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Questionable continuity 0

This issue was a very good presentation of the Living Tribunal (and other cosmic beings) forcing Adam Warlock to shed his new powers of omnipotence. The Living Tribunal sided with Eternity, who said that Warlock was unfit to wield such power, and that the gauntlet in Adam’s possession would surely result in the disastrous end of the universe. I have a problem with the Living Tribunal saying this because he didn’t do anything when Thanos had the gauntlet. This is mainly because Thanos killed o...

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Unbreakable is unbearable 0

 SPOILER ALERT IN THIS REVIEW!!!!!       SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. In my opinion, this is one of the worst superhero movies ever created.  There was so much much potential for this to be a great film, especially with Bruce Willis as the possible hero and Sam Jackson as the comic enthusiast.  This film took so long to even get to the comic hero part, and even when it did reach that point, we saw almost nothing of his powers, and he almost died in the microscopic amoun...

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