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Supergirl VS Wonder Woman 2

I became a fan of Supergirl after watching her in Smallville and then watching her in the animated movie Superman/Batman : ApocalypseSupergirl series from the new 52 is one of my favourite DC titles and this issue is my favourite comic from the series.In this issue Superman was fighting H’el, while Supergirl was fighting Wonder Woman. The encounter between these ladies was quite interesting, even though the fight didn’t last long, it was quite encounter.I can certain understand why ...

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Superhero competition 0

Idolized is a mix between The Hunger Games and America Idol. It’s about these talented individuals who compete on live show for fame and fortune. The winner gets to be a member of ‘The Powered Protectors’, who are a super hero team.This series is center around Joule, a very determine young lady who decides to compete in the competition, cause she want to get revenge on the man who destroy her life.The writing in this series is amazing. Season one finish in 2013, I hope there is...

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Best Gambit story ever. 0

One of the best Gambit stories ever written. I mean ever.This stories focusing on Gambit past and his history with Sabretooth. It takes place in the 90’s, when Sabretooth was locked up in the X-Men mansion.Rogue decides to confront Creed, cause she want to know about his history with Gambit. What’s so great about this issue is, is we get to see how charming Gambit can be and how manipulative he can be . We also get to see how evil Sabretoth really is.This was one of the stories that...

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Rogue takes them all on. 0

When Rogue lost Ms Marvel powers, I was worry about how strong she will be and how useful she would be in a fight. If she was going to be taken down easily.Since she gain control of her powers, she keeps on proving me wrong. When the Avengers came knocking at the Jean Grey institute, Rogue took them all on. Not only did she beat powerful she-hulk, but she rip a robot version of Iron Man apart and then she went on to defeat Ms Marvel in the next story arc.Rogue show how dangerous she can really b...

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Brilliant Jean Grey issue 0

All New X-Men is my favourite X-Men title and it’s the best title of 2013. This comic is my favourite issue from the series so far. Micheal Benis and Stuart Immonen are doing a very good job on this seriesWhat I loved the about this issue, is Jean Grey discovers what happens to her future self from reading Beast mind and it shocks her to see what happen to her and I’m not surprise. She also the first one who decides to stay in the present and not go back to past and the other original X-Men dec...

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A good leading cast 0

I have never picked up this series before and I’m glad I decided start reading it.This focuses on all girl team. We have Starling who is really funny and really cool. Then we have Black Canary who struggles to be leader of the team, which no surprise, considering she has Poison Ivy on her team and Ivy always has her own agenda. They also have Katana, who is the strangest member of team, cause she has a soul of her dead husband in her sword and then there Baraba Gordon, who brings an extra edge ...

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One of the best Witchblade stories. 0

This was one of the best Witchblade stories of all time. In this story Sarah discovered that Jackie is the father of her child, much to her surprised. She also had to deliver the baby safely and she can’t do that without Jackie, Magdalena and Danielle Batiste.The Angelus has her eyes on the baby and it’s up to them protect Sarah and the baby.This is amazing story and the artwork is truly beautiful. Stjepan Šejić is amazing artists. Once again Ron Marz delivers a great witchblade story. ...

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Avengers go to Hell 0

This issue is best issue of this series so far. Michael Bendis is doing a very good job on this series so far.Cyclops, Emma, Magneto and even new students are written very well in the issue.What I loved about this comic was the confrontation between Cyclops X-Men and the Avengers. Seeing Emma and Cyclops put the Avengers in there place was brilliant. It’s about time someone did and I’m glad it was them.Emma & Scott fans won’t disappointed with this issue, that’s for sure. ...

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Boom Boom is back baby 0

Cable and the X-Force is a great series. The story starts of with Wolverine walking Colossus to a cell. Wolverine not happy about it, but Colossus is ok with it. He feels he belongs in prison.This is a great Kitty and Colossus issue, even though they don’t really talk to one another, Kitty decides to leave him a letter sharing her feelings. Not only that Domino also decides to pay him a visit. What I love about this issue, is we see the return of Boom Boom to the X-Force . Boom Boom is one of m...

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Wolverine is back in the Savage Land 0

Savage Wolverine is the best Wolverine series of 2013.The writing in this series is very good and artwork is also good.It was this particular issue, that made me become a fan of the series. Wolverine is written very well in this issue.What I like the most about the issue is chemistry between Wolverine and Shanna There are some real funny moments between these two characters in this issue.If you’re a fan of Wolverine, you should read this series.The image below will show those funny moments in t...

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Jim Lee is the Man 0

I haven’t pick up a DC comic in over 10 years. The Justice League was the first title I picked up out of the New 52 and I’m so glad I pick it.The writing is amazing and the artwork is gorgeous. Jim Lee is the man. My favourite artists of all time. What I loved from this title, is the chemistry between the characters. Green Lantern and the Flash are as funnier as ever. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are as cool as ever. In this story they take on Darkseid and his army.DC fans won’t be disappoi...

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A Rachel Grey issue 0

Not a huge fan of Avengers Vs X-Men event, I don’t think it’s a great story, but this chapter is one of the best chapters from the story arc. This chapter focuses on Rachel Grey. It’s told from a Rachel perspective. How her past relates to the situation she finds herself in now. Both the Avengers and the X-Men are after Hope. Not only does Rachel take on the Avengers, but she decides to let Hope go. She gives Hope a chance, letting her make her own decisions. Rachel goes against her father wishe...

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Wildcats, X-Men, The Silver Age 0

Jean grey, the X-Men, Mr Sinister, Gambit, Nick fury & Cole Cash from WildC.A.T.s I loved this story. Cole is hired on a job on behalf Nick Fury. Jean grey has a modelling job to go to.  Thisis  where she encounter Cole Cash, they must stop Mr. Sinister. We get to see Jean use her powers without the Phoenix force, it takes place during her marvel girl days. We also get to see her flirt & kissed another male aside from Cyclops & Wolverine. If your a fan of Jean Grey or of Wildcats, th...

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What a beginning to a great story, much like ’Messiah Complex, chapter one’, where the first chapter was brilliant.  I predict Messiah War is going to be even better then Messiah Complex. This comic title was outstanding, as we know,  Cyclops sends  Wolverine’s X-Force to the future to aid Cable. The biggest surprise in this title is the appearance of  ‘Deadpool’  & makes me wonder, how does he fit into this story. He is cool as ever and as funny as ever. Bishop decides to offer Stryfe’s som...

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