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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx said:
" I love that cover of Jean! :D But for Chris like for me it really depends on which character he draws. Some are good like Psylocke, while most others are rubbish.  "
Same could be said for Terry Dodson, he makes the women look good but the men look terrible. 
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@Phoenix XII said:

i like Chris Bachalo !

he is a terrible artist, one of the worst artist
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@treysome: thanks for the website reference. Why are the X-men pictures on the avengers  & thor comics?
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To be honest Vance, it's a lot better than other artist. Just look at this By Chris Bachalo. Horrible artists, aleast Jean Grey looks good. I have seen worse drawings than Chris.

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Can someone tell me where is this picture from ? and who is the artist ? and is there any other pictures like this of the other X-Men ?. I would be very greatful

Avengers #13 X-Men Evolution Cover Jean Grey

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@BlackArmor said:

Cyclops has been at the institute since he was a kid so hes had plenty of time to train I think it's stated somewhere that he's profecient in at least 6 unamed martial arts they may even have said black belts


this is why im sure he could go hand 2 hand vs wolverine he doesn't have to beat him just stun him long enough to let off a full power optic blast and turn him to ash

Turn him  to ash, give me a beak. Wolverine can Heal, Cyclops can not. One blow to Cyclops and he  is dead, one blow to Wolverine and he not. I find it amazing, what some people think, they think people with blast will get the better off people with healing factors and people who are brutal killers. Cyclops couldn't even beat Daken and Wolverine more of a brutal killer than he is. 
I mean Kurt can kill Cyclops, just pop up behind him. End of story. 
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why do you think there names are different?

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I haven't red any of  Age of X yet, I am waiting for it come out in paperback, then i might buy it. What's people views on it, are any of you enjoying it ?.  A lot characters are name differently and look differently does make the story better or worse?.  I like the way Rogue looks. Which characters are main focus ?. Is the artist good?  I would grateful for your opinions on this story. 

Age Of X

Age of X
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I too have notice a change in her character, it mainly the change her power, that has made her weaker compare to most of the other popular X-Women, that was really bugs me, she was pretty strong back in the 90's, handle herself in most situations, despite how tough her opponent  was. She did steal Ms Marvel powers but, she  was better with them. Ms Marvel not much of hero,  overrated, if you ask me. Rogue was much better with her powers. I haven't been to impress with Mike Carey work in X-Men Legacy. I like what's going on between Rogue & Magneto, it's the only reason why still reading X-Men legacy and cause it's mainly a Rogue title. I've only like one story in X-Men Legacy so far and that is X-Men legacy 231 to 233 : Earth Give up your dead, Part One to three. It was part of the Necrosha story. In that story it reminded me how good Rogue still is, even without  her 90's powers. Her and Magneto taking on Proteus and the mutants he was controlling. There no-one like Rogue, that's why she still my favorite X-Women. How can anyone prefer Ms Marvel over Rogue is beyond on me but, each to there own.

X-Force 26

Rogue is the best female in comics, if you ask me
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I don't want Cyclops or Wolverine to lead the X-Men. I think Charles & Storm should, it should be a joint leadership, although Charles would be advisor to Storm and Storm would be the leader. In doing so, Beast would return to X-Men, Iceman would play more of active role team, it will also make Jean Grey more comfortable, when she does return, having two of her best friends lead the team. I doubt she will approved of way Wolverine and Cyclops have been acting and there choices they have been making. Wolverine should go back to the X-Force and lead the team with Archangel and also he should help Storm and Charles as much as he can and knowing him he would. Rogue & Magneto would lead X-Men team in in X-Men legacy, Rogue will be follows orders from Storm & Charles and Magneto will be follows orders from Rogue. If we have to have Scott & Emma in X-MEN, then they should lead a team in Astonishing X-Men and report to Storm & Charles. Knowing fraction, who is the worst writer, he will keep Cyclops in charge, his obsession of Emma frost will continue and he will send Wolverine packing