Favourite titles of 2013

Here a list of titles that I'm reading.

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Posted by Raw_Material

Nice list, this was very helpful!

Posted by JuliusTakalua

Hmmm... just got Xmen 1. But not too keen on the rest of the mutant series. Too many Wolverines for one and I'm not as knowledgeable on Marvel like I am on DC.

Got Hawkeye, can't wait to get started. DareDevil is so far awesome (in issue 12) and hope it is like that. Morning Glories is sick. Batman is awesome. JL is fun. Young AVengers, gonna start with that soon. been keepin up with Nova, GREAT series as of now. SO I decided to catch up on some older Nova stuff. But can't seem to find the series where Nova hanged out with Thor and Valkyrire.... Need help on that if you guys can :P

Thor God of Thunder is one of MY top 5 current runs

Posted by time

@juliustakalua: Sorry don't read Nova titles or even Thor titles. I'm more of an X-Men fan than anything esle.