In the bathroom!

In the bathroom!!  I have a long box of my #1's and other favorites in there, and they're not stored there temporarily either.  That's where I KEEP them.  Good stuff.


Who would the Time Keeper want to spend Christmas vacation with?

Pip the Troll, (while he had the space gem), Mystique, Thanos, and Tony Stark.  We could spend it literally all over the world!  Go to Jerusalem, Rome, Madrid, Moscow, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, LA, NY City, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Philedelphia, Vegas.  We'd have plenty of money, so we'd be rolling in style!  And if Mystique wasn't famous enough to get us into any place we wanted to go, she's morph into someone who is!  And Thanos, aside from just wanting to hang with him, would be the muscle to scare off anyone the rest of us couldn't handle.


Batman is overrated!

Batman is so completely overrated, its not even funny! I mean, for a character who doesn't even have any SUPER powers, he sure is invincible!! Why doesn't DC have him in any more challenging storylines? Has he EVER lost other than to Bane, who only beat him because he'd gone for a week and a half without food or sleep???? I mean come on!! And if a guy like Batman can't even take the Joker down for good, HOW IN THE WORLD is he going to take down the Hulk or Captain America?!?!?!?! If a character is put in a maximum security prison cell with nothing but his ugly orange suit, and CAN'T bust himself out, he's NOT a superhero! He's just a guy with cool tricks or toys. Spider-Man, Hulk, Venom, Thor, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, and Sentry could all get loose. Ironman, Captain America, Blade, Robin, and BATMAN would have NO CHOICE but to stay in there unitl they were let out.


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Who would win?
Thanos vs Dr. Doom
Batman vs Black Panther
Catwoman vs Black Cat
Apocolypse vs Thanos
Batman vs Nick Fury
Batman vs Darth Vader
Batman vs Doc Ock
Conan vs Kraven
Batman vs Blade
Batman vs Wolverine
Batman vs Spider-Man
Punisher vs. Hitman(Agent 47)

Added fights:

Batman vs Dr. Doom
Longshot vs Captain America
Wolverine vs Batman
Galactus vs the Beyonder

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