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@time: I have no idea.

I think it from Real steel or Animal attraction. Hugh Jackman looks hot.

@time: thanks.

it was easier to limit myself to stories that happened between 2000 and 2010, and for me there's really only 3 writers that stand out much in that time.

Gifted , Torn and Divided were pretty good. I don't think much of the rest.

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Rogue : Uncanny X-Men 274 : Crossroads

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@time: Other then whole arc's and stuff from the nineties and eightes then no.

I don't want story arcs from the 1990's or 1980's. I like what you listed, there my favorite too.

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Wolverine : The Dying Game

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Messiah Saga

Dark Angel Saga

The Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire

Yesterday's X-Men

Are my favorite arcs .

cool, any other story arcs.

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I would like to know, what are the best X-Men story arcs of the 2000’s. What stories would appear in the top 10 or top 20.

In order to find that out. I would like people to list there favorite story arcs of 2000’s Please list your top 6 X- Men story arcs. You can give reasons why, there your favorite stories

Here is mine:

1) The Messiah Saga.

I think Messiah Complex , Messiah War and Second coming were three of the best story arcs of 2000’s. I think Messiah Complex was better than Messiah War and Second coming, but they all pretty good. I think what I like about the stories, is it put the X-Men on a journey, everything was about protecting Hope, keeping her alive. No matter what the obstacles they face, they face quite a lot. Mr Sinister and Marauders. Stryfe, Bastion and his armies. The artwork in the story arcs were also pretty good. The only thing I didn't like was Bishop betrayal.

2) Shattered (New X-Men 139)

The only Grant Morrison story to make my list. The best story arc from New X-Men. After catching Cyclops with Emma Frost. Jean confronts them. She sends Cyclops packing and decides to humiliate Emma Frost. There was good rivalry between Jean and Emma Frost in this issue. The only think I didn't like about this issue, is we see everything from Emma Frost prospective. We saw her crying in Wolverine arms and Beast shows up wants to give her flowers and chocolates. We don't get to to see how Jean Grey felt. I guess that Grant Morrison for you, he care more about Emma Frost.

3) Old Ghost (X-Force)

The X-Force must get there hands on the Legacy Virus. We see the return of Domino and what entrance she makes, pointing a gun in Archangel mouth. We see Warpath team up with Ghost Rider and take on the Demon Bear.

4) Le Suerte de Matar (X-Treme X-Men 17)

This best story arc from X-Treme X-Men in my opinion. This is story arc, where Rogue gets revenge on Vargus.

5) Passages(X-Treme X-Men 19)

Passages was a good story. It's the story arc where Jean Grey reminds the X-Men that there family and the X-Men should reunite. It's Also story arc where Rogue and Gambit discovers they lost there powers and decide to leave the X-Men together.

6) X-Men Origins : Jean Grey

This story arc centers around the origins of Jean Grey, how she meets Charles Xavier and how she looses her friend Annie. This is a really good story and the artwork from Mike Mayhew is beautiful.

7) Bloody Wedding ( Witchblade/ Wolverine 1)

I think I'm being abit bias with this comic. Wolverine my favorite X-Men character and Sara Pezzini is one of my favorite females characters from comics. I just loved this comic, Wolverine and Sara Pezzini get married this comic.

8) All-New X-Men : Yesterday's X-Men.

Jean Grey returns, Beast travels to pass to bring the original 5 to the present, hoping to change the future. I loved this story and I loved it when Jean reds Beast mind and discovers her future. The artwork in this story is amazing.

9) Ultimate X-Men : Cry Wolf

First Ultimate X-Men story arc I red. I love this story. Gambit attacks the X-Men and blows of Wolverine face and kidnaps Rogue.

10) Age of X( X-Men Legacy)

I liked this story, cause I like the creativity that went into it. I loved the costumes and like the different versions of the X-Men.

11) Uncanny X-Men : Divided We Stand

Wolverine, Colossus & Kurt return to Russia and Emma and Scott are dress in 1960's clothes. This is a really good story arc.

12) The Dark Angel Saga ( Uncanny X-Force)

The best story from Uncanny X-Force, Archangel turns evil and the X-Force travel to Age of Apocalypse to find a cure. I loved this story cause, I like the reunion between Logan and Jean Grey.

13) Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire

This is a really good story arc. Vulcan is hell bent on getting revenge against Shi'ar Empire. While Charles Xavier wants to stop him, putting his life at risk.

He puts a team together. That team is Warpath, Nightcrawler, Rachel Grey, Havok, Porlais and Darwin. All the characters were written well in this story.

So those are my favorite story arcs of 2000's, Here is the images of the story arcs

I have listed 15 story arcs and You don't have to list that many, please can you list your top 6 or top 8 story arcs of 2000's. Your favorite stories

If your not sure what stories were release, you can check out 2 listed I made.

Here are the links