X-Men recommendations

Here is a list of X-Men stories that every fan should read and any new fan to X-Men.
Some of these stories are the best stories ever written, but some are just essential. Some of these you have to read to understand X-Men history.  Some stories are just good.
This list is not a list of my favourite stories, that list will come in due time. You will notice in the list at first, some are major story arcs and as the list goes on, you will notice some good stories as well.
I will update this list from time to time.
Enjoy !!!

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Never read "The Dying Game" will check it out.

Need to reread some of the classics too.

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Dying game is great, I intend to list more stories soon.

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Thanks this really helped

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Is this in the order we should be reading them?

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@raw_material: No, the first 12 stories, Are major story arcs, most of them are important story arcs. It really depends on when you want to start reading comics. If you Started to read from Messiah Complex, you can read Messiah War and Second Coming. It's tied to Hope Summers.You also can read Avengers Vs X-Men. It's About Saving the mutant Race. If you want any advice, where to start, send me a pm.

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@oldnightcrawler: I think 1 to 9 are great story arcs. Number 13 is also amazing story arc.

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@time: okay, well.. then I disagree with you. :P