining the team. All of the team members here actually feel like their friends or that they have the potential to be. Martian Man Hunter does a great job at leading them and keeping them on point while Stargirls endless optimism makes a nice change from the doom and gloom of The New 52.

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@cdw101: There is still the upcoming God Hand cross over going through all the lantern books after Futures End month. but DC do need to consolidate the lantern line having 5 books is kind of ridiculous when they cross over every 6 months.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern New Guardians

Red Lanterns


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@cdw101: Guys going to win then he will probably disband The Reds after. Everything is building up to such a natural conclusion it's going to be hard to top the book going from here.

Guy also has Supergirl on his side she can easily handle the other Reds even if she sadly is no longer a Red her self.

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Paragraphs are your friend.

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@jayc1324 said:


Batwing has been dead last in sales for DC for over a year now they kept it going a lot longer than a lot of other books.

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DC Comics

  • Action Comics Annual #3 - Doomed! Part 10
  • Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #1 - Dooomed!! Part 11
  • Action Comics #34 - Doooomed!!! Part 12
  • Batman Eternal #18 - More of the Bat Family teaming up.
  • Batwing #34 - Final issue :(
  • Detective Comics #34 - The final to the Icarus storyline really great arc.
  • Grayson #2 - Loved the hell out of the first issue really interested to see where Dick goes from here.
  • Aquaman and the Others #5 - Behind on this book need to catch up.
  • Earth 2 #26 - Superman VS Val should be a fun fight.
  • Green Arrow #34 - I love Ekimo side kicks are sorely lacking at the moment hopefully she fills a bit of that void.
  • Green Lantern #34 - More of Simon Bazz its about dam time.
  • Justice League 3000 #9 - All the team know how they where made now what will they do with this information?
  • The New 52: Futures End #14 - Earth 2 break out should be explosive.
  • The Phantom Stranger #22 - Final Issue :(
  • Swamp Thing #34 - I love me some Soule :)


  • Superman Vol. 4: Psi-war HC
  • Constantine Vol. 2: Blight TP
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sweet nice and early

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@superguy1591: you write an exciting story by doing the same thing that has been done for the last 60 years?

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I agree with the art especially in regards to Kara. She looks fine one panel then completely out of whack in the next. But a fantastic fast paced read every ones interactions where spot which is what I have come to expect from Soule.

I sadly don't see this book lasting much longer everything is building up to a natural conclusion it's going be hard to top it.