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Time is subjective. Malleable, if you know how.

The man known merely as Timeflux to all but the most knowledgeable beings in the multiverse, was in fact, born to a family of little renown, a mere footnote on a page of a history book. By some sheer stroke of luck, he fell into an ancient museum where he found the long lost knowledge of a supposedly crazy scholar who believed he had discovered a secret way to control the flow of time. An academic himself, Timeflux studied the man's notes for months on end, surmising that his theory was sound, and fairly easy to put into practice.

Over a few months, Timeflux had a series of intricate tattoos placed onto his body, mostly around the facial, torso, and arm areas. These tattoos were, in reality, diagrams that mapped the secrets of time. According to the notes, by doing this, Timeflux could make himself at one with the flow of the timestream, and therefore, be able to make it bend to his whim.

Inexperience is a deadly foe.

Being unable to control his newfound power, Timeflux was sucked into the timestream for an incalculable amount of time. Although this almost destroyed his mind, it also gave him invaluable information on the nature of his newfound power that would prove him to be a foe to be dealt with.

In addition, this incident set him essentially outside of time. He no longer ages, nor is he subject to paradoxes that may be otherwise produced by talking to himself in the past or the future. He experiences time non-linearly, existing at all points in time simultaneously. This allows him to provide valuable information to others about events before they happen.

Powers and abilities

Time travel - Timeflux has the ability to travel through time, from any point to any other point. This seems to have no limit, as he has even ventured into past and future universes.

Time control - Timeflux has shown the ability to manipulate time, to slow it, stop it, speed it up, with no effort. He claims he can "play time like musicians play the bass."

Teleportation - Timeflux has the ability to traverse incredible distances in an instant. He claims that it is a trick that involves freezing time around himself, moving to the desired destination, and then allowing time to resume.