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@batkevin74:No worry's take your time. Yes I read Helfitta. I've been meaning to read them again for reference.

@joshmightbe: He's had lots of practice. Century's of it.

@cbishop:Thank you once again.

@impurestcheese: Happen it will.

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Marvel Iron Age: S.H.I.E.L.D

Holland’s Gambit Part 2

Denver Iron Hall:

General Dimitri Alberti followed Shield Commander Holland up the stairs of his Iron Hall. The explosion in the Rockies sent a huge cloud of ash and debris into the air. Most of the state was covered by the cloud. “How is the city holding up, General.” Holland asked.

“Locked down. Civilians are being given breathers, because of the ash. When this started there was a skirmish from Iron soldiers that attempted to rally in the city. They were defeated. Though I can bet more Iron soldiers that aren’t allied with us are going to start wondering in from the counties under your control.” The General reported.

“Refuges from the outlying districts are wandering in. Some injured. We’ve set up shelters in the edge of the city.” He continued.

“Best news I’ve gotten all day. The militia is a mixed bag of inspiration and disappointment. I’m sending agents to better organize them.” Holland said as both men made entrance into the Iron hall. A line of soldiers stood waiting for them.

“Officer on deck!” Barked a soldier. The group stood at attention and saluted the General and Holland.

Holland saluted back and smiled. “Iron men saluting me? Carol would die laughing if she saw this.”

“These men know what’s at stake. Or Agent Kimberlyn is making sure they do.” General Alberti said as her gestured to Holland to continue forward.

They both continued into the hall. The general looked back at his man behind him. His face sagged into a frown. They were being controlled by a mutant’s telepathy. They did exactly as he ordered. They were perfect. But their minds were not their own. “I appreciate this, Dimitri.”

“It just feels like a betrayal. These men trusted me to lead them against this country’s enemies. And I let the enemy right through the front gate.”

Holland stopped and grabbed the general by the arm. Dimitri faced Holland with a shocked expression. “The enemy is the man who uses his soldiers like expendable tools! You learned that during the Battle for Asgard. The Supreme Commander tossed wave after wave of soldiers on the Asgardians. Only to then destroy the whole place at the last second. How many soldiers did you lose to the Supreme Commander that day?”

“Too many.” Said the General in a small voice. General Alberti led his men in the first wave of the assault on Asgard. His entire company was destroyed when the Supreme Commander separated Asgard from the World Tree.

Camp Victory:

Camp Victory was a small town that was taken by militia in the first wave of the attack. S.H.I.E.L.D has since set up command here. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D are attaching themselves to militia. They trained them in tactics and guerilla warfare. They also worked on coordinating the prisoners that the various Iron Halls housed. Transports came and went from the camp. Because Camp Victory was the first to be set up it was also being used as a hub for communication between here and Denver. Camp Victory was being run by Agent Anita Peck.

“God damn that stark, Holland!” Agent Peck grunted as she was being called in for a disciplinary action that she needed to personally address.

“Agent Peck…I don’t… well…um” A younger agent stammered and the already irritated Agent Peck cut him off.

“What, boy! If you haven’t noticed I have a camp to run? Agent Peck screamed. The agent just rolled her eyes and walked off.

The issue she was being called to was apparently started by three militia men. Wearing their armor they disobeyed orders to avoid civilian targets. Instead they ransacked a house and murdered a family that tried to defend itself. “Are these your men, Lieutenant?” Agent peck asked coldly.

“Yes.” Said the Lieutenant.

Peck looked at him. “Are you Militia?” She asked.

“Yes.” He answered as three shots rang in front of him. He looked on in horror at agent Peck. Her pistol was drawn and below her were the bodies of the accused.

“Dereliction of duty and carelessness will result in execution.” Agent Peck said harshly as she holstered her weapon and walked away. “That will be the first lesson you teach your men. Carry on, Lieutenant.”

Kansas City Iron Hall:

The Iron army was completely caught by surprised by the attack on Colorado. The reports were coming in from the states bordered with Colorado. Soldiers on the retreat reported men in armor attacked their Iron Halls. Early warning systems were completely bypassed. Communications were out. Nobody knew Colorado was under attack until Iron soldiers and civilians were rushing the border. An expeditionary force was sent with Helocarriers at the front. Then the Colorado Mountains exploded without prompting. The situation was deteriorating with casualties climbing and no one even sure what was happening.

Iron Halls were starting to become refugee camps on the Colorado border. The Generals of the other Iron Halls were shutting in and locking down. Waiting to be told what to do or stalling. The army was being choked by the confusion the Colorado situation had caused. No one was even trying to hide it either.

A Colonel was standing outside his General’s office in the Kansas City Iron Hall. He hadn’t heard anything. He was only ordered by the visiting General to wait. That had been five hours ago. The Colonel was fidgeting with the collar of his shirt when the door slowly creaked open. The visiting General stepped out alone. He was an older man with a nasty scar across his face that made the junior officer shiver. He saluted.

“General Ahern.” The Colonel said.

Ahern turned his back and yanked the General of the Kansas City Iron Hall’s plaque off his office door. The General turned around and returned the salute with the plaque in hand. Then he let the plaque drop on the floor. “The conference with the Supreme Commander went on longer than expected. Sorry.”

Ahern reached into the coat he was wearing and produced a silver flask. “I always drink when I have a meeting with the Supreme Commander, I—“ The General interrupted his sentence with a long swig from the flask and then continued. “Never know when my head will explode.”

Ahern reached into his pocket and pulled his fist back, “Colonel.” Ahern gestured and the Colonel reached out with his hand as Ahern dropped five silver, bloodied stars in his hand.

“You’ve been promoted.” Ahern said as he walked off with his flask up to his lips.

“General, sir!” The former Colonel said as he hurriedly met up next to Ahern.

Ahern with a bemused glance turned to meet the new General. “Yes, General?”

“I don’t… What does…?” The new General was stammering. It was confusion. Fear. Also excitement. He really had no idea what to say.

Ahern stopped and twisted the cap back on his flask. “You’re a General now, boy. Speak plan. You can say whatever the stark you want.”

The new General took a deep breath and rubbed his forehead. “Well what the hell is going on?”

“It is the Supreme Commander’s prerogative to call this incident a result of a freak earthquake. We’re producing the bullstark to feed the masses as we speak. And I won’t be seeing, Mexifornia until this little war is over.” Ahern said grimly as his face set into a stony sneer.

“War, sir?” The new General asked, puzzled by the statement.

“The United States of America has been attacked. Not even a month since the Chechen disaster.” Ahern said. General Ahern uncapped the flask and as he resumed drinking the contents, he said, “We just don’t know with whom.”

To be continued

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I love the direction you're taking the Sinister Six. You're making them... sinister @impurestcheese . Pre- 23rd century Iron age isn't covered a lot.

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Awesome build you've got going! Can't wait for more.

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Marvel Iron Age:

Lady Deathstrike Vol. 2 # 4

Takes place before:


And after:


Castle Doom

The Day before the mission to Hamburg:

“You need a what?” Ngumi asked as she watched Carol Danvers pour herself another drink. She had spent the day crossing the border and evading Shield agents. She stood uncomfortably because of her injuries from her battle with Scalphunter. Her legs were starting to buckle and she held on to the wall to support herself as she watched the queen.

“A fugitive.” Carol answered as she set the bottle down. “I’m under the belief that S.H.I.EL.D has traitors from within. Specifically from the New Latverian branch.”

Carol passed Ngumi the glass. The assassin looked for any sign from Carol that would give away her motivation. The queen gave none. “What makes you say that? My American Queen?”

“Exactly.” Carol said roughly. “I’m the American that swooped right in after the Battle of Doomstadt and put the entire government under S.H.I.E.L.D control. I placed agents from North America into posts that were filled by agents from New Latveria before the attack.”

“You mean those agents you had Commander Holland and I kill before the battle?” Ngumi smugly corrected as she sipped her drink.

Queen Danvers glared at Ngumi. “Yes. And after the Thanos invasion most of those spots needed to be filled again. By New Latverians who hold a grudge against the American that they think kept the government hostage while in war time.”

“Sounds like a case of good old nationalistic pride.” Ngumi said as she swirled the glass. “Have your boogiemen made a move yet?”

“No.” Carol answered. “They haven’t. I believe tomorrow they will. Three hundred agents are leaving the Capitol for Hamburg on a mission. I can’t say anymore. But they will strike then. When they think I’m distracted. The castle is their likely target.”

Ngumi glared at Carol. “How do you know that? You have someone on the inside, don’t you?”

“That is on a need to know basis. You are a wanted woman… technically. I can’t reveal sensitive information to you. Not anymore.” Carol said.

“But you expect me to flush them out don’t you?” Ngumi growled as she took another sip. “It’s how it works right? You tell me to kill for you and I ask how many? Do it yourself!”

Carol nodded and remained calm. “I would. But I don’t know who they are yet. I don’t know their plan. I can’t trust a Shield agent to do this mission. I need someone like you. Someone not connected to Shield or me. Officially I’ve cut ties with you. You’re a criminal. Technically.”

Ngumi finished the drink and set the glass down. She wanted to scream. She was I a tight spot. Carol knew it. Since coming to New Latveria Ngumi has been entirely dependent on Carol. That was how she was able to go out into Doomstadt after she left Shield and carry on her bloody activities on the criminals of the city. Her apartment was given to her by Carol to raise her nieces. Whenever Carol asked for something, Ngumi followed. Because it was all too easy to take away and they both knew it.

[Location Unknown]

It was a week after the attack on Castle Doom. The official word was that terrorists laid siege to the castle. Several government officials were killed along with the terrorists. Queen Danvers is credited for repelling the attack. The terrorists however did escape.

The prisoners of Oymyakon were more than happy to hit Castle Doom. After all they were political prisoners of Victor Von Doom and Carol Danvers. The thought of payback was too great to pass up for the volunteers that chose to join the cause. More so after they had found out that the men, women and even entire families were wiped out at Oymyakon by an antimatter bomb. Thirteen thousand people were dead.

When the attack hit they relocated the prisoners locked in Castle Doom’s dungeons to an alternative location for evaluation. Three Shield agents stood at a table in a dark room. A hologram showed several of the relocated prisoners. “What about this one? Morgan Black?” Asked a woman.

Morgan Black was an Asian woman that appeared to be in her early thirties if not her late twenties. She had a bruise under her right eye and a cracked lip. Her hair was short and messy. Parts of it looked like it was pulled out. “In transit she killed a guard by strangling him with strands of her hair. Crushed a man’s larynx and held the pilot at gun point. She injured an additional six men with the stolen weapon. She had to be tranquilized.”

“Sounds like another dangerous individual.” Said a man next to her. “Why don’t you interview her, Hilde?”

The woman pulled a pack of cigarettes from her pocket and took one into her mouth. “Sure.”

Interview Room D:

Morgan Black was sitting in the interview room quietly. Though she was sure she had brought attention to herself. If not then the smell her clothes were giving off would. They smelled like a corpse was in them before her. “Hello, Ms. Black.” A woman greeted as she stepped into the room. “I’m Hildegard Zakhaev. I’m a Doctor.”

The woman was tall with blond hair and brown eyes. A cigarette was lit in her mouth. She had her right sleeve rolled up and Morgan couldn’t help but notice the small burn holes in her left sleeve. “So can I ask what this is about yet?” Morgan asked.

“You’re being evaluated. And I think the best way to do that is to promise one thing right now.” Hildegard asked in a serious tone. She took a drag of her cigarette and put out the butt on her left sleeve. “We don’t lie to each other.”

“Deal.” Morgan said.

“Great.” Hildegard answered as she brought up a holo-pad and started reading. “Call me, Hilde then. So reading through this it would seem you weren’t even on the prisoner registry. Looking further it would seem Morgan Black isn’t even a New Latverian citizen. You’re birth records are fake. Good fakes. “

“Caught me.” Morgan said with a cold stare. “Can I get a square?”

“A what?” Hilde asked confusedly.

Morgan chuckled a bit, “A cigarette.”

Hilde set the holo-pad down and took out a pack of cigarettes. She set two in her mouth and flicked on her lighter. “Sure.” The doctor said as she lit both cigarettes and passed Morgan her own.

Morgan took it from across the table and took a long drag of smoke. “Hm.” Morgan blew a large billow of smoke and settled back in her chair. “I haven’t smoked in eighty years.” She sighed.

“Then you look good for your age then.” Hilde grinned at what she thought was a peculiar exaggeration. “So tell me, Morgan. Remember we promised not to lie to each other.”

Morgan took the cigarette and ashed on the table. “Yep. So I won’t lie.”

Hilde looked at Morgan intensely looking for any sign of deception. “Who are you? Really?” She questioned with wisps of smoke coming from her teeth.

Morgan sat back in her chair and let her cigarette dangle in her mouth, “A onetime mercenary. A two time agent of her majesty’s service. What kind of doctor are you?”

“Psychology.” Hilde answered impatiently.

Morgan rolled her eyes. “Another shrink. You know my last one ended up chopped up in my bath tub?”

“Don’t try to scare me.” Hilde said as she took a drag and exhaled smoke in a thick cloud. “Your name? Please?”

Morgan just stared at the Doctor. She flicked ash onto the table and answered, “Ngumi Takada.”

To be continued

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Bumped for ref!

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@batkevin74: Yep she lived. I'll explain it in another chapter. Had to have Cam doing a holo-diary entry. Wouldn't be X-Faction if I didn't. Also This story arc just screams "use the Avengers!"

@impurestcheese: That's why I put the links up top. And that you for reading.

@joshmightbe: That's part of the story. Using characters we haven't seen in a while.

@tommythehitman: Thank you.